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The Best Christmas Jumpers to Suit Every Kind of Party Guest

By Sophie Pettit 3 December 2018
Christmas wouldn't be complete without a novelty festive jumper to show you're game for some merry old fun. And a Christmas party wouldn't be the same without your token personality types that seem to appear at every social gathering come party season. So, we thought it only right to marry the two and bring you the best knits for every guest on your VIP list.

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The Smug Couple

She roped him into wearing this, and she can't stop taking selfies because #OMG #cutenessoverload. He knows his friends will never let him live this down, but hey, it's only Christmas once a year, and at least he has a date – unlike his buddy (below) who he dragged along. Available from Boohoo for $271.74 (free delivery and returns)

The Player

He's single and ready to mingle – and he's not afraid to show it. All of his friends are either getting hitched or having babies, but he's more accustomed to swiping right on Tinder, so chances are, it could be your lucky night – or unlucky, depending on how you look at it. Just don't be fooled by that whole coy act, he's a total player after all.
Available from Boohoo for $271.74 (free delivery and returns)

The Mum To Be

She doesn't really want to be here, she's already a week overdue and raging with hormones – just look at her face! Don't, whatever you do, accidentally offer her a glass of champagne – she doesn't want a reminder that she can't get drunk, and she might just punch you. We're not even sure if that slogan isn't just plain sarcasm now. Available from ASOS for $271.74

The Over Enthusiastic

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day! No really, this woman lives for December 25 and already had her tree up and decorated before you'd even thrown out the last mouldy pumpkin from Halloween. Damn you Brenda, you always take it too far!

Available from Next Direct for $164

The Creepy Gate Crasher

We can't figure out if this dude is funny or just plain creepy – in fact, we've never actually seen him before, have you? Was he even invited to this party? "SECURITY!" Available from ASOS for $217.39

The Girl On A Mission

It will be lonely this Christmas... no it won't, because she's made it her mission to find a guy to snog before the night it over. We can't blame her though, it's been a disappointing year for love and she's tired of swiping left on Tinder. Wait a minute, where did that 'Single Bells' guy go? Quick, grab the mistletoe! Available from ASOS for $108.69

The Lone Wolf 

Who's that guy standing by himself by the punch bowl? Did you invite him? Is he Dave's housemate? Shall we get him a drink? He could sure use one, judging by the look on his face. Send Brenda his way – she'll sort him out! Available from Zalora for $240
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Sophie Pettit


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