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Sneaker Pushers Take Over Our Streets

By Brian Adams 31 December 2014
Just the other day, I found myself deep in conversation about Hong Kong’s sneaker culture, discussing the much-anticipated release of Nike’s Kobe 10 and sought after film replica footwear, specifically from the Back to the Future franchise. The entire time I was painfully aware of my worn and torn black Chucks hiding under the table. What I took away was a single truth that we both share – regardless of the sneaks, kicks, or trainers you own, it is most important to wear them, that’s what they were made for after all. If you need convincing, just check out the hashtag #wearyourkicks on just about any social media platform. With that in mind, let’s check out what Vans were meant to do – hug some grip tape around the streets of Hong Kong.

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