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How To: Lose Holiday Weight

By Contributed content 29 August 2016
Sarah Armstrong Losing those extra pounds you gained on your summer vacation doesn't have to be something you dread doing when you return home. With these simple tips from Sarah Armstrong, founder and director of Cambridge Weight Plan, Hong Kong, you'll be back in shape in no time.
The summer holidays are coming to a close and you’ve come home with more than just a collection of memories to keep forever. Also weighing on your mind might be the few extra pounds you have gained while having fun on your tropical holiday. Not to worry, here are five simple tips to help you lose the post-holiday baggage.

1. Don’t beat yourself up

Did you have a good time? Were your meals sociable and happy? Have you got some great memories and photos of summer evenings chatting with friends and family round the table or the pool? If the answer is yes, then don’t burden yourself with guilt and regret. The first step to successful weight loss is putting yourself in the right frame of mind before getting started.

2. Get ready and get going

Accept that the weight gain was part of the holiday and decide to do something about it NOW. Don’t wait until the kids are back at school, or until the jet lag has worn off, or until next week. Start making healthy changes today. Starting as soon as you are back from your holiday helps prevent any extra unhealthy eating now that you are back home, and is the perfect time to get a new, healthy routine in place.

3. Decrease (or cut out) the booze

You’re not on holiday now where it was ok to have a pina-colada round the pool at 11am - so re-adjust your drinking habits. Make up refreshing teas and put them in the fridge to sip with ice. Teapigs online store have some gorgeous flavours so find your favourite. Water is always the best go-to for hydrating, but if you find it too bland, consider adding mint or cucumber.

4. Cut down on carbs

French bread, Spanish paella, English chips, American waffles, Dutch pancakes … they’ve all got to stop! Replace these with fresh and tasty veggies, and maybe an avocado or yoghurt and cucumber dip. For breakfast have eggs instead of holiday carbs. The heat will be making us feel tired anyway, so we don’t need more carbs to add to our afternoon slump!

5. Stop snacking

Eat three to four healthy meals each day while sitting at a table and you won’t need to snack. Mindful eating means being aware of what you are consuming and making the conscious decision to enjoy and savour each bite. Don’t eat in front of the computer or TV as you can easily overeat. Drink water if you think that you are peckish throughout the day. Often we are bored or thirsty and not actually hungry!
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