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5 things you never knew about indoor golfing

By Localiiz Branded | 12 November 2021

Originating as a sport limited to the prestigious class, golf has long been associated with green expanses of private country clubs, swanky equipment, and VIP-only groups. Here to burst this exclusive bubble, however, is indoor golfing.

Gone are the days of expensive memberships to faraway lawns only reachable by hours of driving and traffic! Thanks to technological innovations, its rise in popularity has sparked a new generation of golf that sheds the game’s traditional image of stuffy men in starched uniforms stiffly teeing off against each other in rural grass fields. 

No longer just your dad’s favourite sport, indoor golf brings forward a new age of the sport, bringing a cutting-edge cool through technology and unparalleled convenience. Introducing us to the exhilarating world of indoor golfing is The Upper Loft, which has opened the doors to their paradise to Hongkongers. Read on to find out how indoor golf eclipses its traditional counterpart, before going on to take part in the thrills first hand.

Playing indoor golf allows you to...


Delight in conveniences in the heart of the city

Many of us may typically think of golf as an activity that requires us to set aside a half-day or more. Simply getting to and fro from the clubs in Fanling or Clearwater Bay is enough of a deterrent—and this is not even including the time spent on the course itself yet. Plus, being at the mercy of inclement weather is enough of a roadblock in itself.

Unlike typical outdoor venues, Sheung Wan-based The Upper Loft is a hidden oasis located right in the heart of the city. Opting for an indoor golf venue not only allows you to get right into the nitty-gritty, but it also makes it easier for busy urbanites to zip in and out, so you can effortlessly flit between your daily activities and appointments. Now it’s possible for you to satisfy that mid-afternoon itch to tee-off without having to commit to a whole journey.


Access the world’s most renowned golf courses from one location

Aside from enjoying improved conveniences and an easy-to-reach location, indoor golfing is also designed to let you play on any golf course from one centralised place. When it comes to The Upper Loft’s repertoire of maps and courses, not only do you get to replicate the fun of golfing on familiar turf without actually travelling there yourself, there are also over 200 renowned golf courses from around the world that you can visit without ever leaving the city.

Its state-of-the-art Golfzon system lets you experience famous 18-hole golf courses from the likes of St Andrews in the UK to Pebble Beach in the US, bringing the whole world of golfing right to your feet.


Have control over your ideal conditions

Stepping up to the course, it is not just the setting that is replicated, but also the conditions of being there. The grassy terrain and the sandpits give a real feel for enhanced immersion. Utilised in tandem with Golfzon, players are given control over environmental elements like the weather, time of day, inclination, and even wind speed, amongst other circumstances that affect gameplay. You will be able to build your own challenge down to the details and fine-tune your ideal aspects without sacrificing the intricacies of an outdoor environment.


Learn from professional coaches

While practice is key in mastering a sport, training aimlessly without paying attention to proper form is not much of an improvement from not playing at all. To get a good grip on golfing, learning how to optimise your play from the pros can lead to immense progress. A golfing coach can help to bring out an awareness of what you do best and areas you need to work on, all whilst imparting you with expertise on how to make the most out of each session.

Only an arm’s length away, The Upper Loft hosts a team of PGA-certified coaches on the ready to help guide you. With lessons taught in English, Korean, Cantonese, or Mandarin, training can be tailored to suit the individual needs of players from different backgrounds. Each lesson is flexible, and there is always space to adjust your curriculum for the perfect fit for any skill set or level of experience. Having partnered with the prestigious Iain Roberts Golf School, which has over 40 years of experience training legends such as Gary Player, Vijay Singh, David Leadbetter, and NBA star Yao Ming, rest assured that you are in good hands.


Enjoy tiered memberships

A distinctive component of indoor golfing that is offered by The Upper Loft is a savvy membership programme. Split into three types—silver, gold, and platinum—there is a whole world of player privileges, special offers, and discounts that are waiting to be tapped into. As a part of the community, you can lean into your member status to enrol in exclusive golf lessons, or even indulge in dining deals that come as part of the plans.

First gaining popularity in South Korea in 2015, The Upper Loft has planted firmly planted its roots as a driving force behind the trend of indoor golfing. Having smashed the record of over 1.5 million members in their origin country alone, the indoor golfing community has really come alive and continues to grow internationally. Bringing to Hong Kong their unparalleled oasis of wonders, this is the spot to dive into the indoor golf scene, under the guidance of world-class coaches and with the help of exceptional technology. Looking to experience it for yourself? Contact Billy to schedule your trial session now.

The Upper Loft

An urban oasis in a central location, The Upper Loft provides a state-of-the-art indoor golf simulation experience that replicates the sensations of being on-site at world-renowned courses, with over two hundred spectacular maps to choose from and the expertise of multilingual coaches to benefit from.

Shop 402C, 4/F, Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan

(+852) 3421 2888

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