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Find balance this year by detoxing or retoxing with K11 Artus

By K11 Artus Sponsored | 18 February 2021

In the tradition of the Lunar New Year, it’s time to welcome 2021 with some much-needed spring cleaning. As much as it is important to keep your living space clean and stocked with items that “spark joy,” keeping your mental desktop clutter-free is equally as necessary. Taking a quick break from the stresses of daily life can help bring about cleansing from within, and a short-yet-sweet staycation will help you to do just that.

Of course, different people tend to seek out different pathways in reaching their zen. For some, wellness is achieved through being active, whilst others find it more comforting to unwind with a drink in their hand. From now until 31 April, the glamorous and fully serviced K11 Artus residences is offering two unique staycation packages that each feature a side of this spectrum. Both approaches have their perks, so why not find out which is better suited to you?

Detox in Bliss

A detox-centric staycation allows you the opportunity of slowing down without having to trek up a mountainous trail to get away from the urban sprawl. Your setting influences the type of headspace you enter, so choosing a good venue is particularly conducive to pleasant results. Think airy spaces, open sun decks, somewhere your skin can soak up rays of vitamin d. Nestled in the Victoria Dockside area of Tsim Sha Tsui, with stunning rooms providing phenomenal views overlooking the Hong Kong cityscapes, K11 Artus definitely ticks every box.

What’s more, each room that is part of the Detox in Bliss package provides guests with a stylish yoga mat and fitness block they can use to unwind. Let your muscles shrug off the aftereffects of intense quarantine workout sessions, or of sitting around the home office, with a revitalizing yoga session. To set a good outlook for the months ahead, accompany each deep breath with a positive self-affirmation—you definitely deserve some credit for making it out of 2020 unscathed!

To refuel and energize your body, opt for nourishment that prioritizes freshness and nutrition. With the package comes a well-balanced gourmet three-course lunch made from real and wholesome ingredients, washed down with a fibre-packed smoothie of superfoods and a non-alcoholic herbal spirit.

Retox in Luxury

Recent years have seen the emergence of a concept that fuses ‘health’ with ‘hedonism’. The practice of ‘Healthonism’ pairs a healthy dose of indulgence with mindful eating and exercise. Hinging upon an equal stasis between the two sides, it’s good to give yourself a chance to take a breather, or better yet—to have a bevvy.

There is a certain art to cocktail-drinking. Simply shifting the focus onto the craftsmanship of mixology can elevate the experience to new heights. As part of the Retox in Luxury package provided by K11 Artus, championed head bartender Slamet Haryadi provides an exclusive private lesson in drink-making 101. Bringing his expertise straight to the comforts of their suite, participating guests can learn how to design and create the cocktails of their dreams.

Tucking into a hearty cheat meal is just an optional part of retoxification, sure, but how could anyone pass up such an opportunity? Celebrate your fresh start with a perky morning filled with delicious breakfast selections from in-residence restaurant The Commune, with a menu that showcases seasonal ingredients presented with culinary flair. Yes, options do include everybody’s Instagram favourite—avocado toast.

Aside from replenishing the mind and body, artistic stimulation is also a complementary facet to your inner harmony. As a place that offers immersive experiences in both detoxing and retoxing, K11 Artus provides an extra special touch, with their in-house art tour. Both packages incorporate an introduction to the meticulous art pieces and objects dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties that are on display at the venue, reflecting the social mission of the residence to preserve and propagate fading artisanship. Adding on to that, one percent of all profit from room stays will be donated to the K11 Craft & Guild Foundation, to help conserve traditional Chinese crafts.

K11 Artus

Opened in the summer of 2019, this luxury hybrid residence combines the top-tier hospitality of world-class hotels with the amenities of serviced residences. Located conveniently atop K11 Musea on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, this 14-storey residence offers 287 rooms, spanning 70 layouts across different categories, which can be tailored for each resident’s individual needs.

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