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Your simple six-step guide to happy skin

By Baesix Branded | 24 November 2021

Header image courtesy of Baesix

Skimming the lines between a beauty ritual and a form of healthcare, skincare is an essential everyday practice that keeps your body’s largest organ in tip-top shape. It’s not rocket science, so what’s up with all these 25-step rituals and mile-long shopping lists? 

Here to remind you to treat your skin like your bestie, Baesix—an organic and eco-friendly vegan skincare brand—gives us the low-down on their easy six-step skincare routine that will totally redefine your daily practice.

Believing in keeping skincare fun and fuss-free with all skin types in mind, the signature Baesix daily routine takes no more than six steps. Its formulations are jam-packed with ingredients that are safe for all, even pregnant and nursing mums! Giving us a crash course on how to whittle your routine back down to the basics, here are Baesix’s ultimate tips for the bare (skin) essentials.



Step 1: Must have

If you can only do one thing in your daily skincare routine, please let it be cleansing. Every day, your skin is constantly being exposed to environmental stressors such as pollutants and damaging toxicants. Other than potentially causing long-term damage, dead skin cells, sebum, and dust can clog up your pores and lead to breakouts.

Gently doing away with unwanted surface matter, Bare-faced Friend is a face wash that cleanses your face of impurities through chemical exfoliation without stripping the skin. It even goes the extra mile to soothe your cleansed skin with lotus extract and vitamin E.

How to use it: Slightly wet your face and hands. Gently lather the product on your face before rinsing it off. Cleansing can be done morning and night. If you have extra-sensitive skin, it’s recommended to cleanse just once a day, preferably at night.



Step 2: Good to have

If you are not sure what toner does that makes it so indispensable for skincare, you are not alone. The use of toner as an essential skincare step has been hugely debated, but this magic “water” is not just hype! Modern toners are touted for their ability to deliver multiple skin-enhancing functions in one step, such as removing impurities, exfoliating, hydrating, soothing, balancing sebum production, refining pores, and simultaneously prepping your skin to best absorb moisturisers and targeted treatments that come later.

Helping to purify and hydrate your newly cleansed skin, using toner regularly is like polishing the surface of your face, encouraging better absorption of other products for that lit-from-within glow. For convenience and efficacy, Swipe Rite pads come pre-soaked in a generous dose of antioxidants to sweep away dead skin cells and lingering debris, brightening your skin with every use.

How to use it: After cleansing, gently swipe the pad (bumpy side first) all over your face and neck, then flip it to the other side and repeat. Afterwards, pat your skin with clean fingers to fully absorb the product. This can be done day and night. For very sensitive skin, use the smoother side only and pat it on once a day.



Step 3: Good to have

Art is best expressed on a clean, prepped canvas. Usually thinner to the touch than moisturisers, serums behave like potent supplements for your skin that are formulated with targeted functions in mind. As they are typically lighter than moisturisers, serums can penetrate deeper layers of your skin and get to work quickly. If you have oily skin, live in a perpetually humid climate, or hate the greasy feeling of traditional cream moisturisers, you could consider serums instead.

Loaded with botanical active ingredients and nutrients, Ready, Get Set, Glo! antioxidant serum fights off stresses so that you can keep shining. Say goodbye to dullness and conspicuous hyperpigmentation with potent ingredients like alpha arbutin (extracted from bearberries), niacinamide, vegan collagen, and copper tripeptides, which work together in harmony to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, boost cell repair, and encourage youthful, glowing complexions. Did we also mention how lightweight and quick-absorbing it is?

How to use it: Apply the serum with clean fingers and pat it into your skin to fully absorb the product. Use daily in the morning and at night.


Eye cream

Step 4: Good to have

Moisturisers are not one-size-fits-all, at least when it comes to the area around your eyes. As the most delicate area of skin on the face, it is susceptible to dryness and is most likely to show the first signs of ageing and fatigue, requiring a little bit more TLC.

Keep Rollin’ has been specially created with this in mind. The formula is packed with hyaluronans—minerals that hydrate and repair—in addition to many other beneficial ingredients such as ceramides, bakuchiol, and adenosine, all of which is delivered in a cute rollerball tube (made from biodegradable sugarcane!).

How to use it: Roll the ball applicator from the inner corner to outer corner of your eyes and pat with fingertips to fully absorb the product. Use daily in the morning and at night. Tip: store the tube in the fridge for a refreshing pick-me-up feeling!


Sunscreen & moisturiser

Step 5: Must have

For the grand finale, a moisturiser seals in all the good stuff by acting as a barrier to lock in the moisture and benefits from previous steps, whilst keeping environmental stressors at bay. Add in sun protection—probably the most effective single product to help prevent premature ageing from photodamage—and you’ve got yourself a winner.

With SPF35, All Day ‘Err Day is a double-duty moisturiser that keeps your skin happy and protected with physical sunscreen. Packed with 14 botanical extracts and nourishing ingredients in a non-greasy, silicone-free formula, it allows makeup to glide on effortlessly without leaving a dreaded white cast.

How to use it: Apply with clean fingertips all over your face to your decolletage, and gently massage it into your skin to fully absorb the product. Use daily in the morning. Remember to reapply every few hours, especially when out and about, to make sure your sunscreen is doing its job!


Sleeping mask

Step 6: Good to have

Sleeping masks are like moisturisers that have been supercharged. Often formulated in a jelly, pudding, or cream texture, these masks are formulated to be left on the skin like a heavy-duty barrier to lock in the good stuff overnight.

Putting in work during your snoozing hours, Mazzzk levels up your beauty sleep with its ultra-rejuvenating blend of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins that work to reboot your skin overnight. Wake up revived and rested with soft, glowing skin, ready to face your day straight on. If your skin is in need of some extra hydration, you can also use Mazzzk as a leave-on daytime moisturiser.

How to use it: Scoop the product with the provided spatula and massage it onto your face and decolletage with clean fingertips. Use daily at night. For those with dry skin or living in very dry climates, a pea-sized drop during the day goes a long way to sealing in hydration.

Embracing what makes our skin feel great and look great, Baesix focuses on providing everyday hydration, repair, nourishment, and prevention of damage—progression over perfection, if you will. Know that you are doing right by both your skin and the environment, as Baesix’s packaging is made from 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable materials, while the company will soon be launching its eco-refill programme so customers (or “baes”) can do good in addition to looking and feeling good.

The cruelty-free products are formulated with organic and vegan ingredients proven to be efficacious and beneficial for the skin. Baesix has a “no-nasties” policy, ensuring its products do not contain ingredients that are potentially sensitising or triggering, debatable, or restricted in the US, EU, and Australia. They also exclude all ingredients from petrochemical origins to walk the talk when it comes to practising eco-responsibility.

Baesix’s testimonials are not at all embellished, going against the current of lofty promises and miracle claims that we are all too familiar with in the beauty industry. Instead, their goal is to be part of your journey in maintaining happy skin, rolling out high-performing skincare products that can be easily adapted to your genetics, lifestyle choices, and self-care habits. Meanwhile, new add-on options will be made available very soon for baes looking to address specific skin concerns. Get ready to feel your best and start your six-step routine to happy skin with Baesix!


Baesix is a beauty brand that is good to the planet, good for your skin, and good to you. Concoted from a unique Korean formula that returns your skincare back to basics, their signature line of products is one that makes real changes using real ingredients.