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Hong Kong's First Hedgehog Cafe Opens in Kowloon Bay

By Sarah Moran 24 January 2019
Just when we thought we'd seen every kind of animal themed cafe open in Hong Kong, and hedgehogs suddenly burst onto the scene. The opening of Kuri Cafe in Kowloon Bay brings animal-loving Hongkongers yet another unconventional dining experience to get excited about – and this time it's all about our prickly little neighbours. We check out what's in store.

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Housed in the unassuming TBG Mall in Kowloon Bay, Kuri Cafe is home to 11 adorable hedgehogs that all live in little "rooms" made of wooden boxes with glass doors. The shop owners, Kenneth and Ken, are hedgehog-lovers who used to run an ice-cream shop in the same shopping mall. When the lease for said shop came to an end, they decided to open a cafe in honour of their favourite nocturnal creature. Unfortunately, there are many people in Hong Kong who, without knowing anything about the nature of hedgehogs, impulsively decide to buy them as pets due to their cute appearance, only to give them up later once they realise how difficult they are to care for. For that very reason, Kenneth and Ken wanted to open a cafe to educate the public on how to properly take care of hedgehogs, raise awareness of the issue, and help find loving homes for those which have been abandoned.
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Free Guided Hedgehog Tour

Led by a hedgehog expert, the cafe provides a free guided tour for visitors to learn all about the nature and characteristics of the animals, as well as daily procedures such as how to check their quills. Towards the end of each tour, guests have the opportunity to feed the cafe's hedgehogs with a handful of delicious worms as snacks – yum! However, since a hedgehog's quills can puncture the skin and have been known to spread a bacteria that can cause a fever, stomach pain, and rash, visitors are not allowed to touch the animals. Tours are held every hour starting from 1pm, with the last session at 9pm, and can accommodate up to 10 people per session. As the tours are free of charge, visitors are encouraged to order some food at the cafe afterwards, or purchase some of its hedgehog-themed homeware and accessories to support the cafe.
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The Food

Although the food at Kuri Cafe isn't the main attraction, there are some tasty desserts and drinks on offer to enjoy after the educational tour. Customers can tuck into a modest menu of waffles ($40 to $50), toast ($20), and ice-cream sets ($20 to $40), as well as flavoured lattes ($30 to $32), mochas ($28 to $30), and cappuccinos ($28 to $30), which are each decorated with various hedgehog-patterned chocolate powder sprinkles. So whether you're mad about hedgehogs, or simply curious about the daily lives of these spiky little creatures, head over to Kuric Cafe for a unique experience like no other. Kuri Cafe, Shop T104A, G/F, TBG Mall, 3 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kowloon Bay, (+852) 9297 9821
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