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9 best bakeries for mille-crêpe cakes in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 31 March 2020

You may be used to having crêpes as a super-thin pancake served flat on a plate with sweet and savoury fillings, but the world of desserts is not going to be satisfied with just one crêpe—we need enough to make a cake!

Mille means ‘thousand’ in French, and while that’s an exaggeration, it’s fun to imagine a cake with 1,000 layers. Mille-crêpe cakes are a stack of 10 crêpes or more with pastry cream between each layer, but it's more than just stacking them together. The best ones have an impeccable balance of flavour and sweetness as well as an even spread of cream for every layer so the cake stays flat. It’s a lot harder than it looks, so check out our top picks of mille-crêpe cakes in Hong Kong to see the masters at their best!

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Lamlamli Bakery

Lamlamli Bakery only has one thing on their menu: its mille-crêpe cake. The owner herself started with an online shop for her cakes before moving on to a brick-and-mortar shop in Prince Edward. Since she makes everything on her own by hand, there is a very limited amount of cakes for sale every day. Orders for whole cakes may need to wait up to two months, whereas in-store customers are limited to only two slices of mille-crêpe cake per person. 

Their signature flavours include Chocolate ($32) and Matcha ($32), with 17 layers of crêpes and a molten centre that oozes out when you cut into the cake. They also have different seasonal flavours that rotate daily, so be sure to get there early before they sell out!

Lamlamli Bakery, Shop 2A, 12 Boundary Street, Prince Edward | (+852) 6211 7531

Healing, Go Yard

As their name suggests, Healing, Go Yard is an artsy café that aims to give you a bit of time to slow down and heal your mind. The café uses white and cool tones with potted plants everywhere, seats are usually tucked into corners so you can really lean back and relax. Their Mille-Crêpe Cakes ($55) has different creative flavours every day, including creations such as taro, cheese and matcha, molten cookie, honey, and many more. The most popular flavour is the Rose Mille-Crêpe Cake ($55), drizzled with rose pink sauce and rose petals that give off a fresh flowery aroma.

Healing, Go Yard, Room 8, 9/F, Block D, Cheong Fat Factory Building, 344–348 Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan | (+852) 6145 5321

Ms Wheel Pie

Using Japanese fine flour, eggs from Thailand, fresh milk from Australia and butter from New Zealand, the Mille-Crêpe Cakes ($42 per slice) from Ms Wheel Pie are a real treat. Every cake is made by hand in-house, with 20 layers of paper-thin crêpes and flavoured pastry cream, making them a local’s favourite. There are two flavours to choose from every day, possible options include Nutella, matcha as well as a super-rich Horlick’s or Ovaltine flavours.

Ms Wheel Pie, Shop 50B7, 19 Glee Path, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Mei Foo | (+852) 6687 1093

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Ho Lam Bakery

Ho Lam started his bakery concept as an online shop, and after four years of hard work, he managed to get his own shop in Kwun Tong. Specialising in mille-crêpe cakes, there are over 18 different flavours available. He also pays attention to feedback from customers so that he can keep improving his recipe, which led to his decision to create mixed flavoured cakes! This means that you can choose two different flavours spilt from the top layers and bottom layers of the cake. Some premade creations include the Taro Mix Fresh Milk ($34 per slice) that uses fresh milk cream on the top seven layers and taro-flavoured purple cream for the bottom layers, making it one of the most aesthetic mille-crêpe cakes around.

Ho Lam Bakery, Room 1, 4/F, Phase 3, Camel Paint Building, Kwun Tong | (+852) 6335 7901

Kazuki Bakery

Kazuki Bakery was founded by two partners in 2015 with a focus on Japanese roll cakes and mille-crêpe cakes. All products use high-grade Japanese ingredients to ensure the best flavours, fluffiest cakes and lightest creams. Their mille-crêpes have very interesting flavour combinations as well as very aesthetic visuals, such as the Earl Grey Mango Crepe ($430) and the Japanese Purple Potato Parmesan Crêpe ($430). Even though they don't come in smaller slices, trust us when we say the cake will be gone in minutes!

Kazuki Bakery, Room 1219, New City Centre, Lei Yue Man Road 2, Kwun Tong | (+852) 9134 6233


Châteraisé is a Japanese household name, with bakeries throughout Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and even Dubai. They have been selling premium baked goods for over 60 years now and they currently have over 10 stores in Hong Kong. Their Mille-Crêpe Cakes ($35 per slice, $295 per pound) are actually made in Japan with fresh Hokkaido cream and flown into Hong Kong on a daily basis. 

Châteraisé, multiple locations

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Lady M

We couldn’t talk about mille-crêpe cakes without mentioning the reigning empress of the mille-crêpe dynasty. Anyone who is a fan of mille-crêpe cakes must know Lady M, a luxury bakery hailing from New York. Their mille-crêpe cakes have been voted as one of the ten best cakes in America and now you can also find them in Hong Kong. Their shops are constantly filled, with people lining up to get a slice home too. Their cakes are on slightly on the more expensive side, with signature flavours such as Sea Salt Caramel, Earl Grey, and Rose ($75 per slice). 

Lady M, multiple locations

Call Me Chef

Another Kwun Tong hidden gem, Call Me Chef is a restaurant with all-day dining options and an array of desserts. The head chef Vonnie is famous for her cascading chiffon cakes, but her mille-crêpe cakes are also a delight. If you are a chocoholic, we would definitely recommend the Chocolate Waterfall Molten Center Mille-Crêpe Cakes ($200). With 20 layers of crêpes and cream, the centre of the cakes are also filled with flavoured sauce so when you cut them open, the sauce will come cascading down like a waterfall! She has over 30 flavours available, with creations such as Baileys, Rocky Road, and Hong Kong Milk Tea, you will never get bored!

Call Me Chef, Shop T, 4/F, Camel Paint Building Block 3, 60 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong | (+852) 2286 0833

Shaz Confections

If you are near the Sai Ying Pun area, then we would definitely recommend hitting up Shaz Confections for their mille-crêpe cakes. With 16 to 18 layers, the cakes are filling but never too rich. They have around six to seven flavours available on a daily basis that goes perfectly with a cup of coffee to laze away an afternoon. The Pandan Mille-Crêpe Cake ($58 per slice, $480 per cake) remains one of our favourites for its unique flavour combination seen nowhere else in Hong Kong.

Shaz Confections, G/F, 21 First Street, Sai Ying Pun | (+852) 5596 5956

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Ching Yuen


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