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How To: Look Hot and Stay Cool this Summer Guys

By Contributed content 25 July 2016
Whether you're jetting off on holiday or enjoying summer in the city, nothing can make you lose your cool faster than overheating. Thankfully, Eve Roth Lindsay, international fashion designer and founder of image consultancy Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful, has come to the rescue with her top tips for a stylishly cool season.  It's time to hang up your suit guys and get ready for summer. But how to look good without having a meltdown? Don't worry, with my 10 tips, you'll sail through the summer looking effortlessly cool whatever the temperature.

1. Wear breathable fabrics

Lightweight, breathable fabric is the key to keeping your cool in the summer. Cotton, linen, and silk are the best natural fibers, helping to keep you cool by absorbing moisture. Cotton is not only the most comfortable but also the most practical because it's easy to buy. Since the body cools when air hits moist skin, cotton is a good choice for getting your body temperature down in a hurry. Our favourite natural fabric brand is the incredibly soft and well-priced Grana. Linen is the lightest of the three natural fabrics and will help you feel cooler. Not everyone likes the wrinkled look - but that's easily solved, by avoiding starch when washing. The more starch you use, the crisper the wrinkles! Polyester, nylon, and acrylic do exactly the opposite. These fabrics are guaranteed to make you feel hot and sticky - in fact they'll probably make you feel hotter than you are. Always check your clothes labels and avoid these materials at all costs!

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2. Try Hi-Tech fabrics

Try new hi-tech fabrics that absorb moisture and wick away sweat keeping you comfortable all day. You will be able to avoid sweat stains, wrinkles, and discolouration. There are hi-tech performance tee shirts, dress shirts, and trousers. Check out Uniqlo and Giordano for a good selection of dry tech tees.

3. Lighten up

Obviously, the lighter the weight of the fabric, the cooler you will feel. Even a breathable fabric like cotton will make you sweat if it's a heavy garment. Think chambray shirts, not denim jackets.

4. Keep it loose

Maximise the natural perks of naturally cooling fibres, such as cotton, and opt for a looser weave, as this will allow more air to flow through the fabric. The same goes for loose-fitting clothing. When your body sweats, it needs air to cool you down, so if your clothes are tight, air can’t reach your body. Basically, the tighter your clothes, the more they will stick to your body, and the hotter you will feel. We aren’t talking Justin Bieber baggy, just a little loose. For example, a pair of Bermuda shorts with a loose fitting 50s style shirt, worn tucked out, will allow the breezes to blow.

5. Layer up

It might sound crazy but adding a lightweight cotton or hi-tech tee under your button-up shirt is the easiest way to avoid anything unpleasant showing up on your back and armpits. Also, layering gives you the option to unbutton your shirt and let it flow, or ditch it altogether if the temperature reaches unbearable levels.

6. Wear lighter colours

Wearing black may make you look cool, but it definitely won’t keep you cool. Lighter colours have a cooling effect by reflecting heat, while darker colours absorb heat. Mix and match white, sand, cream, beige, grey, khaki, chambray blue, and light navy for the ultimate summer look. Plus, white cotton chinos are totally on trend for Summer 2016! Just don’t forget to wear natural, light coloured underwear so it doesn’t show up under your shorts or trousers.

7. Cool kicks

Obviously, sandals are the best way to keep your feet cool as they allow your feet to breathe. However, they aren't always suitable especially if you're heading somewhere with a dress code. If you're wearing shoes, a pair of cotton socks will keep your feet from sweating. When pairing with shorts, try invisible socks that disappear inside your shoe. Loafers and slip-ons are a happy medium as they're much cooler than lace-up shoe which trap heat. If you want to wear your trainers, loafers, or slip-ons without socks, try spraying the inside of the shoe with deodorant or antiperspirant. This will stop your feet from overheating - and they will smell better too!

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8. Shades

When heading out of the door, don’t forget your sunglasses - to look stylish, yes, but also to protect your eyes from long-term damage. Check out Absolute Vintage Eyewear on Aberdeen Street for shades with a vintage vibe.

9. Grooming

I am amazed at how many guys don’t wear antiperspirants. Buy a good quality one that is also a deodorant to look cool and dry, and smell good too. Water helps too, as hydration keeps you cooler. Why do you think all those movie stars are always wandering around with a bottle of water in their hands? Sunscreen and lip balm are a must! If you don’t want age spots, start wearing sunscreen everyday, not just on vacation. You will thank me when you are 80!

10. Dress for Success

Last but definitely not least, check out the dress code for when you're going and match your outfit appropriately. Remember, you don't want to show up at a black tie do wearing a pair of open sandals. Need advice? If you want to find out more about which the coolest summer styles, contact Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful to book your own personal consultation.
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