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How To: Deal with Small Living Spaces in Hong Kong

By Contributed content 15 November 2015
In a city like Hong Kong, where every inch of living space is precious, we often have to adapt to our little living spaces. To help you make the most of those inches and help both new arrivals and residents make the most out of their cramped flats, we get some savvy tips from Gregory Seitz, general manager of AGS Worldwide Movers.

1. Relocation Tip: Dispose

The number one tip when moving to Hong Kong is to dispose. Don’t try to pack everything. We’ve seen cases when people have to abandon their furniture or appliances because they just can’t fit so many things into the reality of our smaller living spaces in Hong Kong. So, to avoid the heartbreak and hassle, pack only those necessary, important, irreplaceable items. If you’re still unsure about certain furniture or appliances, research local prices to compare purchase and shipping costs. You can also ask yourself questions such as the following: Is my furniture unique or not? Can I easily buy that piece of furniture in the destination country? Is there an IKEA in my destination country? If so, then you can leave it behind if you are on a tight budget. In our experience, it is much better to buy in Hong Kong than ship goods into the SAR from elsewhere.

2. Furniture Tip: Multi-purpose

Hong Kong is small, and so you need to be smart about buying furniture. But don’t just think about the size of the furniture – think about utility to enlarge your living space. There’s plenty of creative, stylish, and savvy multi-purpose furniture out in the market, such as beds that fold into the wall, folding sofa beds, and foldable tables. Apart from the very popular IKEA, there are furniture shops in Hong Kong that will sell bespoke helpers’ beds or bookcases at very reasonable prices, including delivery. You can check AsiaXpat or Facebook groups for further information.

3. Storage Tip: Maximise

Limited space, for storage or otherwise, can be a headache in Hong Kong when you don’t have enough room to keep or store your winter and summer items, like clothes or blankets! Get creative with your storage to maximise all the space you can get. There are many options you can check out, such as wall shelves, furniture with storage space, beds with shelves underneath, tables with drawers or shelves underneath, or ottomans that have storage inside. If you’re bringing or purchasing shelves, think vertically – opt for the ceiling-high bookshelf, rather than the waist-high shelf. If you still can’t fit all your things in your home, Hong Kong has a number of cost-effective external storage spaces to keep seasonal items that will definitely be cheaper than rent for a larger apartment.

4. Decoration Tip: Mirrors

Mirrors are a magical decoration item, and a must-have for Hong Kong homes. Mirrors will create the illusion that your space is far bigger than it actually is. They help create a bright, spacious vibe, and are affordable too! You can use mirrors behind your sink for a small bathroom; place floor-to-ceiling mirrors in rooms with low ceilings to add the illusion of height; hang mirrors on dark walls to make the room feel brighter, bigger and warmer; and use mirrors generally to reflect light into your space.

5. Appliance Tip: Outsource

Everyone dreams to have great big ovens, efficient dishwashers, and washers and dryers in their home, but these big appliances are unrealistic for most people living in Hong Kong. In fact, most homes in Hong Kong don’t come with a dishwasher, so outsourcing appliances is a great option to save time and your budget, especially for bigger and larger appliances. For example, instead of buying a washing and drying machine, go to your cheap, local laundromat where they will dry-clean or wash, dry, and fold your clothes for unbeatable prices. AGS Worldwide Movers covers the markets of Hong Kong and Macau. Find out more about moving companies in Hong Kong in our online directory.
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