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What to drink from Monday to Sunday

By Localiiz Branded | 23 July 2021

Header image courtesy of Two More Glasses

Let’s be real, it is an almost universal experience to spend more than half of the week wishing it was Friday instead. With Friday comes the guilt-free happy hour, a window of rest and rejuvenation for the tired, and an open invite to a big bash for the restless. Yet no matter the day of the week, a cheeky tipple (or two) here and there will not hurt, and expert online sommelier Two More Glasses has the perfect recommendations to match the vibe of each day.

Monday: White wine

A fresh start calls for lightness to ease you into the week ahead. Commonly enjoyed as an aperitif, what better way to start the week right than with a refreshing glass of white? Generally dotted with mellow aromas of summer fruits, citrus, and delicate florals, it can transform any old Monday into a seaside siesta.

Tuesday: Prosecco

And we are just getting started. Tuesdays may not feel all that much different from Mondays, except there’s the brewing anticipation for the end of the week that’s growing stronger. A variety of Italian white wine, prosecco is a bubbly that gives you the same festive feeling that Champagne brings, but at a price that’s much friendlier to your wallet. Simple, crisp, and bright, it brings to mind vibrant liveliness based on flavours that range from saccharine, to tart. Here’s to its sizzling bubbles, perking you up and tinting your day with some upbeat vibes.

Wednesday: Gin & tonic

Cure the mid-week blues by sipping on a concoction with a remedial origin. A product born out of innovation, the classic gin & tonic was adapted by the British stationed in India, who mixed their daily gin rationing with quinine-infused tonic water for a pick-me-up that also helped in fighting against malaria! Despite the faint whisper of bitterness in the tonic, the complement of sweet and effervescent makes the gin & tonic the one to mark the bittersweet victory of making it through the first leg of the week.

Thursday: Rosé

Conjuring up visions of beachside villas and terrace bars, rosé has gained prominence as a trendy summertime favourite in recent years. Better described as a “state of mind” than following a rigid classification, this drink can be seen in many versions that span the beautiful spectrum of rosy hues between white and red wine, a result of the different pigmentation of the grapes used. It feels overindulgent, sure, but what is stopping you from filling your Instagram story with a few expertly composed snaps of this “millennial pink” elixir?

Friday: Whisky & spirits

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend—it’s finally Friday! It is helpful to familiarise yourself with a handful of cocktail combinations that you like, or at least a few classics crafted from common ingredients like sodas, juices, and citrus fruits. Another perk of having impromptu mixing skills is that you will surely be a favourite at parties. Unscrew your spirits of choice and test your mixologist skills!

Saturday: Sake

Sake is deceptive in its refreshing flavour and general lightness, making it dangerously easy to knock back by the tokkuri (徳利; sake flask). Customarily a drink to share amongst friends—as companions are traditionally meant to serve each other—having a group “kanpai” over shared brunch or dinner is the way to go.

Sunday: Red wine

A day of recovery and rejuvenation, Sundays are precisely the occasion that calls for red wine. When consumed in moderation, red wine has been hailed for its mild dosage of antioxidants, which can aid in preventing conditions like heart disease and excess cholesterol. Its fuller-bodied fragrance, when compared to white wines and rosé, adds to its calming effect and makes it a great drink to nurse on and wind down with on a slow evening.

Anytime: Champagne

Make any occasion a festive one by pouring out some champagne! A dazzling choice, simply the theatrics of popping open a bottle and toasting the people around you is enough to set a jubilant tone, regardless of the setting. Scintillant, with sparks of citrusy flavours, just a sip can brighten up anyone’s mood in an instant.

As the saying goes, “It’s always five o’clock somewhere,” and getting your hands on several bottles of the good stuff has never been so easy. Experienced online sommelier Two More Glasses is your one-stop-shop for any day of the week. Boasting direct delivery, as well as an extensive variety of brands for all the bevvy options above, they have you spoiled for choice and spoiled by convenience.

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Two More Glasses

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