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6 best hidden stargazing spots in Hong Kong

By Mark Taylor 3 December 2020

Header images courtesy of @dtimageproject (via Instagram)

Hong Kong, with its vast landscape of skyscrapers, billboards, street lights, and neon sights, might also be one of the most light-polluted capitals in the world. However, don’t let that discourage you if you want to do some stargazing in Hong Kong. If you are ready to explore deeper into the city’s outer fringes, you will soon discover that there are plenty of secluded spots that offer an amazing view of the stars and other celestial objects when the night is clear. Here are some of the best hidden and unusual stargazing spots in Hong Kong.

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Photo: @dtimageproject (via Instagram)

Chung Hom Kok

Stanley is a popular part of Hong Kong that many tourists and locals visit to enjoy its picturesque beach and incredible beachfront restaurants. However, not as many know about Chung Hom Kok, an incredible urban hideaway tucked within the neighbourhood. This hidden spot is well-suited for a spot of daytime fun and the Chung Hom Kok Park also has a searchlight platform on top of a cliff, which is perfect for some nighttime stargazing. Moreover, you can get incredible views of the ocean as well. Keep in mind that the mobile service here can be weak, so it is better to visit this spot in groups—and don’t forget to bring a nice FFP scope to get a better view of the stars!

Photo credit: Chap Him Wong (via Astronomy Now)

Sunset Peak, Lantau Island

Lantau Island is one of the most popular tourist spots in Hong Kong and for good reason. During the day, many flock to Lantau to visit the iconic and gigantic statue of Big Buddha, but there are several other attractions nearby as well, such as restaurants, shops, monuments, and natural sights. For the full experience, take the cable car ride up to Ngong Ping and ride in a cable car with glass floors!

After enjoying your day, get ready to head to Sunset Peak, a popular spot for hikers and also the third-highest peak in all of Hong Kong. Though the hike might be a little ambitious for beginners, don’t be discouraged—the trail will lead to expansive plains of silvergrass strewn with old holiday cabins, and the perfect spot to provide you with a panoramic view of the nighttime sky, away from the light pollution of the city. Moreover, as the name suggests, this spot is also perfect for experiencing the sunset if you want to camp overnight.


Lamma Island

Located only a thirty-minute ferry ride away from Central, the sleepy nook of Lamma Island is an excellent place for stargazing. There are a lot of fun activities to take part in during the day, and at night, it offers some of the clearest skies in Hong Kong. Take the ferry to Sok Kwu Wan during the day and hike along its old temples, giant windmills, and handicraft stores to reach the other end of the island, Yung Shue Wan. You can end your day here with a wholesome meal at one of many seaside restaurants and then go on to the incredible Lo So Shing Beach for a peaceful night of stargazing. Lo So Shing Beach is the perfect destination for setting up camp and staring at the heavens; the soft sand and peaceful sounds make for a relaxing and enlightening experience.

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Photo: @alvischui_ (via Instagram)

Tai Hang Tun

Clearwater Bay Country Park, particularly the lush areas of Tai Hang Tun, is a well-loved destination for stargazing and astrophotography—in fact, you’ll often find photographers camped out here at night to do just that. Tai Hang Tun is also ideal for a picnic or a barbecue with your friends. You can spend the day flying kites here or even go on a breezy hike in nearby Lung Ha Wan or the Clearwater Bay Tree Walk to experience the park’s incredible flora and fauna. Once night falls, Tai Hang Tun is one of the best destinations in Hong Kong for stargazing. With little light pollution and a clear night, you can get an exceptional view of the stars above Hong Kong and other celestial objects.

Photo credit: MF Choi (via Shutterstock)

Tai Mei Tuk

Tai Mei Tuk is located in Tai Po and offers a wide variety of exciting outdoor activities to take part in. Moreover, it is one of the best places in Hong Kong for stargazing. You should head out to the coastal villages of Tai Mei Tuk early and take a cooling dip in the Bride’s Pool water fall or spend the day cycling or hiking the many mountain ridges of Pat Sin Leng. When it gets dark, take a leisurely walk along the Plover Cove Dam and enjoy the starry sky with your friends or partner. Since the noise pollution is quite low around Tai Mei Tuk, you can also bring a telescope or pair of binoculars for some amateur astronomy.


High Island Reservoir

High Island Reservoir is a super peaceful oasis for an unforgettable stargazing experience. It has relatively low light pollution and there are not many distractions here, either; therefore, this is a must-visit spot if you are a stargazing enthusiast in Hong Kong. High Island Reservoir is located a short taxi ride away from Sai Kung Town. Once you reach High Island Reservoir, head to the East Dam and check out the High Island Geo Trail and the hexagonal rock formations along with it. As night falls, you will get a picturesque view of the heavens and stars. However, remember to book a taxi back to Sai Kung Town in advance; otherwise, it can be difficult to find a ride back home late at night.

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Tips for stargazing

  • Go on a clear and cloudless night for uninterrupted views of the night sky.
  • Use a red light to find your way around the dark and don’t use a camera flash. Overly bright light will obscure your view as well as ruin any photos.
  • Download a star map app for easy reference.

When you think about Hong Kong, with all its incredible skyscrapers and the storm of neon lights and street lamps, stargazing seems like a far-fetched idea; however, if you know where to look, there are many incredible hidden spots around Hong Kong that you can visit for an incredible stargazing experience. Check out the spots mentioned in this post to have a unique stargazing experience in one of the busiest cities in the entire world.

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Mark Taylor


Mark Taylor is a law graduate whose interests include exploring the great outdoors, embarking on expansive adventures in nature, and reviewing all types of optics and scopes—some of which he uses for stargazing.