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4 best LG TVs to buy in 2022

By Localiiz Branded | 22 August 2022

Header image courtesy of LG

Forget cinemas—there is nothing better than watching a good movie or binge-worthy TV show right in the comfort of your own home. With so many visual offerings to enjoy, now is the best time for you to invest in building your own dream home-viewing experience.

Unsure where to start? AV Life has got you covered. We pick the brains of the expert team behind the premium audio-visual storefront in Hong Kong to share with us their top TV picks. A brand that they trust is LG, especially with its focus on providing a home-centric way of life. Here are the best LG TVs you should get your hands on this year.

Photo: LG

For those who love a sleek design

Amplify your viewing experience with the ​​LG OLED evo Gallery Edition G2 Series from the new generation of OLED screen technology. It is complete with self-luminous pixels for maximum viewing quality. Complementing the cutting-edge design is the Brightness Booster technology, combined with a Gen 5 Al process for better image processing and brightness increase by 30 percent. As a result, the images are more vivid than ever. Last but not least is the outstanding gallery design—the ultra-thin appearance blends perfectly into the walls for a minimalist charm. It acts like a painting but it is actually a TV!

Photo: LG

For the cinephile

The LG QNED 8K MiniLED TV – QNED99 Series ushers in a new era of LCD TVs, with upgraded brightness, intense colours, and cinematic quality that’s hard to beat. Perfect for cinephiles, this model has Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technology, recreating an entertainment experience at home that’s just a step away from watching cinematic releases on the big screen. It also provides a more immersive experience thanks to the Real 8K display which creates high-quality and realistic images.

For the gamer

Who doesn’t love a great gaming experience? If you are looking to invest in the best, look no further than the LG QNED TV – QNED81 Series. It plugs in Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology for purer and richer colours. The HDR10 Pro, LG’s own dynamic range, also adjusts brightness for lifelike picture quality. Adding to that is a Gen 5 AI processor that further enhances your video viewing experience—a true feast for the eyes.

Photo: LG

For those looking for the next big thing

Stay up to date with the latest technology and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming LG OLED | Objet Collection Easel - 65ART90. It is the newest model in LG’s original lifestyle TV line-up, which is conceived and developed to complement one’s home-centric way of life. Due to the unique Easel-inspired design, this TV elevates your space through two brand-new viewing options: the Line View to see just the essentials like date, time, or weather, and the Full View for a complete screen. Feel like you truly have the best seat in the house with the multi-dimensional sound and powerful 80W output. Stay tuned for when this product comes out!

Photo: AV Life

AV Life has been offering a comprehensive range of home entertainment and audio-visual products since 2002. In fact, it is the city’s standalone audio-visual speciality chain store, so consider it your one-stop destination when it comes to equipment needs.

If you are still unsure about what products to get, don’t worry—its staff is dedicated to giving you the best advice possible, complete with on-site visits and even after-sale technical support so you get all the help you need. With 10 locations conveniently spread across the city, visit AV Life for the best home entertainment products!

AV Life

Since 2002, AV Life has been offering a broad range of audio-visual products and solutions for top-tier home entertainment set-ups. Elevating the process of choosing and comparing to find the perfect products, there is a constantly updated roster of high-quality screens, speakers, and more—ready for on-site trials with professional tips from attentive staff.

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