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Where to find the most Instagrammable coffee art in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 29 November 2021 | Last Updated 22 March 2023

Header image courtesy of @lexcoffeehk (via Instagram)

The only thing that beats a fragrant and robust brew is one with a gorgeous piece of foam art on top! As coffee art is becoming more and more of a phenomenon in Hong Kong, local cafés have really upped their game in honing their latte art craft, perfecting stunningly intricate and unique designs that are almost too pretty to drink. From adorable 3D cats to rainbow-coloured masterpieces, here are the best cafés and restaurants in Hong Kong with coffee art that will stop Instagram scrollers right in their tracks!

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Photo: @accrocoffee (via Instagram)

Accro Coffee

Topping our list of best coffee art is none other than the winner of the 2021 Hong Kong Latte Art Championship! Having won bucketloads of coffee-related accolades, this speciality coffee shop in Yuen Long has lured caffeine enthusiasts from far and wide for a sip of their exceptional brews complemented by first-rate latte art. Quirky designs like owls, parrots, and fish certainly grab a lot of attention at Accro Coffee, but you’d be surprised by how beautiful and mesmerising a meticulously poured fern leaf or swan can equally be!

Lattes aside, if you’re looking to properly experience the notes and flavours of the coffee here, their award-winning HK Siphonist Champion coffee is also well worth a try!

Accro Coffee, Shop D, G/F, Kam Shing Building, 162 Yuen Long On Ning Road, Yuen Long | (+852) 9430 1433

Photo: @pause__it (via Instagram)

Pause It

Any well-trained barista can whip up an impressive cup of coffee with the right coffee beans and equipment, but the ultimate test of skill is the foamy artistry that goes on top. Pause it does not mess around when it comes to latte art—not only do they serve up some seriously fanciful designs like squirrels, wolves, lions, and more, they even host their own latte art workshops every Saturday!

Not a coffee lover? Pause It’s menu covers a wide range of unique non-coffee beverages as well, giving every customer the chance to enjoy an artistic, steamy cuppa. Choose from options like chai latte, black sesame latte, purple potato latte, and even red velvet latte, a beautiful pink drink featuring Horlicks and white chocolate!

Pause It, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: @studiocaffeine (via Instagram)

Studio Caffeine

With branches spanning Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories, Studio Caffeine has built an esteemed name for itself as one of the city’s top-ranked caffeine purveyors. Using locally roasted and blended beans has no doubt played a crucial role in the brand’s success, but we reckon that their next-level latte art is what sealed the deal! From the brewing to the presentation, the baristas treat every cup like a work of art. You can find your lattes topped with delicately drizzled milk foam resembling hearts, alpacas, dogs, and roses!

Studio Caffeine, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: @hashtagcoffeehk (via Instagram)

Hashtag Coffee

Tired of seeing the same old tulip and heart-shaped foam? Founded by the former first runner-up of the 2014 Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship, Hashtag Coffee shows you just how beautiful, versatile, and elaborate latte art can get in the hands of deft talent. With a whole zoo of animals and creatures in their latte art repertoire—including koalas, alpacas, and parrots to unicorns and pegasi—it’s always a surprise seeing what you’ll get on your drink. If you time your visit on special holidays, you might even come across festive designs like Christmas trees, mistletoes, and Easter bunnies!

Hashtag Coffee, Shop B, G/F, 99 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District | (+852) 2896 6683



It’s impossible to filter through any coffee art-related hashtag on Instagram without being bombarded—in the best way possible—by Sleepless’s exquisite 2D and 3D cartoon latte art! Formerly known as Café R&C, this cosy coffee shop in Causeway Bay is much-loved for bringing your favourite cartoon and anime characters to life with hyper-realistic, drinkable artwork.

From Miffy caramel macchiato and Moomin rose latte to No-Face hojicha latte and Snoopy hot chocolate, there’s a dedicated design to best match the colour and style of each drink. To take things further with latte art that quite literally stands out from the rest, they also offer foamy 3D bear art that can be paired with any one of their beverages!

Sleepless, G/F, 22–24 Haven Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2890 9838

Photo: (via Instagram)

Friday Café & Wine Bar

Is there a more joy-inducing sight than a jiggling 3D cartoon floating on top of your caffeine-fuelled cuppa? Hats off to the baristas at Friday Café & Wine Bar for whipping up some of the most whimsical 3D latte art in town using just milk foam and edible colour pigments!

Choose either a cat, dog, or bear; or leave the design up to the whims of the latte artist and prepare to be surprised by spitting images of popular cartoon icons like Pompompurin, Hello Kitty, and Winnie the Pooh, among many others. In addition to coffee and mochas, those sensitive to caffeine can also order their 3D coffee as hot chocolate!

Friday Café & Wine Bar, G/F, Golden Building, 8–10 Mercer Street, Sheung Wan | (+852) 2887 8872

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Photo: @turningpointbycoffeeart (via Instagram)

Turning Point by Coffee Art

It took seasoned in-house barista Ah Zaak four years to perfect the intricate and intimidating pegasus latte art—and his practised artistry definitely shows in the incredible detail and precision of the milky artwork at Turning Point. Visitors can come to this chic café inside Mira Place and ask for custom latte art, or see what new creation the barista is experimenting with! Whether it’s a seahorse, a pegasus, or a simple flower, we guarantee you’ll want to get your cameras ready to snap a shot before you start sipping!

Turning Point by Coffee Art, Shop 113A & 113B, 1/F, Mira Place One, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 5403 7996

Photo: @curatorcafe (via Instagram)


Ultra-modern cultural brand Curator takes custom latte art to the next level with the help of an avant-garde latte art printing machine. You can have any photo or image printed with the exact colours and detail onto your coffee or hot chocolate simply by airdropping it to the barista—it doesn’t get more personalised than that! For those with decision fatigue, there’s also a pre-selected collection of prints, which includes Van Gogh’s famous oil painting The Starry Night! Curator’s artsy print coffee is available at all of the brand’s offshoot cafés, including Curator Art & Café, Lex Coffee and Curator Creative Café at M+.

Curator, locations across Hong Kong

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