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Best places to get custom frames in Hong Kong

By Enoch Ngan 29 December 2022 | Last Updated 26 January 2024

Header image courtesy of Raychan (via Unsplash)

After buying a treasured piece of art or getting a sports jersey signed by your favourite team, the next thing on your list is to display the collectable properly. Buying ready-made frames is a gamble, as most of them come in standard sizes without customisation options. Getting your artwork, photograph, or collectable custom framed professionally might be the best solution, especially if you want to preserve the piece. Don’t know where to start? Read on for our round-up of the best custom framing workshops in Hong Kong!

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Photo: Lee Wah Arts and Frames

Lee Wah Art and Frames

Situated right next to Tai Kwun, Lee Wah Art and Frames is one of the leading framing companies in Hong Kong. Lee Wah has helped its clients frame everything from rare vintage albums to signed football jerseys and ancient Chinese texts, so you know your piece will be in good, experienced hands. By using the best materials imported from Europe and the US, Lee Wah guarantees that your treasured art pieces are secured behind beautifully crafted glass frames. Its specialised glass protects the artwork from degrading UV rays, prolonging its original appearance. Additionally, over 1,000 moulds of rustic, ornate, or contemporary styles are sourced from overseas designers, so you’ll have plenty of choices for your frame.

Lee Wah Art and Frames, G/F, 5 Chancery Lane, Central | (+852) 2525 9416

Photo: Zetter Picture Framer

Zetter Picture Framer

Established in 1985, Zetter Picture Framer delivers the finest framing for galleries, artists, photographers, and more. Its office contains a vast selection of designs and materials, and the well-equipped workshop offers a variety of framing solutions. Custom-made frames, assisted installations, and canvas stretchings are all included in the library of services Zetter provides. Visit the company’s portfolio to see how your artwork can be framed.

Zetter Picture Framer, LG/F, Hoseinee House, 69 Wyndham Street, Central


Man Fong Picture Frame Company

Man Fong Picture Frame Company has in-house specialists who complete framing tasks quickly while retaining deep attention to detail by taking into consideration customers’ needs and framing priorities. For those who value both time and quality of work, Man Fong’s experienced skillset and framing knowledge will satisfy any project.

Man Fong Picture Frame Company, Shop 10, G/F, 1–7 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

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Photo: YEUNAMCHGOA 20533 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Arco Fine Art Framing Company

Arco Fine Art Framing Company has been garnering stellar reviews from professional artists and photographers since it first opened. Even Art Basel, the premier Hong Kong art fair, has recommended Arco to interested individuals and artists for their picture-framing needs. Its support team is amiable and informative, and they can arrange deliveries, too.

Arco Fine Art Framing Company, G/F, 105 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai | (+852) 2866 8848


Wing Ching Cheung Frame Maker

A dedicated, returning customer base can’t be wrong—good-quality frames are what you’ll get at the Wing Ching Cheung Frame Maker shop. Professional consultation is complimentary when getting a job done on any of your photos, artwork, or collectables. Its staff members are knowledgeable and able to answer questions about the custom framing process while giving experienced insight throughout each step. Wing Ching Cheung Frame Maker can frame almost anything you need, from mirrors to paintings and pictures to signage.

Wing Ching Cheung Frame Maker, Shop 3, 51 Gough Street, Central | (+852) 2543 7091

Photo: Mah Wah Framing Company

Man Wah Framing Company

Located between Morrison Hill and Wan Chai is the nimble shop of Man Wah Framing Company. Despite its small size, this company has been operating consistently for over 20 years. With an impressive photo and picture framing background, hundreds of material types and options are spread across the walls for customers to pick and choose from. Additionally, the shop’s non-reflective, UV-resistant glass products can protect any calligraphy scroll, photograph, or treasured painting. With countless varieties of custom framing options, requests of all kinds can be handled at Man Wah Framing Company.

Man Wah Framing Company, 162–164 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2838 5697

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Artmen Gallery

Queen’s Road East has no shortage of custom framing studios, but Artmen Gallery has been a niche favourite among artists because this framing shop has its own art gallery to entertain visiting customers! Clients have the option to take in dozens of captivating and intriguing pieces while waiting for their frames or consultation. Besides, each customer is assured of high-quality framing services at Artmen, since it has over 20 years of framing experience.

Artmen Gallery, G/F, 110 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai | (+852) 2573 0819

Photo: Kwong Hop Mirror and Glass Company

Kwong Hop Mirror and Glass Company

Having been in the glass retailing and picture framing field of work for three generations, the Kwong Hop Mirror and Glass Company has been serving clients since the late 1940s. As Hong Kong-based framing, mirror, and glasswork pioneers, Kwong Hop dedicates time and attention to each customer request. Materials are sourced from overseas to ensure premium quality, with the shop’s signature aluminium frames being imported directly from the US.

By personalising quality and service to each guest, no matter the frame size, subject matter, or colour scheme, Kwong Hop is a local favourite among Kowloon residents. Its relatively low prices and high-quality products keep customers returning on a regular basis.

Kwong Hop Mirror and Glass Company, Shop A1, 39F Battery Street, Yau Ma Tei


Kang Ming Picture Frame and Glass

Probably no other framing workshop on this list can boast as long a history as Kang Ming Picture Frame and Glass. Located on Shanghai Street, this century-old business is in third-generation hands, and the family’s story and heritage are preserved within the shop. Kang Ming offers machine-cut frames edged with traditional finishes, and its signature “high-definition glass” is highly sought after for its non-reflective and transparent qualities.

Kang Ming Picture Frame and Glass, G/F, 111 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei

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Enoch Ngan


Enoch is an Asian-American born in California who studied in Hong Kong when he was younger. While in Hong Kong, he enjoys going on hikes with breathtaking scenery and catching up with old friends and family. If you ever see him around, he always has music playing in the background, whether that be exploring the city or simply relaxing at home.