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12 best ramen restaurants that do delivery in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 27 April 2020

Header image courtesy of Ramen Kureha (Foodpanda)

When we think of fast and convenient food deliveries, burgers and pizzas are the first things that come to mind, but have you ever hankered for a taste of ramen in the comforts of your own home? Given that we shouldn’t be out and about in abundance just yet, food delivery options across the city have received an upgrade and there are more and more types of food available for at-home dining. You may argue that ramen is best when you’re slurping the piping hot noodles straight out of the kitchen, but getting to have it at home is a pretty good deal too.

We’ve scoured the most popular food delivery platforms in Hong Kong and put together a little list for you for the best ramen delivery services in Hong Kong. Don’t worry about soggy noodles: Ramen and soup are usually packed separately. Let’s get ramen-tic!

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This popular ramen brand is famous for their Tonkotsu Mix Ramen ($88), made of two-thirds pork bone soup and one-third chicken soup, served with barbecued pork belly, wood ear, seaweed, and spring onion on top. You can now enjoy it from the comforts of your own home by ordering it on Foodpanda.

Ramen Kureha (Tai Hang)

This small ramen restaurant names their ramen dishes after the elements; there’s Gold ($85) for their original tonkatsu soup ramen made daily with over 100 kilos of bones and lean meat, Wood ($110) for a white truffle tonkatsu soup ramen, Water ($92) collagen jelly chicken soup ramen that uses 40 kilos of chicken to make the soup base, and many more. You can find these creations on Foodpanda and Deliveroo if you are around the area.

Hakatanmaru (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Hakata in Japan is famous for the ramen street stalls you can found littered throughout the city, but since we can’t travel now, Hakatanmaru is a pretty good alternative on Deliveroo. Their special creative flavours such as Cheese & Pork Ramen in Basil Soup ($74) stands out and will definitely take your tastebuds out for a spin!

Menya Tontonbyoushi

We also see tonkotsu (pork bones) when we look at a ramen menu, which proves that pork plays a very important role in good ramen. Menya Tontonbyoushi uses tonkotsu for all their soup bases, such as the Original Tonkotsu Ramen ($80) or the Pork Cartilage Tonkotsu Ramen ($95), so head over to Deliveroo or Foodpanda if you’re craving pork essence.

Yuki House Ramen (Wan Chai)

Yuki House Ramen is a pretty good ramen choice that you can find on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda. Out of eight types of ramen, the most popular Shrimp Samurai Ramen ($88) is made with a thick shrimp broth and served with barbecued pork, green onion and cabbage. You can choose the hardness of noodles, the soup concentration level, oil concentration level and type of barbecued pork you prefer to make it your own ramen.

Ramen Nagi (Tai Hang)

Another Tai Hang hidden gem is Ramen Nagi available on Uber Eats, where they serve modern renditions of the traditional ramen recipe. The chef’s recommendation is the Limited Soup Ramen Angus Beef Noodles ($141) made with roast Angus beef and their homemade secret sauce. Something we might try is the Squid Ink and Black Garlic with Soup Ramen ($97) since we don't have to worry about inky teeth and lips at home!

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Hachi Sawa (Causeway Bay)

Describing themselves as fusion-style Japanese ramen and udon shop, we would like to put the spotlight on Hachi Sawa's ramen you can find on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda. Their Black Garlic Roasted Tonkotsu Ramen ($98) is a healthy alternative since black garlic is actually really sweet and great for your body. If you're in the mood for something more laidback then the Char Siu Ramen in Pork Bone Soup ($86) is perfect for you.


We talked about thick tonkotsu broth, but shrimp broth is the next big thing. Using the shells of a variety of crustaceans, you get a very aromatic, thick red soup base that gives you a completely different ramen vibe. The Sakura Shrimp with Char Siu Ramen in Lobster Broth ($89) is a must-order for a bit of luxury, just make sure you're not allergic to crustaceans since you're about to swamped with it! Order it via Uber Eats or Foodpanda.

Butao Ramen

Many of you may be familiar with Butao since you can find it on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda. There four types of ramen available for delivery, the Butao Ramen ($107) that showcases their legendary tonkotsu broth, the Red King ($115) for some spice, the Green King ($115) uses cheese and basil and the Genki King ($119) comes with a huge blob of curry paste. We might just order all four to try everything!


Ippudo is a big franchised ramen brand and the place to go for guaranteed quality. You can find them on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda. They are offering for a limited period of time the Black Curry Tsukemen ($98) if you're looking to go wild at home, or just order their signature IPPUDO Karaka ($88) for a bit of spiciness.

Nagahama No.1 Ramen (Central)

Nagahama No.1 Ramen brings the best of Fukuoka and Kyushu to Hong Kong. Now available for delivery on Foodpanda, you can enjoy their signature No.1 Ramen ($116) that comes in a generous portion and four big slices of char siu (thumbs up for char siu) while binging on your Netflix anime for some extra Japanese flair.

Kane Tsuru Ramen

Featuring chicken as the main character, Kane Tsuru Ramen only uses their homemade chicken broth for all of their ramens. It is arguably less oily compared to tonkotsu but equally flavourful, so you should order their Creamy Supreme Chicken White Soup Noodle ($138) via Foodpanda and let us know whether the thick chicken broth or the tonkotsu or the seafood soup base is your favourite!

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Ching Yuen


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