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10 best flower cafés in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 10 July 2020 | Last Updated 28 May 2021

Header image courtesy of 角落 Corner Café (via Facebook)

Originally published by Ching Yuen. Last updated by Alison Fung.

Love flowers of all kinds, but not the price tag and upkeep? Leave your black thumb at home and pop by some of the most aesthetic flower cafés in Hong Kong, where you can sit down and take your time to stop and smell the roses. If you are nursing allergies, be sure to come armed with plenty of anti-histamines!

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Natura is a minimalist space in Wan Chai and a brainchild of the team behind Origami Florist. Its interiors are filled with seasonal installations that spark feelings of being surrounded by nature, while dried flowers in shades of pink and rouge spell an elegant backdrop among pastel walls and white ceilings.

Aside from a generous assortment of caffeinated drinks—like the floral latte ($55) of soy milk balanced with an impressive floral note—to keep you energised all day, Natura also serves up both savoury and sweet waffles. Opt for the BLT waffle ($128) and the burgundy waffle ($138), topped with an extravaganza of fresh fruits, including dragon fruit, strawberries, and blueberries, topped with crushed nuts and Hokkaido cream.

Natura, Shop 1–2, Tai Tung Building, 8 Fleming Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2816 1601


Corner Café

For the ultimate photogenic combination of boho-chic furniture, gorgeous floral décor, and Instagrammable neon signage, look no further than Corner Café, an upstairs café in the heart of Central. Destinated to fill your camera roll with beautiful images, the sepia-toned café exudes a delicate ambience that pairs well with its dreamy menu of floral-inspired beverages, such as Earl Grey blue flower tea (starting from $48) and rose herbal fruit tea (starting from $48).

Corner Café, 2/F, Butterfly on LKF, 23 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central | (+852) 2382 4899


Some Day Or One Day Café

The latest flower craze in town is something Some Day Or One Day Café has taken full advantage of in their café design: dried flowers! We are in love with their rustic aesthetic of earth tones, and the café even hired a professional floral designer to cover their ceilings in bundles upon bundles of dried flowers. From the moment you walk in, you are swallowed up by a vast and beautiful garden. It does require some photography skill to capture the beautiful hanging arrangements, but that hasn’t discouraged anyone from trying!

Be sure to make a booking ahead of time for Some Day Or One Day Café—this popular spot is almost always packed with guests hoping to order a bite off of the all-day dining menu. We recommend the full English breakfast ($128), which is available until 5.30 pm—perfect for late risers. It comes with truffle scrambled eggs, beans, Portobello mushrooms, sausages, bacon, smoked salmon, hashbrowns, and a croissant—that is basically an early dinner for us!

Some Day Or One Day Café, 10/F, Ladder Dundas, 575 Nathan Road, Mong Kok | (+852) 9889 8055

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Artistry Brewing Company

North Point seems like an unlikely place to go for a café visit, but one look at Artistry Brewing Company’s storefront will be enough to persuade you to make the trip there! Artistry Brewing Company is decked out in rough-hewn wooden benches and communal tables, potted plants, fresh flowers, and modern light fixtures to make every corner of the café a photogenic spot.

Take your pick from an all-day dining menu, a selection of craft beers, and, of course, an extensive coffee list detailing every kind of coffee bean on offer. If you are lucky, you might even see the owner herself arranging flowers in the outdoor seating area!

Artistry Brewing Company, Tung Fat Building, 43A Kam Ping Street, North Point | (+852) 3619 7013


Gary Kwok Flowers & Café

Gary Kwok Flowers & Café is truly a perennial paradise, with arrangements almost everywhere you look! From wedding bouquets to floral art installations, the team here consists of touted veterans who cut their teeth in the industry long before opening up their flower café. Take in their artistic skills and gasp in wonder at the extraordinary mannequin next to the café counter, wearing a stunning dress and delicate headpiece made completely from flowers.

Aside from blossoms and blooms, Gary Kwok Flowers & Café is big on sweet treats, coffees, and teas. One of their signature desserts is Sweet Dream ($48), a cloud-shaped dessert made with red berries, cotton candy, and yoghurt for that floating-to-heaven feeling!

Gary Kwok Flowers & Café, Shop 1706–1711, 17/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai | (+852) 8200 9226


Dear Lilly

From the creative mind of designer Ashley Sutton comes Dear Lilly, one of the most beautiful flower cafés in Hong Kong, and its ambition shows in its interiors. The entire ceiling is embellished with a carpet of flowers, with glass bottles holding love letters and dried roses hanging above the bar for an extra romantic touch.

Sit down for lunch, dinner, or just a cocktail, but if you asked us, we would recommend their afternoon tea ($298) so you to really embrace the amorous European atmosphere. For an additional touch of flower power, order the Triumph of the Sea ($128), a Salvador Dalí-inspired cocktail made with vodka, violet liqueur, fresh yuzu juice, and grapefruit bitters, served in a playful five-legged glass with an edible pink orchid.

Dear Lilly, Shop 4010, 4/F, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central | (+852) 2771 6060

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SP Flower & Tea Room

If you are looking for an upscale flower café experience, check out any one of SP Flower & Tea Room’s locations across Hong Kong. From exquisite desserts that incorporate fresh flowers to bouquets, this elegant concept sure ticks our boxes. Their whole cakes are beautifully made and highly recommended, but if you want something smaller, opt for their petite cake collection, which includes the Petite Kyoto ($45) or the SP Bouquet cake ($48) with lychee and hibiscus. They also have savouries like the chicken & tomato waffle ($142) and Japanese eel & egg donburi ($132) to sate your appetite.

SP Flower & Tea Room, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Photo: @luv20ho (via Instagram)

Café Hay Fever

As one of the first concepts in the city to combine the aromas of coffee and flowers, Café Hay Fever is a classic flower café that most Hongkongers should already be familiar with. Sit down for a cuppa and admire their fastidious arrangements or buy a bouquet of fresh flowers for yourself to take home.

To spread their love for all things flowers, Café Hay Fever regularly hosts workshops where participants can explore interests relating to floral arrangements and even Japanese bonsai. If you are looking for a small drink to start the day, their piccolo latte ($32) and Baileys coffee ($52) are popular choices.

Café Hay Fever, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon


Café Zi (梔子)

Dried flowers and potted plants make up most of the elaborate design at Café Zi (梔子), not to mention branches from their indoor tree that hang over the entrance of the café. With thin bar stools lined up against the window, it’s a great spot to show off those fabulous long legs or get your friend to work the camera angles.

The chalkboards and readily available notepads up for grabs on the counter also signal that it is time to bring out your inner artist and draw a doodle for the shop. The woven baskets, wooden tables, and stools will remind you of mini bookshop cafés hidden in Taipei alleyways, where you can spend the day reading, drinking, or taking oodles of Instagram-worthy pictures.

Café Zi (梔子), 8 Hill Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2778 1629

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Photo: @teethlessbatman (via Instagram)

Séan Café

Séan Café may be on the smaller side, but it sure has no shortage of flowers. Step inside the petite shop and make yourself at home, with counter seats available at the long bar filled with flower arrangements. It’s the perfect photo spot for you to snap photos of your food and flowers all together! Séan Café’s pancakes are the most popular items on the menu—you simply cannot miss the tiramisu pancakes ($78), which come with heaping mounds of fresh cream that makes the whole dish jiggle!

Séan Café, Shop 12A, Windsor Mansion, 29–31 Chatham Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 6676 9679

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