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7 pumpkin-flavoured foods in Hong Kong to dig into this autumn

By Ching Yuen 5 November 2019
Halloween may be over, but we are still in the woods and pumpkins aren’t going anywhere just yet. To fully embrace the arrival of autumn (and the fleeting breeze we catch as we make our way into the office every morning), we put our sniffers to the ground to dig up different places around Hong Kong offering pumpkin-flavoured foods and treats. What a way to warm our bellies and satisfy our sweet tooths!

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pumpkin spice pie tai tai piepies hong kong

1. Pumpkin pie from Tai Tai Pie Pies

To start off our pumpkin-flavoured feast, pumpkin pies are a must-have, and who does them better than the mother of Western pie shops in Hong Kong? Tai Tai Pie Pies originally started out as an online retailer, but now they have brick-and-mortar locations across Hong Kong and even a pie factory in Fo Tan. From crust to filling, their Pumpkin & Spice Pie ($225–385) is handmade with love and care. Just imagine biting into the flaky crust and how the smooth pumpkin puree filling envelopes your taste buds. In general, we think two slices is a good starting point, and we’ll give a pat on the back for anyone who can wolf down more! Tai Tai Pie Pies, locations vary | (+852) 2413 8877

pimpkin pie milk shake burger circus hong kong

2. Pumpkin pie milkshake from Burger Circus

If we are talking about pumpkin-flavoured delicacies, it’s impossible not to mention Burger Circus. For the month of November only, this burger institution is bringing back one of their most popular items: a blend of an American diner favourite, pie and milkshake! Real dessert fanatics can opt for having a whole slice of pumpkin pie whipped into a milkshake. The Pumpkin Pie Milkshake ($68) guarantees genuine pumpkin flavour, crunchy bites for textural depth, and a full stomach afterwards. Of course, Burger Circus’s Pumpkin Pie is making its regular rounds on the monthly pie menu, which you can have on its own with a generous serving of whipped cream. Frankly, we are fine with just having desserts for dinner! Burger Circus, G/F, 22 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central | (+852) 2878 7787

Carbon black tart sweet fashion house hong kong

3. Pumpkin tart from Sweet Fashion House

Not quite the autumnal-coloured offering you were expecting, is it? This rather unconventional pumpkin-flavoured dessert comes courtesy of Sweet Fashion House, who have created a minimalistic pumpkin tart for Instagram-lovers. It’s so minimalistic, in fact, that the entire tart is coloured black! As one of Hong Kong’s premier patisseries, Sweet Fashion House is responsible for some of the city’s most beautiful pastries and cakes. Their black tart, named Carbon ($38), and is made with sablé tart shell, caramelised pumpkin seeds, and toffee cream, and decorated with an ultra-aerated sponge. The first bite is a little adventurous, as you don’t know what to expect, but the aroma of toast pumpkin seed will have you wanting more! Sweet Fashion House, Shop G16, Lee Garden 3, Causeway Bay | (+852) 7072 0303

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pumpkin shaved ice shari shari kakigori house

4. Pumpkin shaved ice from Shari Shari Kakigori House

Japanese shaved ice is the perfect summer treat, but considering Hong Kong only ever gets slightly chilly, we’re perfectly content to have it for winter, too. Shari Shari Kakigori House does some of the best Japanese shaved ice desserts in town, with seasonal flavours like Lemon and Sweet Potato on rotation, as well as generous portions to boot. As loyal pumpkin fans, we always look forward to the return of Hokkaido Pumpkin ($98) flavour. A loaded ladle of sweet pumpkin sauce is draped over the mountain of shaved ice. You’d think the dessert would buckle under the pressure, but no, it impressively maintains its integrity. The best thing about this massive mountain of pumpkin shaved ice is how they hide toppings inside the confectionery, so even after you finish off the top layer, there are still plenty of Oreos and candied pumpkin seeds throughout to go with the rest of the dish! Shari Shari Kakigori House, locations vary

Jolly_Pumpkin_la_Parcela pumpkin ale

5. Pumpkin ale from Jolly Pumpkin

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Born out of an in-house joke at Jolly Pumpkin Brewery that they don’t brew pumpkin beers, the team set out to prove themselves wrong and came up with No. 1 Pumpkin Ale ($165) for some serious pumpkin business. Packed with real squash, the ale also carries a hint of spice and cocoa to keep you warm and cosy as the weather cools down. Imported from the States, this seasonal drink is available online at the HK Brew Craft store. Be sure to stock up your fridge for some delicious pumpkin-loving! HK Brew Craft | (+852) 5925 2739

ali oli bakery pumpkin bread hong kong

6. Pumpkin bread from Ali Oli Bakery

We’ve talked about pumpkin pie aplenty, but what about pumpkin bread? Look no further than Ali Oli Bakery. With over 25 years of baking expertise, this Sai Kung favourite delivers every time. Hitting up this sleepy seaside town, you will quickly see that the alfresco seats at this café are taken up by families and pet owners, and the cases of home-baked goods are frequently replenished. Their Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread ($62) is made with rosemary and pumpkin seeds, and as the name suggests, the dough is so soft that barely any strength is needed to tear apart the little rolls of bread. Ali Oli, 11 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung | (+852) 2792 2655


7. Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks

We know you have been waiting for this one with bated breath. How could we finish off our round-up without throwing in an OG Pumpkin Spice Latte ($48) from Starbucks? It has endured the slander of being branded a ‘white girl drink’ and cast aside as a latte for those who don’t know how to drink ‘real’ lattes, but against all odds, this iconic drink manages to overcome all sorts of bad PR and return to the seasonal menu year after year. Be honest: it’s hard to deny the seduction of pumpkin spice wafting through the air when you walk past a Starbucks. If you like sweet things as much as we do, you wouldn’t mind skipping past the judgemental eyes of those who just don’t understand pumpkin spice like you do! Starbucks, locations vary
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