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Free Tesla Test Drive? Now That's Customer Service!

By Sophie Pettit 10 September 2015
Fancy cruising around Hong Kong in a luxury electric Tesla? Well now's your chance thanks to local eco start-up PhatRice, who are taking their customer service to a new level by offering free 15 minute test rides to anyone who makes an order and receives a delivery between September 12 and 20. The quirky PR stunt coincides with the launch of Drive Electric Week, which aims to raise awareness of the environmental and financial benefits of electric vehicles, and PhatRice couldn't wait to team up with the Tesla community who will kindly volunteer their cars and time to do the deliveries themselves. "Our community is constantly looking for ways to become greener, but shipping is something people never had control over," PhatRice Founder Anthony Lance tells us. “We’ve been desperately wanting to provide a green delivery option since we launched PhatRice last year, and now with the help of the EV (Electric Vehicles) community we can finally do that! We see Drive Electric Week as the perfect chance to pilot this service and our hope is it will ultimately change the way all deliveries are done.” [caption id="attachment_37707" align="aligncenter" width="800"]101714_tesla_dsc7674s Beats a white van any day![/caption] So how is this actually going to work? "When a customer makes an order we'll ask if they would like a chance to sit in or go for a test ride in the Tesla after they receive their package, and we'll arrange a specific delivery time with them so that they have the opportunity to experience the Tesla." Tesla’s electric luxury cars have been a huge hit in Hong Kong, with almost two thousand of them now making regular appearances all around town, and while PhatRice tell us that this is just a pilot program, they are in the process of developing a sustainable model for green deliveries. In the meantime, if you ever wanted to test drive an Electric Vehicle this is your chance! It certainly beats the MTR!
Click here to find out more about Drive Electric Week.
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Sophie Pettit


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