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5 best places for curry udon in Hong Kong

By David Yeung 29 September 2020

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Having been a popular noodle item in Japan for quite a while now, curry udon may be the most underrated Japanese comfort food ever. Although curry udon is not a traditional udon dish, it is much loved due to its hearty portions and comforting flavours, especially when the weather gets cooler.

This dish is similar to its Japanese curry rice counterpart, as both dishes include starchy ingredients mixed in with an aromatic, tangy, and spicy curry sauce. The chewy and glutinous noodles are bathed in a hot and thick soup, which turns into a beautifully combined sensation once ingested. As the gloomy weather looms, it’s high time for a round of comfort food to warm your belly. Here are five places in Hong Kong to find delicious Japanese curry udon.

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Photo Credit: yuyuyu_lai (Open Rice)


Planted right in the centre of Tin Hau, Camper’s is a neighbourhood eatery that serves up some of the best Japanese comfort foods. The menu is extensive and has a range of deliciously cooked foods from greasy fried chicken all the way to healthy green salads, this place has got you covered to whatever you are feeling.

With all this great food selection, it is quite hard to settle on what to have. This is a popular lunch spot as people from across Hong Kong flock in for a taste of their reasonably priced lunch sets. In regards to curry udon, they have a wide variety of curry bases that initially come with rice, but you can upgrade for $10 for a bowl of udon. Their signature curry dish is the slow-cooked cartilage curry ($66) but they also have a vegetarian curry ($60), which features 15 different types of vegetables.

Camper’s, locations across Hong Kong Island | (+852) 2889 7377


Curry Bee

Curry Bee has been opening its doors and serving Japanese styled curry to Hong Kongers since 1996; it is still a very popular spot for some hot and affordable curry. Curry bee offers an array of Comfort foods that are cooked and sold at affordable prices. The location also makes it very worth visiting, so if you are looking for a cheap and quick eat when you are in Causeway By, this is definitely one place to consider. Not to mention, their curry selection is quite plentiful with many flavours varieties for you to enjoy. A standout item on the menu is their sliced pork curry udon ($88), which comes with a rich curry broth with chewy udon noodles and thin slices of pork that is seasoned to perfection.

Curry Bee, 528 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2838 9633

Photo Credit: Sama (Facebook)


Sama is a popular curry chain in the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido which has made its way to the streets of Hong Kong due to our love for everything Japanese. The concept of this store is rather different from your conventional Japanese curry houses, as they serve up a souper version of the beloved Japanese curry.

The curry bases here are imported straight from Japan, making it as authentic as it can be. A unique aspect about this place is that you get the freedom to customise your own curry base which gives you the creativity to craft the perfect curry soup. If you are not feeling adventurous, they also have a nice selection of curry soups such as the beef hamburg curry ($128) which includes a beef patty and assorted vegetables and a tasty curry soup base. All of the curries come with rice but you can opt-out for udon by adding an extra $10.

Sama, Shop B, G/F, Wing Cheong Commercial Building, 19–25 Jervois Street, Central | (+852) 2191 8850

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Photo Credit: mylittlegourmand (Open Rice)


With two locations in Hong Kong, Kobekyu is a Korean restaurant that serves some Japanese inspired dishes which will have you wanting to come back after you finished dining there. The overall ambience of the restaurants are clean and the waiters are helpful and friendly.

If you are willing to try Kobekyu, their signature dish is definitely their beef or chicken curry udon ($78). The dish comes with a bowl of layered cream and curry sauce with a side of udon noodles. The way in which the dish should be consumed is by dipping the hot bowl of udon into the cold creamy and spicy curry mixture, giving you the hot and cold contrast, thus making the texture very delicious and exquisite.

Kobekyu, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Photo Credit: siubifa (Open Rice)

Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon is a familiar name to all the Japanese food lovers out there, as they are a big chain that originated from Japan. This popular chain quickly took off and now has restaurants all over the world. Its main philosophy is to offer affordable, delicious, and fresh udon noodles for people to savour and enjoy.

Marugame Udon has countless stores located all throughout the city, making it a very accessible and convenient place to grab a bowl of hot or cold udon noodles. One of their most popular dishes is their curry beef udon which comes in two sizes—small ($44) and large ($47). The affordable prices make it a very popular destination for lunch-goers and it is highly evident as queues go out of the restaurant’s entrance. If you love udon or noodles in general, Marugame Udon has got you spoiled for choices.

Marugame Udon, locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

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