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A Useful Guide to Maternity Care and Insurance You Never Thought You Needed

By Sponsored content 27 August 2019
Whether you’re getting ready to introduce a new family member or are thinking about having a baby, it’s ideal for you to secure a maternity insurance plan even before you welcome your baby into the world. By doing so, you know you’re covered for costly delivery in Hong Kong. Luckily, Pacific Prime has expert advice for us on maternity care and insurance in Hong Kong so you can make an informed and stress-free decision!
Pregnant mum

What is maternity insurance?

Maternity insurance, or pregnancy insurance, is a type of cover that you can add to your existing health insurance policy to cover maternity-related costs, like delivery or prenatal scans. More comprehensive plans also offer cover for congenital defects and newborn care. It’s worth noting that only some insurers provide the option to cover maternity, because of the high costs surrounding treatment, and even if they do, most cases do not cover fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  Every parent wants to know what it will cost to give birth in Hong Kong, since it has one of the most expensive delivery rates in the world! As with most hospital childbirths, the costs include routine checks, scans, this and that and ultimately, delivery. Costs can fluctuate significantly based on your hospital selection, the type of delivery, and more. For instance, a standard delivery with a private room stay in a private hospital in Hong Kong can cost up to HKD 49,500. You should also find out how much pre-natal and post-natal treatments like scans and tests will cost, along with what types of coverage benefits are needed to cover it. 
Maternity Ward

So why you should you get insured for childbirth?

Hong Kong has its fair share of hospitals for you to choose from. While public hospitals may seem like a more affordable option in comparison to private hospitals, they are actually only more economical for “eligible persons”, which include HKID cardholders and individuals approved by the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority. Surprisingly, “non-eligible persons” can end up being charged $90,000! With 12 registered private hospitals in total, expectant parents have several places to choose from. In terms of popularity, the Matilda International Hospital and the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital are among the top picks. Many expats rather visit private facilities because of the higher service quality, extra privacy, shorter waiting time, and extended visiting hours. While these perks are certainly appealing, they come at a high price. Thus securing maternity insurance is the best way to offset the steep price tag. 
Pregnant mum 2

How expensive is expensive?

Delivery costs largely depend on whether you have a standard or c-section delivery. For instance, standard delivery at the Matilda International Hospital costs $38500 - 45,000 for a private room, while c-section delivery costs $62,500 for a private room. Actual costs can be higher due to complications and further treatment etc. Since each pregnancy is unique, it is difficult to determine how many consultations, scans, and other appointments will be required. While you can choose a private ob/gyn clinic, remember that those in the private sector can charge whatever they like. Every pregnancy also comes with a risk of complications, which could result in unanticipated procedures and higher costs. If any complications occur, such as heavy bleeding, you will be charged for additional consultations and expenses. Due to the risk of high costs surrounding newborn-related complications, it is crucial to find a policy that includes newborn coverage benefits. 
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How to get the right maternity coverage in Hong Kong 

Perhaps the most useful tip when it comes to covering your pregnancy is to get maternity insurance early on. The reason behind this is that practically all maternity insurance plans require a 10-12 month waiting period, which means you have to secure it for the amount of time stated in the policy before you can make a claim on it. If you’re planning on having a baby in the future, it’s a good idea to secure maternity insurance even prior to conception.  Selecting the right maternity insurance has many benefits. It can give you peace of mind throughout the course of the pregnancy and help you save whenever possible. For a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of giving birth in Hong Kong, check out Pacific Prime Hong Kong’s 2019-2020 Maternity Insurance Guide
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