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Heal Your Body and Mind at Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre

By Sponsored content 9 May 2019
In our never-ending efforts to find healthy ways to deal with the stress of living in Hong Kong, we catch up with Reiki practitioner and owner of Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre, Satoe Sasaki, to find out more about the unique alternative healing methods her centre has to offer.

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Private Reiki Healing Session

No drugs, no equipment, no fuss – just hands, Reiki is relaxing as heaven. This alternative healing method, commonly known as ‘palm healing’, rests on the notion that a therapist can channel energy into you, by gently laying their hands on your body to transfer energy and clear blockages. Reiki activates the natural healing processes of your body to restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, by allowing our own electromagnetic energy to flow freely within our bodies, treating physical ailments such as stress, insomnia, and even grief and depression. Our editors here at Localiiz felt a noticeable warmth within minutes, and walked out of the session feeling thoroughly relaxed and calm!

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Reiki Cafe

Reiki Cafe is similar to the private Reiki healing session, except instead of being alone, you're within a small group where you can either receive a Reiki treatment or you can practice Reiki (if you've completed an attunement course before). Anybody can join, and the best thing is, you can arrive and leave at any time you like during opening hours. Perfect for those with a busy schedule. The session also provides tea and snack for participants.

Move For Life Stretching Group Class

The Move For Life Stretching Group Class is highly recommended if you have constipation, shoulder and back stiffness, or muscle soreness from. In this stretching class, Sasaki gently guides you into doing various movements that will help you improve your body's flexibility, digestion problems, sleeping quality, recover from injuries or sickness, blood, lymph and qi circulation. So if your muscles are all achy and sore, or you're just looking for some inner peace, pop by Sasaki's studio in Causeway Bay and try out one of these alternative healing methods for yourself! Shine Body & Soul Healing Center, 5, 2/F, Block C, Paterson Bldg, 37 Paterson St, Causeway Bay
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