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Score! How To Get into Playing Basketball in Hong Kong

By Stephanie Lown 10 October 2018

With the (relatively) recent release of NBA 2K19 in Hong Kong, and the start of the NBA's pre-season, a lot of Hongkongers might be itching to get down to a basketball court to re-enact some of the cool stunts they witnessed last season. Although this article won't magically give you Jordan's dunking prowess, or magically transform you into a Monstar through osmosis, we hope it will give you a good foundation for playing the sport in Hong Kong.

1. Join a League

If you're serious about getting into basketball, the best way to go about it is by joining a league in Hong Kong. There are two major ones to sign up with, which welcome both men and women onto the court.

Hong Kong Development Basketball League (HKDBL)

The HKDBL is the most active women’s league in the English-speaking community, with seasons typically lasting three months, before breaks are taken to allow for the major holidays. Not only do you get to be part of an amazing community of female ballers, but the league will also help you track your stats, record your games on YouTube, and get the best action shots from each of your games. It sounds intense we know, but don’t let that put you off as the league is open to ladies of all skill sets and fitness levels.

The upcoming season starts on October 22, and games usually fall on a Tuesday or Thursday night at indoor courts around Hong Kong Island. Presently, there are eight teams participating competitively, but don't worry if you're lacking a team and would like to join, as HKDBL is holding try-outs for those interested in joining on October 16.
Click here to find out more about this and visit the league's Facebook page for more information.

Asian International Community Basketball League (AICBL)

The AICBL is one of the better known recreational men’s leagues in Hong Kong – though not exclusively. Games are held at indoor courts around Hong Kong Island, with proper basketball officials and stats recorded online. A season typically lasts three months, and if you are really keen on following the top division games, you can do so online, as each one is recorded by a cameraman and uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Season 22 has already commenced, but don't worry as there is still plenty of room for everyone, with 29 teams competing across four divisions – so all skill levels are welcome!

If you're interested in signing up your team or checking out the action, follow their Facebook page to find out more.

2. Join a Meetup Group

If you fancy playing for fun or fitness, but don't have the time to commit to joining a basketball league, you can still get a good scrimmage in and meet others who enjoy the sport as much as you.

H.K. Indoor Basketball Lovers

The H.K. Indoor Basketball Lovers Meetup group was formed by some passionate basketball players and currently boasts 959 members to date. The group is carefully curated for amateur players who have a few years of experience under their belt. These casual full court matches are ideal for those looking to play competitively, but don't have the time to commit to a league. Matches are held frequently at a number of indoor venues dotted all over Hong Kong, so there's really no excuse for not being able to play. All you have to do is sign up to the group, pre-pay (online) to the games you want to attend, and turn up, ready to go.

Visit their website for more information.

3. Hit the Outdoor Court

If you’re not too fussed about joining a league or playing full court matches, Hong Kong has plenty of outdoor courts where you can participate in 3v3, or occasionally 4v4, (half court) games. All you have to do is head on down to your nearest court, and call “next” (or “Gun Dui” in Cantonese) to join the next game against the winners. Depending on what rules you’re playing, games can go up to 11 or 21 points and can include your more conventional scoring (two and three pointers), with the winning team staying on the court, ready for their next game. Check out Courts of the World to find a basketball court near you.

If you prefer not to go it alone and want to meet other players in your area, you can join the Hong Kong Pick-up Basketball Facebook group and see who else is game.

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Stephanie Lown

Marketing manager

Stephanie is extremely passionate about all things animal or sports-related. When she’s not at work, she’s out on an adventure with her cheeky pup, Lola, or leading Exploring Dogs hikes to raise funds for the local shelters. You may also find her playing pick-up basketball or on the hunt for a good coffee shop—dog-friendly, of course.