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Kronenbourg 1664 Brings Spontaneity to the Streets

By Localiiz 11 November 2015
* Please note that in respect for the period of mourning in France, the second Kronenbourg 1664 party in Knutsford Terrace has been postponed. Life is more fun with a dash of spontaneity and Kronenbourg 1664 is out to prove it! The playful beer brand is encouraging Hong Kongers to follow the French way of life and be more impulsive after a hard day at the office by throwing not one, but two, huge street parties this month. Taking place in drinking hot spots Soho and Knutsford Terrace, the "Tonight Plan Less, Savour More" parties offer two distinct themed zones to suit the mood of thirsty punters. The first kicks off tomorrow tonight when half of the main streets of Soho will be transformed into a vibrant Parisian quarter with live music and entertainment, while the other half will ooze a more relaxed beach-side vibe. In the spirit of French-style spontaneity, Hong Kongers will be able to choose which zone works best for their mood at the time, or even hop between the two if they fancy a taste of both. The dual-scene party will head over to the dark side at bustling Knutsford Terrace on November 18, where party-goers can banish the cares of the day away with a chilled pint or two. Don’t miss your chance to party the French way. Bottoms up! When & Where: November 12, (7 - 10pm) in Staunton Street SOHO November 18, (7 - 10pm) in Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui For more information visit the Facebook event page.


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