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10 best pet-friendly restaurants & cafés in East New Territories

By Stephanie Lown 23 March 2021

Header image courtesy of @themiloandsodadiaryhk (via Instagram)

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with your beloved pet in tow, the New Territories has lots of hidden gems for you to uncover. Here, we have highlighted the best pet-friendly restaurants and cafés in East New Territories.

Photo credit: @siuchuding (via Instagram)

Billow Bar Seafood Bistro

Do it for the ‘gram—that’s what many people who visit Billow do, and with a beautiful setting that overlooks the water, why not take a few photos to commit the experience to memory? Looks aside, rest assured that the menu is equally as impressive. Enjoy their selection of international dishes whilst you relax on the patio with your pet, and tuck into dishes like the Hokkaido scallop with saffron risotto ($188) and garlic & chilli clams linguine ($168) for a hearty weekend brunch. It’s worth visiting simply for the location and be surrounded by the greenery and water. Billow’s space can be rented out for events, too, and you can book ahead online.

Billow Bar Seafood Bistro, Shop B, G/F, 2 Hung Lam Drive, Tai Po Kau | (+852) 2657 6628

Photo credit: @corgi._.mungchu (via Instagram)

Buzz Grill Bar & Café

Buzz Grill Bar & Café is extremely pet-friendly and allows your fur-babies to dine inside with you, often being the venue of choice for pet parties. It even has a full pet menu available, offering items such as the omelette ($32), onigiri ($32), venison meatball with cheese ($48), fried shrimp ($48), and more! Dishes from the doggie menu are also available for takeaway, should you wish to get your pup a doggie bag.

Buzz Grill Bar & Café, Shop D, G/F, Tony Court, 6–16 Tung Cheung Street, Tai Po | (+852) 5936 6251

Photo courtesy of Ksycheung (via OpenRice)

Coffee Cat

For those without pets of your own, stop by Coffee Cat. This Sai Kung coffee shop offers up a whole gang of moggies for you to hang out with, as well as affordable eats ranging from a set main menu of spaghetti Bolognese to sirloin steak (if you really feel like splashing out) to a variety of French toasts, and tiramisu for dessert. If you just fancy grabbing a drink, there are a range of “special drinks,” such as black sugar milk tea ($42) and a drink called Big Eye ($45), which includes sweet potato and black glutinous rice, depending on whether you would like that hot or cold. You are, of course, welcome to play with their litter of beautiful cats, and watch them go about their daily activities whilst you dine in.

Coffee Cat, G/F, 54 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung | (+852) 6694 2332

Photo credit: @shibacat4 (via Instagram)

Lotus Courtyard Restaurant

This little oasis seems to appear out of nowhere, with a beautifully decorated outdoor garden, water features, a large koi fish pond, lotus plants, and straw huts for you to dine in. This pastoral setting makes for a great lazy weekend lunch or dinner spot with the family and pets if you are in the area. The menu mostly features a mixture of Western and Asian cuisines, with set menus ranging from $130 to $300 per person, including a starter, main, desserts, and drink.

Lotus Courtyard Restaurant, G/F, 43 Fong Ma Po, Lam Tsuen Valley, Tai Po | (+852) 2653 1313

Photo credit: @big_00_pigpigbb (via Instagram)

Mr Cardigan Plant House

This cute little coffee shop along the Tai Mei Tuk cycling trail also doubles as a plant house, and is housed in a converted cargo container. This beautiful little spot offers a great space to enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon with your pet in tow, whilst you tuck into some refreshing drinks and some of their homemade baked goods for $40 apiece, such as their chicken pie, and cakes. Mr Cardigan Plant House also hosts classes on organic farming and only operates on weekends.

Mr Cardigan Plant House, Shan Liu Road, Ting Kok

Photo credit: @beibei_mongrel (via Instagram)

Padstow Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy all your British gastropub favourites from your starters right down to your desserts at Padstow. You can find homemade Cornish pasties or a steak & stout pie ($158) or some lighter nibbles in the form of a scotch egg or whitebait ($98) to whet your appetite. Just don’t forget about dessert, as they have a classic sticky toffee pudding and apple crumble ($98)—or even a British artisanal cheeseboard for afters if you lack the sweet tooth. Oh yes, and your pets are welcome to dine alongside you at this sea-view restaurant!

Padstow Restaurant & Bar, 112 Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung | (+852) 2335 5515

Photo courtesy of Esmond Ho (via OpenRice)

Pan da Café

Take a trip back in time at this Western café and enjoy casual drinks in what resembles a retro second-hand shop. Pan da Café is decked from floor to ceiling in vintage paraphernalia, ranging from Canto-pop records and posters to toys and lunch boxes. Even the garden out front resembles a junkyard of treasures, and your pets are welcome to accompany you whether you choose to dine indoors or in the garden. Although they offer quite an eclectic selection on their menu that includes anything from pizza and steaks to croissants and stacked sandwiches, it’s worth visiting just for the ambience. Do note that they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Pan da Café, G/F, 23 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung | (+852) 2791 6801

Photo credit: @muffin.the.corgi (via Instagram)

Royal China Aqua Garden

Have you ever wanted to take your pet along with you for your weekly dim sum fix? Well, now you can—at Royal China Aqua Garden. This Chinese restaurant has an outdoor patio overlooking the sea in a beautifully remote area of Tai Po, so now you can enjoy your dim sum by the sea with your pup. You can expect to find all your traditional dim sum favourites, like steamed shrimp dumplings, char siu bao, and more, with each dish ranging between $30 and 100.

Royal China Aqua Garden, Sam Mun Tsai Road, Tai Po | (+852) 2665 7282

Photo credit: @bagel_pretzel_waffle (via Instagram)

TeamYum Caffé

This cute Western coffee shop is housed in the former Fanling District Court, with beautiful interiors and an outdoor space where you may dine with your pets. The founder of TeamYum Caffé is a former social worker who aims to sustain the community with good food and speciality coffees. If you are looking for a cheeky treat, order their special affogato, which comes with a double scoop of vanilla ice cream, a shot of Bailey’s, and espresso, topped with traditional Hakka rice crispies. TeamYum Caffé does fill up quite quickly so be sure to WhatsApp them ahead of time to reserve a table.

TeamYum Caffé, G/F, 302, Jockey Club Road, Fanling | (+852) 6759 9141

Photo credit: @hiuchiwong (via Instagram)

Uchi Coffee

Uchi Coffee is a cute coffee shop that is heavily influenced by Taiwanese culture and incorporates lots of wooden and natural elements into its minimalist design. Although you will have to sit outside with your pet, it is still a nice little spot to visit for a spot of peace and quiet, and would make a great local coffee spot if you live in the area. Enjoy their Japanese dishes starting from $50, followed by one of their light, fluffy cakes or soufflés starting from $40.

Uchi Coffee, 12A Ninth Street, Tai Wai Village, Tai Wai | (+852) 2377 9173

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