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Where to get your audio-visual needs sorted in Hong Kong

By Localiiz Branded | 10 September 2021 | Last Updated 28 October 2021

Header image courtesy of AV Life

Although cinemas and performance spaces are gradually returning to pre-Covid popularity, there is no reason to abandon the newfound pleasures of staying in to enjoy your favourite films and music. Create your own immersive bubble with a curation of great pieces, beginning by getting inspired first-hand at a brick-and-mortar shopfront.

As the one and only audio-visual speciality chain store in Hong Kong, AV Life is positively the best place to get your home set-up tailored to your preferences. Ensuring the most up-to-date equipment can be made accessible to shoppers, their selection of top-shelf goods is paired with a streamlined shopping process, allowing for a one-stop pipeline from shop to home. Here’s what to expect as you step into their emporium of wonders to round up all the audio-visual goodies you need.

A one-stop-shop

From pre-purchase to maintaining optimised usage after purchase, AV Life boasts a customer journey that is centralised and personalised. As a starting point, on-site staff are ready to take on your inquiries and match you with the items that suit your needs and preferences best. Regardless if you are an audiophile, a seasoned screening expert, or if you are wholly new to the audio-visual game and need some advice from trained eyes, rest assured that you will be guided towards the perfect fit for your needs. 

Plus, there is also stellar follow-up from the staff, as delivery and installation services can also be provided. Have a look at how getting your hands on new equipment at AV Life goes down:

What’s more, your relationship with AV Life does not end after you have made your purchase. Unlike the typical retailer, AV Life staff is on hand to answer any queries or help to coordinate maintenance efforts. When in doubt, their services are only a text or a call away!

Locations all over Hong Kong

Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun, and still counting! With a roster of up to 10 stores in optimised locations all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, as well as the New Territories, finding your neighbourhood AV Life branch comes easy. Located at the heart of key districts, you are bound to encounter a well-stocked shopfront with ease. 

Check out their full listing to find the closest store to you and drop by for a casual gander!

Try before you buy

Since putting together a home AV hub involves a pretty hefty investment, exploring your options first-hand is arguably an unmissable part of equipment shopping. No matter the store location, you will be delighted to see that all AV Life branches are set up in a cosy yet stylish environment, allowing for a comfortable backdrop that’s basically like a real home!

Before committing to buying, why not head on to a storefront to get a true feel for your new audio-visual pieces? The immersive space bridges together a true to life simulation of how the high-performing AV accessories can add to your home.

An added plus is the vast trove of knowledge and tips that on-site staff can give when it comes down to nitty-gritty comparisons. Upon request, the staff can help to assist you on your walkthrough of the products you find yourself flitting back and forth between, with a clear and easy-to-understand breakdown of all the good and the bad that come with each. By getting to interact with the electronics and factoring in bespoke recommendations, it’s a guarantee you will land on the choice that’s just for you.

A wide range of brands

Aside from hosting a product line that will spark excitement in any collector’s eyes, there is a vibrant array of brands available to choose from. From high-definition television screens to sleek cable wires and handy audio accessories, AV Life is your oyster! 

Their extensive list of brands encompasses everything from family favourites to reputable names that will hype up any AV tech whiz. The selection boasts an international assortment that features top picks from around the globe.

Get inspired and open up to new possibilities in experiencing sight and sound. Proudly lending a hand to guide you through your venture into exploring audio-visual goods, AV Life is a specialist one-stop-shop that gives you an experience like no other. Browse their range of cutting-edge home entertainment products here and start experiencing sight and sound on a new level.

AV Life

Since 2002, AV Life has been offering a broad range of audio-visual products and solutions for top-tier home entertainment set-ups. Elevating the process of choosing and comparing to find the perfect products, there is a constantly updated roster of high-quality screens, speakers, and more—ready for on-site trials with professional tips from attentive staff.