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True Blue and Red Hot

By Sophie Pettit 6 January 2015

He performed over 250 stand-up comedy shows across four nations last year and now Australia’s favourite funny man Dave Hughes is “red hot” and ready to hit Hong Kong. We caught up with the true blue Aussie as he prepares to headline The Punchline Comedy Club from 15th to 17th January, to get the lowdown on the man from Down Under. From hosting his own breakfast radio show, to presenting The Project on prime-time TV in the evening, Hughesy (as he is affectionately known in his homeland) has been entertaining Aussie audiences for years. His hilarious observations on everyday life, mixed with loving digs about his wife and kids, delivered in his drawling Aussie accent and deadpan style made him a hit back home. But when it comes to winning over the crowd across the globe, he reckons it all boils down to speaking the truth. “I think people are looking for honesty in comedy and I hope I deliver that,” Hughesy told Localiiz. “Humans generally have the same personal issues wherever they live. As long as you don't give them references they don't understand, it's the same everywhere I reckon. I’ve traveled to LA, Montreal, London, and Edinburgh in 2014 and found different audiences laughed at the same stuff.” Successfully mastering the universal language of comedy, however, doesn’t take him away from his homegrown Aussie roots he admits. “Some words don't travel though. The term 'skoll', which means drink very quickly, isn't used in USA or UK as I found out!” His journey to the stage was an unusual one, and it wasn’t until after he had dabbled in life as a university student, an abattoir worker, a bricklayer's labourer, and a shop assistant that he discovered his one true love, stand-up comedy. “I had an inkling I was funny in my early teens and I've always loved comedy. So after failing uni due to lack of enthusiasm I decided to follow my dream,” he explained.

It wasn’t an easy start, as Hughesy recalls his first performance on stage as “just horrible”, but after several attempts and a boost in confidence, he went on to become a headline act and he hasn’t looked back since. “Just being able to make a living out of comedy has been my biggest achievement!” he told us. “The response is so immediate, and the job doesn't involve any meetings! Plus if you get people to a venue the impression you leave on them is more powerful than them watching you on TV or listening on the radio.” So what can Hong Kongers expect to see from Hughesy’s performance at The Punchline Comedy Club later this month? “They will see me in great stand up form. I did over 250 shows in 2014 and I'm red hot! And humble!” Catch Aussie’s hottest import live at The Punchline Comedy Club from January 15th to 17th, alongside Ireland’s Andrew Stanley and Britain’s John Moloney. Click here for ticket information.  

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Sophie Pettit


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