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8 best cart noodles in Hong Kong

By Beverly Ngai 8 October 2020

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Nothing screams comfort food more than a piping hot bowl of noodles, doused in a flavourful broth, and brimming with all your favourite meat and veggies toppings, especially as we’re transitioning into the cooler months. Cart noodles is a quintessential Hong Kong soul food and for good reason: it's fast, cheap, filling, and effortlessly adapts to suit your palate. You customise everything in the bowl down to the type of noodles, soup broth, and toppings; so basically, it’s like creating your own dish—minus the work of actually having to make each component.

Originating from the 1950s when Hong Kong street vendors would ladle up bowls of noodles in mobile carts—hence the name “cart noodles,” this blue-collar favourite has since largely evolved to cater to in-restaurant dining, but it remains an affordable lunchtime classic for locals. Next time you’re hankering for a hearty bowl of noodles that won’t break the bank, hit up these top spots for cart noodles in Hong Kong that will send you to noodle nirvana!

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Photo credit: @hollyruya (via Instagram)

Noodles Family (車仔麵世家)

It’s not always easy to find an economical yet satisfying bite in the bustling commercial districts of Hong Kong Island, but this noodle shop exceeds expectations both in terms of price and taste. A lunch set including three noodle toppings of your choice and a drink will only set you back $45, but if you can’t decide between the extensive list of toppings, add another topping for $50 or two more for $55. The pig intestine, shitake mushroom, and dried bean curd are all solid options. Sauce-wise, a spoonful of their house-made satay into the mix will have you slurping the whole bowl clean.

Noodles Family, locations across Hong Kong Island


Min Jun (麵尊)

When you walk past the cool neon-lit storefront and giant floor-to-ceiling windows, you might not immediately register Min Jun as a destination for cart noodles. The restaurant mixes both modern and tradition in its décor, combining rustic red bricks and old-school, wall-mounted menu boards with spacious seating and stylish furnishing that provide a comfortable environment for patrons to enjoy their meal.

With eight types of noodles and 30 toppings to pick from, as well as various snacks and drinks, the options can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can choose one of the pre-designed bowls (starting from $40) that include Cantonese classics like curry fish balls, pig intestines, pork skin, and their famous pork blood—one of the best in town. The soup is rich yet does not leave you feeling thirsty afterwards. Expect to wait if you come during lunchtime when swarms of nearby office workers make a beeline to this noodle hotspot.

Min Jun, locations across Hong Kong Island

Photo credit: (via Intasgram)

Man Kee Cart Noodles (文記車仔麵)

This list would not be complete without mentioning the cult favourite, Man Kee Cart Noodles. What started out as a small local noodle shop in Sham Shui Po nearly a decade ago has now expanded to four outlets. And get this—they're all located on the same block, practically dominating Fuk Wing Street! If that is not a strong enough indicator of its popularity, then the constant queues outside all four shops certainly are. The shop’s top 10 topping recommendations are listed on the wooden panelled wall, so just look up for guidance in case you get lost in the sea of options on the menu. Among the top recommendations, the Swiss chicken wings and homemade chive dumplings are what people come from far and wide for.

Man Kee Cart Noodles, G/F, 121 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po | (+852) 9059 5104

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Photo credit: @lifestyle_kazaf (via Instagram)

Fei Gung Cart Noodles (肥公車仔麵)

A cheap and satiating meal does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on taste—a point proven by this old-school noodle shop in the heart of Mong Kong. Churning out hot and wholesome bowls starting from just $25, this fast-casual eatery has been a mainstay in the local dining scene for over 30 years and continues to delight patrons with its high-quality cart noodles at a supremely affordable price. All the noodles come in the same broth, which errs on the lighter and more refreshing side. As for toppings, you won’t find anything fancy but all the classics like pig intestine, beef brisket, and chicken wings are skillfully executed. You can tell that they have taken time to master their craft over the past three decades! 

Fei Gung Cart Noodles (肥公車仔麵), Shop 5C, G/F, Arran Street, Mong Kok

Photo credit: @fatlun19 (via Instagram) 

Ma Bou Cart Noodles (孖寶車仔麵)

Tucked away in Kwai Chung Plaza, this next spot has somehow flown mostly under the radar, but locals will know that it serves up some of the most scrumptious cart noodles in the city. No matter what toppings you choose, rest assured that they are always fresh and high quality; and if you have an affinity to spice, you must add on the spicy sauce. The sauce is just not straight heat—you taste the aromatic and robust flavour that shines against the background of the mildly sweet broth. Apart from the noodles, we also recommend their marinated meats, particularly the chicken drumstick ($19)—it’s juicy and tender to the bone. Arrive hungry because the portions are huge, guaranteed to satisfy all the voracious appetites.

Ma Bou Cart Noodles (孖寶車仔麵), Shop A15, G/F, Kwai Chung Plaza, 7 Kwai Foo Road, Kwai Fong | (+852) 3427 3498

Photo credit: @gogreengolean (via Instagram)

Wing Kee Noodles (榮記粉麵) 

You know you're at an authentic local restaurant when a disgruntled waiter hustles you through cramped quarters to a tiny table with total strangers, each minding their own business and wolfing down their food. Wing Kee Noodles is another long-standing oldie but goodie, having occupied its Causeway Bay location for over 20 years. It’s now grown two more locations in Causeway Bay and Wong Tai Sin!

Regulars will tell you to go for the pork jowl, beef brisket, and chicken wingtips. The radish is also non-negotiable when it comes to veggie toppings. It soaks up the rich beef-based soup wonderfully; paired with the natural sweetness of the root vegetable and you will have a bite that very literally bursts with flavour. The place draws queues around the clock, but the turnover rate is quick—in true Hong Kong fashion—so the wait won’t be too long. 

Wing Kee Noodles (榮記粉麵), locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

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Photo credit: @hkfoodiexblogger (via Instagram)

Chopsticks Kee (筷子記)

For a broth-less option, head over to Chopsticks Kee on Wellington Street. In addition to serving the classic soup-based cart noodles, this Macau-style joint also pairs its bouncy noodles with a luscious, thick gravy sauce. The good thing about this particular rendering of the dish is that the sauce luxuriously coats and clings to every last noodle, meaning that each slurp will be packed with flavour. You can choose from six delicious sauces, but the satay sauce had us hooked after the first bite. Feeling extra peckish? Treat yourself to their signature pork chop bun ($18) or spicy fish bun ($18) as well!

Chopsticks Kee (筷子記), Shop A1, G/F, Khuan Ying Commercial Building, 85–89 Wellington Street, Central | (+852) 2854 9969

Photo credit: @kobiiiiii (via Instagram)

Ming Min (蒙麵)

Offering speciality broths like rich tomato and potato soup, Chongqing mala soup, and laksa soup, as well as less common accompaniments like ramen eggs and pork trotters with fermented bean curd, this hole-in-the-wall eatery in Hung Hom is truly something special. You can’t go wrong with their tomato-based broth—featuring fork-tender tomatoes and veggies that make for an unbelievably hearty bowl. Have it with their signature noodles (蒙麵) if you’re after something thick, chewy, and oh-so slurp-able. And while you’re here, do yourself a favour and order a side of the honey glazed char siu skewer ($22)—it’s well worth the 20-minute wait.

Ming Min (蒙麵), Shop 1, G/F, Hip Fai Bldg, 9–15A Station Lane, Hung Hom | (+852) 23638166

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