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6 places and items you should definitely dirt-proof

By Localiiz Branded | 19 July 2021

Header image courtesy of Gil Riberio (via Unsplash)

As a result of the past year and a half, irrevocable changes have seeped into our everyday lives, becoming the “new normal.” If we were to pinpoint one good thing to come out of our pandemic-era routines, however, it would likely be the increased attention to cleaning—to reduce risk, many of us now clean more frequently and more diligently!

Yet the chunk of our lives we have dedicated to scrubbing seems to only make our spare moments shrink, leaving less time for us to relax from Covid fatigue. To combat this issue, we have spoken to award-winning cleaning experts Nanotol on how you can maintain your space spotlessly, protect it from germs as well as dirt, and spruce it up with the least amount of work.

The secret to cleaning

For a better understanding of the typical cleaning process, think of it like how we clean our skin. The surfaces we touch are filled with tiny pores—similar to the ones on our faces and bodies—that catch onto dust, germs, and dirt. When nasty particles enter into these miniature craters, they can become wedged deep into the underlying cracks and depressions, only worsening with each buff or wipe. Over time, this dirt accumulates, leading to items losing their glow and requiring greater effort to clean.

The conventional process requires both chemical strength as well as some old-fashioned elbow grease. With this comes a dilemma: Cleaning is necessary, but with every session, your possessions are forced to age at an accelerated pace. Offering chemical features formulated to attack the problem at its root, nanopolymers are an alternative cleaning solution that can deep-clean the pores of a surface, while offering antimicrobial protection.

By leeching into the small cracks, explains Nanotol, these polymers can smooth over the entire surface area, helping items to look good as new and maintain their sheen with only a quick wipe down using a water-soaked towel. In fact, a wide variety of materials can be treated with Nanotol for a protective coating—here are a few of them.

Photo: Sarandy Westfall (via Unsplash)

Homes of pet owners

Snuggling up with your furry friends should not come with the frustration of finding hairballs and odd-smelling puddles everywhere. Pet owners can future-proof their homes so that dealing with damage from house training, bundles of shedding, or muddied tracks from playing outdoors won’t take away your precious time together.

Thanks to its active agent of silicon dioxide, Nanotol has been recognised by LFGB, the official German food certification body, to hold a food-safe grading1, ensuring that extra-inquisitive critters stay safe if they accidentally ingest some. This also means that it is odourless and barely noticeable—no pungent smells for us and no weird scents to entice your pups to investigate (using their sense of taste).

Photo: Radoslav Bali (via Unsplash)


As a place that sees the comings and goings of all sorts of people on a daily basis, hotels already have a high level of responsibility in keeping clean. It has become even more important that there is also a precautionary step taken to shield the rooms and communal facilities well before use. Less time spent decontaminating against dirt and grease means more time for anti-bacterial cleaning and virus-proofing!

Experienced in protecting public spaces, Nanotol is the authorised safeguarding material of the Munich Airport2, making it a strong contender for hotels or shared accommodations. As a public space, hotels are places where people take refuge, making it crucial that they are doubly proofed against dirtiness.

As declared by the Germany-based SGS Institut Fresenius, Nanotol is certified as an effective defence against human influenza virus families. This claim, supported by a study conducted in 20213, includes varieties of virus in the coronaviridae stream, like MERSCoV, SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2, in addition to the filoviridae variety Ebola virus.

Photo: Adrian Dascal (via Unsplash)


In times of good weather, we often forget to plan for climates that could give us a hard time. Driving in wet weather, especially during the evenings and at night, can pose a pretty dangerous ordeal. Water can cling to the windscreen like an unwanted filter, which not only blocks the view of the driver, but also causes reflection and glare that confuses. It is exactly the kind of dangerous situation that demonstrates why every driver should consider applying a water-repelling glaze to their windows.

Photo: Kyo Azuma (via Unsplash)


Children as a group pose a slightly higher risk of exposing themselves to germs and dirt. Accommodating for children with varying needs is something to consider, especially in cases of larger class sizes. A safe bet is turning to biodegradable cleansers, as the natural components exclude chemicals that may damage the health of its users, or corrode the surfaces they are applied to.

Nanotol, in particular, is a green option for tots with allergies or mild respiratory problems, thanks to its environmentally friendly formulation4. The safeguarding against bacteria is another plus, helping to ease the worries of parents concerned for their little ones when out of sight.

Photo: LivsStil (via Pixabay)


When it comes to products that are required to look their best for display, it is a must to lay down the prep work even before putting them on show. Nano-level coating is a versatile method that keeps the glow on all sorts of items, creating a glossy finish to boost its aesthetic charm. The same goes for the process of carefully cleaning everything, as it only requires the gentle dab of a wet towel, omitting the need for harsh chemicals.

Sun damage is another pressing element that causes showroom pieces to deteriorate quickly, but can also be prevented using sealants like Nanotol. Like skin, scratches and dents are a lot less noticeable when surfaces and embedded pores are protected. Its efficacy, when applied to display casings, also translates to other glass coverings like smartphone screens that undergo endless tapping and daily impact.

Photo: Dominik Martin (via Unsplash)


Sneakerheads rejoice! Aside from dirt, the textile spray offered by Nanotol can help protect beloved kicks from splashes. In most cases, the term “water-proofing” involves encasing a garment or piece of footwear in a protective barrier, like putting on an invisible raincoat. Nanotol differs in this regard by perforating into the microscopic fibres of the fabric before adding a layer of protection around each individual, microscopic grain.

You can be sure to stay comfortable, as the feel of the textile is maintained, all thanks to the tiny spaces between the textures that remain spread out and breathable. This is also helpful for those who love to get active in the outdoors, but are tired of carving out mucky debris from their soles after muddy encounters.

Don’t underestimate change from a microscopic level—all it takes to cut your cleaning responsibilities by half and lower the time actually spent cleaning by another 80 percent is to prep and seal your belongings in one simple go. With the added level of antimicrobial protection, you could even cut costs on buying extra cleaning supplies too.

Putting it into perspective, that is over 3,000 hours of your time saved between each Nanotol application! Its naturally-based nanopolymer liquid agent offers a colourless, odourless, and food-safe solution that can be incorporated into every inch of your home, and more.

Now, how will you be spending that extra free time?


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