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Mannings introduces a new programme to dispose of unused medicine safely!

By Corrine Cheung 4 July 2023

Header image courtesy of Mannings

After years of worrying about the pandemic, gone are the days of mask regulations and stockpiling medicine. But what about the leftover medication that has been unused? Hong Kong’s neighbourhood health and pharmacy chain, Mannings, is launching the “Safe Disposal of Unused Medicines” programme in collaboration with JCI Tai Ping Shan (JCITPS) to help dispose of your unused medicine while keeping the environment in mind. 

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Photo: Mannings

As the first community pharmacy chain in Hong Kong to collect unused medicine, Mannings hopes to reduce pollution and domestic waste with its latest campaign. Improper disposal of unused medication can be more hazardous than it seems, as these can contaminate soil and eventually generate drug resistance in humans when accumulated through the food and water we consume, ultimately posing a huge risk to our health.

Starting from now till 30 July, there will be collection boxes set up at 26 designated Mannings stores with a pharmacy service to collect expired or unwanted medicine from the public for proper disposal. However, this programme is restricted to pills and excludes dangerous drugs and syrup-based medicine. All unused medication collected will be sent to an authorised organisation for safe and responsible disposal and destruction.

Photo: Mannings

To further promote this disposal programme and raise awareness of the importance of properly disposing unwanted medicine, Mannings is adding a “Free Medication Counselling Service” to all stores with a pharmacy service. Expert pharmacists at Mannings will provide general medical advice and information about the effects of a variety of common household medication, as this is will hopefully help citizens become more medically savvy and choose their remedies wisely to minimise medication being left unused and thus disposed of incorrectly. For those interested in a consultation, you can simply walk-in for an appointment, or consult online through WhatsApp messaging

For a comprehensive list of stores that offers the “Safe Disposal of Unused Medicines” collection boxes and services, go to Mannings’ website for more information. Stay safe and healthy as you safely dispose of your unused medication this summer!

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