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A Neopets pop-up store is coming to Hong Kong!

By Ashley Siu 23 November 2023

Header image courtesy of Neopets and Fashion Walk

Calling all Neopians! It’s the throwback event you didn’t see coming: Neopets is opening its very first pop-up store in Hong Kong to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary, which means fans of the web-based virtual game will get to see their beloved Neopets and the world of Neopia come to life in the streets of Causeway Bay! Here’s what we know so far.

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The Neopets pop-up is set to open at Fashion Walk with photo-worthy installations and limited-edition merchandise. In the atrium, turn your gaze upwards to find Kacheek and Shoyru waving from the ceiling as you pick out your favourite merchandise to bring home. 

Speaking of which, Neopets will be selling plushies, limited-edition NeoHoods, phone grips, tarot cards, and more for Neopians to take home! For the fans with an artistic bent, you’re invited to unleash your creativity at designated drawing areas and craft your own Neopian fantasy. Don’t forget to grab a themed balloon on your way out!

Photo: Neopets and Fashion Walk

Next, step through the glittering star arch onto Paterson Street, where you can snap a photo with Aisha and Shoyru (who won’t flying out of reach in this location). Neopians will get to relive their favourite mini-game, Hasee Bounce, as they enter a two-metre-tall installation. What’s more, Kacheek and Kougra are also waiting eagerly for a photo op with you!

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Photo: Neopets and Fashion Walk

We saved our favourite for last: Under the dazzling Christmas lights of Food Street stands Jubjub, whose eyes are glittering with joy from the spirit of the festivities. Unlike most of its friends, this Jubjub is definitely not camera-shy, so take a selfie or two with it!

The Neopets pop-up store will run from 1 December 2023 till 1 January 2024 at Fashion Walk. Mark your calendars if you’re looking to relive your Neopets era in real life!

Neopets pop-up store

When: 1 December 2023–1 January 2024

Where: Fashion Walk, Great George Street, Causeway Bay

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Ashley Siu


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ashley has always been captivated by the city and how its bustling heart coexists with flora and fauna. While writing is her passion, you might also find her relaxing with a cosy video game, feeding horses at a local riding school, or checking out climbing gyms in the city.