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How to upgrade your pilates workout (with one simple change)

By Localiiz Branded | 10 December 2021

Header image courtesy of Defin8 Fitness

Pilates is great. It’s low-impact, it strengthens your core, it improves your mobility, and it has been hailed as the secret behind sculpting a leaner body. Having cemented its place in gyms and sports centres around the world, Pilates has long proved to be more than just a celebrity-fuelled fitness trend.

What if we told you there’s still room to turn up the heat for an even more effective workout? Doing just that, quite literally, is Defin8 Fitness, which is introducing to Hong Kong the city’s first-ever infrared reformer Pilates classes for groups, called Infrared Reform8. Read on to find out more on how this innovative practice can totally elevate your Pilates workout.

That’s Hot: What is infrared Pilates?

Aside from the plethora of benefits that come with Pilates in its basic forms, incorporating heat can enhance your health from inside out. Throw in the reformer—a sleek piece of Pilates equipment consisting of a sliding carriage held together by springs that adjust to varying degrees of tension—and you have yourself a workout that does double duty. Proven to be a step up from sticking to the mats, the reformer can be modified to suit everyone from beginners to experts, and can also be adjusted to put less pressure on joints—perfect for people recovering from injuries.

Turning to infrared technology comes with a whole lot of perks. Warm temperatures can allow for a greater range of motion, which, in turn, can unlock deeper movements and more flexibility! Not only will you feel better, but the reduced tension is also key in helping you master moves more easily, and upgrade to more powerful routines.

Utilising specially designed heaters, the setup at Defin8 Fitness helps to target people and objects, rather than simply blasting hot air with impunity. As 100 percent of the heat produced is being used and redirected, these machines are believed to be more energy efficient than other space heater models.

Heat is healing

Albeit not the most exciting part of a workout, warming up and cooling down are processes essential to every session, helping to prevent wear and tear. The infrared rays travel past the surface of the skin to heat you up to your core, boosting your body’s anabolic processes. This increase in temperature helps with muscle gain and mass building, and also supports bone development all the way down to the level of mineralisation.

At the same time, the light also helps to improve the rate of oxygenation and circulation of your blood, so your body can more effectively purge unwanted toxins through sweat. What this translates to is less time needed for warm-up, faster recovery, and reduced soreness afterwards. Despite allowing for more intense workouts, making your heart pump harder from the same actions, your muscles will surprisingly feel looser due to the ramped-up bodily processes behind the scenes.

Sweat it out

Aside from serving as a palpable cue that your physical efforts are making an impact, sweat is also your skin’s way of forcing out contaminants from your pores. Dirt, grime, and dead skin cells are expelled whilst the dripping moisture (gross as it may sound) hydrates the surface. Putting your body to work also benefits your skin, delivering that desired glow after.

The new workout plan

Thanks to its adaptability, it won’t be difficult to figure out the best way for you to experience infrared reformer Pilates. Identifying your personal goal can already help to set a firm bedrock that makes sure your journey gets off to a good start! Whether you would like to direct your efforts towards boosting strength, healing your body through movement, or training your flexibility and endurance, infrared Pilates is malleable to all sorts of targets.

Placing importance on tailoring your workout to suit your individual needs, Defin8 Fitness has curated programmes for all bodies and goals, with options that cover even pre- and post-natal care, as well as injury recovery. As professional veterans of fitness coaching, Defin8 Fitness founders Trixie and Leo Velez have years of mentorship experience under their belts, which translates to fun and flexible workouts that will have you eager to get back to the gym after every Infrared Reform8 session.

Another motivator to get you moving is their striking new space at Silver Fortune Plaza, which pairs your lesson with the insane cityscape of the Central district. The stunning 4,300-square-foot studio is fitted with two spacious sections designed for group classes, and a private training area in another. Accompanied by a passionate team of instructors with diverse backgrounds, your foray into infrared Pilates with Defin8 Fitness is sure to be one that totally redefines how you practice the exercise. Join their community today by checking out their new Infrared Reform8 group classes, starting at $380 per class.

Defin8 Fitness

Established by power couple Trixie and Leo Velez, Defin8 Fitness draws upon their combined experience of thirty years in professionally coaching Pilates and fitness to offer a multifaceted workout experience. Their flexible programmes and classes are tailored to be fun and effective for all—no matter your background.

17/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Central

(+852) 9848 9062