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Hiking Razor's Edge Ridge: The Dragon's Back of New Territories

By Contributed content 1 June 2018
We all love a good hike on the weekends, but if you're tired of overcrowded hiking trails with visor-wearing grannies overtaking you, then Razor's Edge Ridge is the perfect alternative. Giving you the full lowdown on this beautiful hiking trail in the New Territories, Seth and Julia from For Something More are here to guide you on what to bring with you and which route to take.

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Located in the Lam Tsuen Valley, the breathtaking Razor's Edge Ridge hike provides stunning views of Tai Mo Shan (Hong Kong’s tallest mountain), Cloudy Hill, Shenzhen, and one of our favourite ridge walk routes, Pat Sin Leng. Quite frankly, this is one of the most understated hikes in Hong Kong, and one you need to add to your bucket list. When you're trailing up the Razor’s Edge Ridge (Tai To Yan in Cantonese), you’ll quickly come to realise that it’s one of the most beautiful and uncrowded hikes in Hong Kong. While this spectacular ridge is not one of the easiest treks in the city, it's definitely worth the effort. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself!

Getting There

Take the MTR to Tai Wo Station, then take either the 64K bus or 25K mini-bus to Fung Ma Po bus stop. If you take the mini-bus, just say “Fung Ma Po” to the driver when you get on the bus, and they will stop at the right place for you. In order to hike Razor’s Edge Ridge via the most convenient public transit routes, you’ll want to follow our route. You can look up the route in your Google Maps app once you're on the trail, and then follow it as you move along so you don't lose your way. Map Note: Once the Razor’s Edge Ridge route map pops up in your Google Maps app, don’t forget to click on “View Map Legend” at the bottom of the map to see a few points of interest listed along the way.

Distance and Elevation Gain

Start: Fung Ma Po Bus Stop → Razor’s Edge Ridge Peak → End: Kadori Farm Bus Stop Distance: 8.4km Elevation Gain: 630m / 2066ft As you can see from the elevation profile above, you’ll have a steady climb from the Fung Ma Po bus stop all the way up to the peak of Razor’s Edge Ridge, with a steady downhill to the Kadoorie Farm bus stop.

The Route

The Razor’s Edge Ridge hike is challenging, but highly rewarding. It’s perfect for the cooler months, but if you’re properly prepared, it's also suitable for the summer ones. The trail is located near some of the most remote and beautiful waterfalls in Hong Kong, so if you still have some energy afterwards, you’ll definitely want to check out the Ng Tung Chai waterfalls. By this point your stomachs will be grumbling like mad, so the Tai Po Market is the perfect place for you to try some authentic Hong Kong soul food.

What to Bring

When you are hiking up Razor’s Edge Ridge, you’ll want to keep in mind that this is quite an exposed route. Although this is best for those cooler months in the winter, we’ve certainly done it in the summer too. If you do attempt it in the summer time, you’ll need to be prepared with the following essentials:
  • Water - in the summer time, you should bring 3 litres of water per person. In the cooler months 2 litres per person will be enough. This might seem like a lot of water, but this hike is challenging, and there isn’t anywhere to get water along the trail
  • Umbrella - don’t attempt to hike Razor’s Edge Ridge / Tai To Yan in the summer time without an umbrella, because you’ll bake and maybe even burn
  • Raincoats - if you hike at night (which is thrilling!), you’ll definitely want your raincoat or wind-breaking layer
  • Power Bank - if you’re relying on your phone for navigation, which you will likely need to do during this hike, then don't forget to bring a power bank for your phone
  • Hiking Poles - last but certainly not least, bring some hiking poles if you have some. We most often use them on the downhills, and every time we do, our knees thank us massively. When you hike Razor’s Edge Ridge / Tai To Yan, you’ll have to do a pretty steep downhill at the end, so the poles are super useful on that part

About Seth and Julia This duo write about travel adventures off the beaten track. Based in Hong Kong, but covering the world over, they learn and share insight into local cultures so that readers have the information and inspiration they need to craft their own travel experiences. Their blog helps travellers avoid tourist traps, access the true essence of a place, and eat like a local. As minimalists, they usually travel with only a school bag’s worth of luggage and strive to only take photos and only leave footprints. Follow them.

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