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The Best Health Assessment Packages on offer in Hong Kong Hospitals

By Jenny Leung 18 January 2019
A new year is always a good time to focus on your health, and while hitting the gym seven days a week is a good way to start, understanding what's going on in your body and how to improve your overall wellbeing is just as important. We’re talking about health assessments. From premium head-to-toe full body checkups, to ones that cater to an individual’s specific needs, here are some of the best packages on offer in hospitals across Hong Kong, in order of price.

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Union Hospital

Established in 1994, Union Hospital is the first private general hospital in the Eastern New Territories. There are five types of general health check packages available here, with the Basic Package covering six different tests and examinations including blood sugar testing, and chest X-rays. For those looking for a more extensive checkup, the Supreme Package covers all 29 examinations such as cancer screening, medical imaging and mammograms, as well as a chance to speak with the hospital's in-house dietitian. General health check packages include: Basic ($850) / Standard ($1,280) / Elite ($4,700) / Executive ($7,380) / Supreme (Male: $8,850 | Female: $9,300) Union Hospital, 18 Fu Kin Street, Tai Wai, Shatin, (+852) 2608 3388

St. Teresa’s Hospital

Founded by the French Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, St. Teresa’s Hospital is a Catholic hospital that is known by locals as the “French hospital” in Cantonese. St.Teresa's offers four types of general health assessment packages, with the most basic covering 18 thorough examinations such as a chest X-ray, laboratory investigations in blood count, liver and thyroid function, and other physical examinations. The full Platinum Package, on the other hand, includes all 36 tests that are carried out for both men and women. General health check packages include: Basic ($1,650) / Crystal ($2,380) / Supreme ($4,880) / Platinum (Male: $6,800 | Female: $8,200) St. Teresa’s Hospital, 1327 Prince Edward Road, Kowloon City, (+852) 2200 3118

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

Providing high-quality and accessible healthcare services, Gleneagles boasts an impressive range of cutting-edge medical technology to make sure its patients are always well taken care of. With three types of health screening packages available for both men and women, the hospital sets itself apart from others by providing extensive services such as eye examinations, Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacteria) screening, and tumour marking. And if that’s still not impressive enough, patients can choose to undergo additional examinations too, ranging from $1,278 to $4,860. A light meal will also be included with all health check packages. General health check packages include: Male: Executive ($2,640) / Privilege ($8,400) / Platinum ($12,350) Female: Executive ($2,640) / Privilege ($9,140) / Platinum ($12,710) Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, (+852) 3153 9000

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Even though there are only two checkup packages on offer at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, the more basic option (Plan B) already covers 21 tests and examinations in total. These include electrolytes testing, Hepatitis B screenings, and ultrasound examinations of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, and female reproductive organs. If you’re looking for something more specific, the hospital offers a range of health assessment procedures, ranging from $360 to $6,180, that focus on specific areas of the body such as a lung function test, treadmill stress test, spirometry, and bladder scans. General health check packages include: Plan B ($8,100) / Plan A ($12, 600) Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, 2 Village Rd, Happy Valley, (+852) 2835 8675


Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

There are five different assessment plans to choose from at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, as well as the option of speaking with a general practitioner or designated specialist before, during, and after the assessment. Aside from general checkup packages, the hospital also offers a variety of other assessment programs such as brain health screenings, cognitive health and cardiac assessment, as well as health packages specifically for kids. General health check packages include: Male: Classic ($3,900 - $4,100) / Advanced ($9,100 - $9,300) / Royal ($12,100 - $12,700) / Elite ($13,600 - $14,200) / Ultimate ($15,760 - $16,360) Female: Classic ($4,200 - $4,400) / Advanced ($10,200 - $10,400) / Royal ($13,700 - $14,300) / Elite ($14,700 - $15,300) / Ultimate ($16,860 - $17,460) Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, 40 Stubbs Road, Happy Valley (+852) 3651 8888
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