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9 best Middle Eastern restaurants in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 18 May 2020 | Last Updated 21 December 2022

Header image courtesy of Maison Libanaise (via Facebook)

Originally published by Ching Yuen. Last updated by Enoch Ngan.

It’s time to turn up the heat and add a healthy dose of spice to your next meal with some of our favourite Middle Eastern restaurants in Hong Kong. From Lebanese and Egyptian to Turkish to Moroccan cuisine, take your pick from these top spots around town! All we know is, there will be hummus galore.

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Photo: Shahrazad Lebanese Dining Lounge & Bar (via Facebook)

Shahrazad Lebanese Dining Lounge & Bar

If you want to feel like Arabic royalty, then head over to Shahrazad Lebanese Dining Lounge & Bar, where they will treat you like kings and queens. This Lebanese establishment is one of the most aesthetic restaurants we’ve come across, with plush sofas and gilded furniture strewn across its dining space. Emerald blue, deep purple, and gold are just some of the bold, exotic colours used in its interior décor, but Shahrazad is more than just pretty looks.

If the weather permits, grab a seat on their terrace overlooking Lan Kwai Fong and order some lamb skewers ($238) and lamb kofta ($208) for a nice, relaxing evening with incomparable food.

Shahrazad Lebanese Dining Lounge & Bar, 2/F, Carfield Commercial Building, 75–77 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 2330 0242

Photo: Maison Libanaise (via Facebook)

Maison Libanaise

It’s hard to miss one of the most popular Middle Eastern restaurants in Hong Kong when it’s right by the Central–Mid-Levels escalator: Maison Libanaise. Black Sheep Restaurants’ Lebanese offering is made of three floors and offers classic dishes from the Levant with a modern twist. On the first floor, there’s a to-go counter for speedy takeaways, as well as a dining area and a rooftop on the upper floors for sit-down meals.

Try out Maison’s falafel ($158) that uses tahini yoghurt and pickled turnip or the eggplant moussaka ($188), roasted eggplant with tomato ragu, chickpeas, cumin and mint. Their herby and zesty baba ghanoush ($98) is also not to be missed and makes for a great palate cleanser between courses.

Maison Libanaise, 10 Shelley Street, Soho, Central | (+852) 2111 2284

Photo: Francis (via Facebook)


Israeli-born chef Asher Goldstein heads up the kitchen at Francis and the focused menu echoes his upbringing in Tel Aviv. He takes classic Middle Eastern recipes and turns them into contemporary offerings with bursts of flavour, such as the burnt eggplant ($90) with pepper chilli and yoghurt, and the baked halloumi ($120) with pomegranate molasses and wild oregano. Don’t forget about the desserts, such as the delicately plated kanafeh ($90), made with mozzarella, orange blossom, and pistachio that looks like a little bird’s nest!

Francis, 4–6 St Francis Street, Wan Chai | (+852) 3101 9521

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Photo: Mama Malouf (via Facebook)

Mama Malouf

Middle Eastern cuisine offers comfort food and a taste of home, which is what Mama Malouf excels at. Named after chef Alex Malouf’s mother, the restaurant takes bits and pieces from her recipes that were passed down through the family.

We would recommend the haloumi with fig jam ($48) for those with a sweet tooth, but if you’re looking for something more on the meaty side, do not miss the chicken kebabs served with aromatic rice and Toum ($158)—the perfectly cooked meat literally slides off the skewer! We’re also huge fans of their beef shoulder with farro ($168), served with hot pita bread drizzled in olive oil. Mama Malouf has closed its physical location but you can still get a bite of its food through home deliveries, canapé orders, or catering.

Photo: Bedu (via Facebook)


Another modern Middle Eastern restaurant with prime aesthetic designs is Bedu, Meraki Hospitality’s cosy Middle Eastern restaurant and bar. Tucked away in a quiet corner of where Central meets Sheung Wan, the restaurant combines different Middle Eastern cuisines and reinvents them with a touch of modern interpretation.

Bedu’s signature creations include the beetroot & mint labneh ($60), which acts as the perfect dip for the many pieces flatbreads the restaurant serves you, and we also love the baked feta smoked lemon & honey ($145) and the truffle duck tagine ($290), with pistachio and egg yolk.

Bedu, 40 Gough Street, Central | (+852) 2320 4450

Photo: Aziza (via Facebook)


Authentic Egyptian cuisine is rare on this side of the globe, so when Aziza claims to be the only restaurant in Hong Kong offering genuine Egyptian fare, we’ll readily believe it. Aziza’s kitchen team crafts everything in-house, including their couscous, falafel, and their lamb and beef kebabs, and everything tastes just as good as it looks.

We will put the spotlight on their desserts though, and we would not leave the restaurant without trying the baklava with pistachios ($50) or the konafa ($80), a shredded pastry with ricotta cheese. Not familiar with these traditional desserts? Just Google videos of people making them—we promise you will not be disappointed (and it will definitely get you salivating in anticipation)!

Aziza, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: Loveat HK (via Facebook)

Loveat Restaurant

Although Persia was one of the oldest and greatest empires, its cuisine has not been well-known or well-appreciated until quite recently. Persian dishes are a blend of Far Eastern and Middle Eastern accents, and they usually have distinct sour flavours due to the use of cranberries, barberries, lemon, and oranges.

If you are intrigued, go to Loveat for some authentic koobideh and chenjeh kababs! Loveat is known for its tender and juicy roasted meats, dipped in the restaurant’s signature garlic yoghurt sauce. Whether you decide to go with rice, naan, or salad, don’t miss out on their grilled chicken and lamb. It is always nice to have a drink on the side, so try out their saffron herbal tea ($68) or a classic lemonade ($38)!

Loveat Restaurant, Shop E, Garley Building, 47–53 Graham Street, Central | (+852) 2595 9900

Photo: Beyrouth Bistro (via Facebook)

Beyrouth Bistro

If you are a huge fan of kebabs, then you have probably been to Ebeneezer’s or 27 Kebab House. But maybe you are feeling more adventurous today, so rather than heading to your go-to grab-and-go, visit Beyrouth Bistro for authentic Lebanese cuisine at a wallet-friendly prices. They have a large variety of food choices, from the classic hummus ($75) and labneh ($70) to chicken shawarma ($75) and the kafta ($75). Whenever you’re down for a quick and casual street-side meal, Beyrouth Bistro is the best place for you.

Beyrouth Bistro, Shop A, 39 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | (+852) 2480 5338

Photo: Lamees (via Facebook)


While there are many Middle Eastern restaurants on Hong Kong Island, let’s head to Kowloon to explore our final recommendation. Lamees serves primarily Mediterranean cuisine, but they offer many authentic Middle Eastern dishes as well. For example, you can find chicken shish tawook ($220), different types of hummus ($90), and lamb kofta ($180) on the menu here. Customers also love their sweet kanafeh ($105), which is made with shredded filo pastry and unripened cheese soaked in syrup. Since there are not a lot of seats and the restaurant can get quite busy at mealtimes, it is best to call and book in advance.

Lamees, Shop 2, Sanford Mansion, 145 Pak Tai Street, To Kwa Wan | (+852) 9181 9600

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