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The Best Clothing Alteration Services in Hong Kong

By Amanda Sheppard 4 October 2018
Whether you’re dressing to impress or you’ve noticed your favourite pair of jeans wearing a little too thin, there’s never a good time to be caught falling apart at the seams. In the fast-fashion era, we are throwing away more than 340 tonnes of textiles on a daily basis in Hong Kong alone. So why not invest in your favourite garb to give it a new lease of life? You’ll be saving yourself the price of a new outfit and play your part in fighting the city’s waste pandemic. If you’re not much of a seamstress or tailor, these alteration services will have you put together again in no time.

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Perfect Dress Alteration (aka Ann & Bon)

In a shopping hub like Hong Kong, buying off the rack opens up some serious choice, not to mention notable steals come sale season. But that can leave you walking home with a piece that doesn’t quite fit right. That’s where Perfect Dress Alteration (aka Ann & Bon) come in. Prices here vary depending on the delicateness of the material, size of the job, and more. Generally speaking, a dress alteration will set you back between $180 and $280, though expect gowns to be more. Trousers and jeans alterations similarly range between $120 and $280 per pair. Perfect Dress Alteration, Unit 201, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen’s Road Central, Central, (+852) 2522 8838

Wonderful Alterations

Melbourne Plaza is home to a number of tailors and seamstresses, so finding the one that best suits you is no mean feat. True to its name, Wonderful Alterations offers quality alterations and a speedy service. Prices vary, so for a quotation, you are advised to speak to the seamstress directly and bring your item for a quotation and expected completion date. Wonderful Alterations, Unit 136, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen’s Road Central, Central, (+852) 2849 3366

Gorgeous by Lydia

Despite its name, Gorgeous by Lydia has a growing clientele of both men and women in need of a sewn seam or two. She will give you a confirmed price for alterations once she has seen the garment, as her fee varies depending on the style, material, and complexity of the job. When it comes to tailoring trousers, a simple alteration or hem costs $120. Gorgeous by Lydia, 3/F, Yuen Yick Building, 27-29 Wellington Street, (+852) 2522 5788

Mitty Fashion

Offering your favourite fashion pieces a new lease of life, Mitty Fashion provides alteration services and repairs for all manner of clothing. Simple dress alterations start from around $200 per piece, while more complicated jobs will have the difficulty of the alteration reflected in the price. Mitty Fashion, 5/F, Ming Fat Building, 74 Wellington Street, Central, (+852) 2523 8786

Top Alterations

The aptly Top Alterations are located on Jubilee Street, sandwiched between some of the city’s busiest commercial buildings and office dwellings. This makes them a prime spot to taper your trousers, hem skirts and make sure you’re suitably suited and booted for the work week. Prices are listed on their website, with jacket alterations starting from $200 per piece, and trouser alterations priced between $120 and $200. Top Alterations, 21/F, Man On Commercial Building, 12 Jubilee Street, Central, (+852) 2947 2881
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Amanda Sheppard

Senior editor

Following a brief and bitterly cold stint in Scotland, Amanda returned to Hong Kong—a place she’s called home for over 18 years—to begin her career as a writer. She can often be found getting lost somewhere very familiar, planning her next holiday, and enjoying a cup (or three) of good, strong coffee.