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New Restaurants: Where to eat and drink in Hong Kong (February 2022)

By Jen Paolini 11 February 2022

Header image courtesy of Testina

Lunar New Year has come and gone, but Hong Kong still has a few tricks of the gastronomic persuasion hidden up its sleeve. Read on to discover a slew of new restaurants where international flavours are well-represented, from an Italian nose-to-tail dining concept to an eco-conscious omusubi brand and an all-day wellness café. Here’s where to eat and drink in Hong Kong this February for those still hungry after their new year’s feast.

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Hot on the heels of its Michelin success with Whey, Hansik Goo, and Ying Jee Club, ZS Hospitality unveils the first of its three upcoming concepts at the remodelled 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, a modern Italian trattoria collaboration with Milan’s award-winning Trippa. Executive chef Marco Xodo—formerly of 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Shanghai—has been entrusted with helming the kitchen team and bringing authentic Italian flavours to life under the guidance of celebrated chef Diego Rossi and co-founder Pietro Caroli, who opened Trippa together in 2015 to great acclaim.

At Testina, the menu combines nose-to-tail dining with refined culinary flair, transforming overlooked ingredients into elevated dining experiences. Signature plates like the fried tripe are emblematic of Trippa’s gastronomic tenet, while familiar creations like the succulent homemade pappardelle with lamb ragù and luscious roasted bone marrow are designed to delight with its moreish flavours. Its well-appointed interiors, too, act as a throwback to Milanese trattorias of old, with its mustard-coloured walls and Palladiana floor.

Testina, 3/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | (+852) 2798 0668


Veteran chef Teruhiko Nagamoto branches out with an eponymous kappo-style restaurant centred around the Japanese food philosophy of shun (旬)—a concept which emphasises the importance of peak freshness in selecting ingredients and highlights the usage of seasonal produce. Japan’s four seasons and its fruits are celebrated equally on the menu, and Nagamoto tailors its exquisite meals to the taste of the diner, crafting unique custom experiences that demonstrate a keen understanding of traditional Japanese cuisine and its elegant subtleties.

From adjusting the ingredients and seasonings used to the cooking time and the serving pace, no detail is too small in this sophisticated culinary exchange between chef and guest. As the restaurant is a reflection of Chef Nagamoto’s creative vision, it is only fitting that every single aspect of it is overseen by the chef himself, and his personality is echoed in the calligraphy on the signboard, the selection of chopsticks, and even the flower arrangements.

Nagamoto, 18 On Lan Street, Central

Yaichi Kura

Eat and shop with gusto at Yaichi Kura, Kennedy Town’s newest multi-concept leisure destination, where four exciting Japanese brands come together under one roof: Toge by Jyungin, a spirited izakaya; Eclipse by Luna Café & Bar, an all-day dining venue; Painduce, a famous Osaka bakery chain; and 81Station, a speciality retail outlet.

Allow yourself to escape to the mountains of Hokkaido at Toge by Jyungin, where chef Shimoji Atsushi will serve you the restaurant’s flagship robatayaki tasting menu (starting from $980) from the bustling open kitchen. Seasonal catches like Konbumori oyster, Akkeshi clam, and kinmedai are cooked to perfection and plated up before your eyes. For a down-to-earth affair, Eclipse by Luna Café & Bar puts a Japanese spin on all-day classics to create irresistible dishes like the Hokkaido uni carbonara ($168) and cod crab eggs Benedict ($148) with Hokkaido cod crab meat. Its signature dessert—the double cheesecake ($68)—is not to be missed.

Continue to spoil your love for bread and pastries at Painduce, where chef Masahiko Yoneyama bakes up a storm. His innovative approach to baked goods sees uncommon but nutritionally balanced creations like sautéed shiitake mushroom toast, roasted ham and cabbage toast, lotus root and smoked chicken toast, and more. After a well-rounded meal, walk off the food coma at 81Station and pick up fresh produce and merchandise from Japan.

Yaichi Kura, 1/F, Imperial Kennedy, 84 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town | (+852) 9634 1831

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Peony Chinese Restaurant

It’s not every day that one can claim to be an original, but that is exactly what Peony Chinese Restaurant can add to its list of accomplishments. As the only Chinese fine-dining restaurant in the Discovery Bay neighbourhood, Peony Chinese Restaurant is perfectly poised to serve a multitude of needs for residential gourmands, from banquet dining and dim sum to family meals and private celebrations. Set in a sophisticated space of bronzes, greys, and reds, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow for tranquil views across DB Plaza and beyond. 

Head chef Chu Ting-kwok and dim sum head chef Tony Chan put their combined wealth of award-winning culinary experience to the test to inform the creative Cantonese specialities at Peony Chinese Restaurant. Decades spent serving in Michelin-starred T’ang Court, Ying Jee Club, Duddell’s, and The Peninsula Shanghai have refined their cooking skills and deep familiarity with Chinese cuisine, reflected in masterful dishes as such as the barbecued Ibérico pork fillet and the stir-fried lobster with purple onion, spring onion, and shallot—Chef Chu’s signature.

Peony Chinese Restaurant, Shop 153A, 1/F, DB Plaza, Discovery Bay | (+852) 2215 0833


Busy Hongkongers flock to grab-and-go omusubi stalls like bees to honey. But as much as we love this affordable and convenient snack, the packaging waste it creates is a difficult pill to swallow. Introducing Omusubi, a new concept that does away with single-use plastic and prioritises sustainable packaging for its products. Founded by the folks behind the popular Hana-musubi brand, Omusubi aims to “protect agriculture and support the lives of our customers, farmers, employees, and partners, not only for our generation, but for the next generations to come.”

How is it done? Partner farmers in Japan supply the premium Hitomebore rice that makes up the base of the omusubi, which is then shaped into triangular morsels and stuffed with a range of fillings—such as Kishu pickled plum and sea urchin with red snow crab—before being packaged in an eco-friendly paper wrap. Its shopfront is also consciously designed to eliminate as much plastic as possible, with cloth, brass, and wood as the main materials. Aside from reducing packaging waste and supporting environmentally-friendly suppliers, Omusubi aims to achieve carbon neutrality for the entire brand by 2030—now that’s a mission we can get behind.

Omusubi, Shop 1061, Podium Level 1, IFC Mall, Central | (+852) 2351 8968


Wellness meets holistic nourishment and clean eating at Orka, a new health-conscious restaurant concept in the heart of the city. Orka came about when its founders encountered a lack of dining options that prioritise well-being and nutrition, and they set out to create a place where eating well does not mean having to compromise on flavour or quality. Leading the charge in the kitchen is chef Ching Tso, who cut his teeth at Michelin-starred Arcane and brings his understanding of sustainable cooking and fine dining to this budding gourmet concept.

Superfoods and fresh ingredients are the cornerstones of Orka’s menu, where soups, salads, burgers, rice bowls, and noodle dishes rule the roost. Its Hungry Jack’s sourdough sandwich ($98) is a reliable vegan favourite of portobello mushrooms and jackfruit, topped with homemade pickles, yam, and perilla leaves.

Orka, 36 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 3489 1217

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