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7 Hong Kong breweries you should know about

By Beerhound Sponsored | 9 December 2020

If you told us a few years ago that Hong Kong would be at the forefront of innovation in craft brewing and home to some of the most exciting breweries in the region, we would have laughed at you over our pints of Asahi. But then something funny happened. Small local breweries started gaining traction, upgrading their facilities, and winning international awards—and now, home-grown brands like Gweilo, Heroes, and Young Master have become global names.

But it seems like there are more and more craft breweries popping up nowadays, and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff—which is why we’ve rounded up seven of the best and most exciting breweries in Hong Kong today that we think deserve a little more love and recognition. We’ve also selected a recommended beer (or two) for each brewery, just for a little extra guidance. Prost!

Photo credit: Carbon Brews (via Facebook)

Carbon Brews

This brewery is known for its funky and experimental style, from the art on its sleek black cans to the juice inside. Think breakfast-inspired coffee-and-oat stouts, fruit punch-esque sour beers, and cardamom-spiced wheat beers. Not content to just shake things up flavour-wise, Carbon Brews is also prone to releasing limited-edition beers in drops and collaborating with other breweries, à la streetwear, and even curates playlists for their flagship drinks.

Some of Carbon Brews’ best sellers from their core range are Little Rich Lupulins and Crazy Rich Lupulins—both of which are NEIPAs, or New England India Pale Ales, which are characteristically juicy-tasting and hazy in appearance. The brewery also experiments with limited-batch variants within the Lupulins series, with their most recent drop being the Little Rich Lupulins v.7 Hazy IPA, which has been brewed with experimental floral, fruity, and woody hops.

Recommended beer

Earth People. A clean, crisp, and crushable lager that’s hoppier and more flavourful than typical commercial offerings—no wonder it’s one of Carbon’s most popular beers.

Photo credit: Deadman Brewery (via Facebook)

Deadman Brewery

Despite the fact that they’ve been around since 2016, this self-described “start-up nano-brewery” is still somewhat under-the-radar. But their modesty belies their success: Deadman cleaned up at the most recent Asia Beer Championships, taking home not one, not two, but six awards and an honorary mention. On top of winning the Champion Small Brewery award, Deadman also won two gold awards for their pale ale and double IPA, as well as two silver awards and one bronze award in the pilsner, IPA, and experimental beer categories.

With that in mind, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Deadman offerings—heck, you could try one of each and keep the bottles for their cute comic-style labels—but if you’re interested in tasting what makes a gold award-winning beer, grab a bottle of Mirror Mirror Pale Ale or Hop Robber Double IPA.

Recommended beer

Crazy Rabbits Stout. In our opinion, winter calls for chewy, full-bodied beers—your stouts, porters, and bocks. This malty, hoppy beauty has notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and roasted coffee—a perfectly rich and festive alternative to mulled wine.

Photo credit: Double Haven Brewing (via Facebook)

Double Haven

If you’re a fan of light, easy-drinking beers, you may well enjoy the brews from Double Haven. The name “Double Haven” comes from a stunning cove in Yan Chau Tong Marine Park which inspired the brewery’s adventure-loving team to create a “crisp, no-fuss beer.” The product line is short and sweet—just a lager and a pale ale—and described by Double Haven as being “beer-flavoured beer.” This is beer for road trips, rock pools, and beach parties—sessionable, light, and refreshing.

But that’s not to say that the Double Haven guys don’t like to play around with fruity flavours—just check out their spiked seltzer line, Dragon Water (we like the Lemongrass Lime flavour). They’re also planning on debuting a line of canned cocktails soon, so watch this space!

Recommended beer

Weekender Pale. Double Haven’s best-selling brew is a pale ale with a pilsner malt base that’s spiked with citrus-forward hops. Best for weekend warriors who set out at the crack of dawn with a full Esky and a pair of sunglasses.

Photo credit: H.K. Lovecraft (via Facebook)

H.K. Lovecraft

For those who love all things horror—or just a dang good lager—H.K. Lovecraft (or just Lovecraft for short) is a must-try. Inspired by the author H.P. Lovecraft, this brewery celebrates mysticism as part of its branding and often likens the art of brewing beer to alchemy and occultism. Focusing specifically on traditional German lagers, Lovecraft is exclusively brewed by Hong Kong’s first German brewmaster, who turns out deliciously complex varieties of lager, from the nutty, caramelly Vienna Lager to the smoky and complex Rauchbier, and more.

Recommended beer

Helles Lager. As an intro to Lovecraft, try this light golden beer—whose name rather aptly translates to “bright” in German—with its (pleasantly) bitter taste and light body, Helles is one of Lovecraft’s most popular beers. For a rich and indulgent cold-weather drink, try the Doppelbock, a sweet and full-bodied lager with peppery earth notes—just pace yourself, because it’s got an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 8 percent.

Photo credit: Yau (via Facebook)


For an introduction to craft beer, there is no brand that’s better positioned to convert “mainstream” beer drinkers than Yau (formerly known as HK Yau). This locally brewed beer, which is a collaboration between Carlsberg and Brooklyn Brewery, can be found everywhere from bars to supermarkets and even your neighbourhood convenience stores.

The brand, which touts itself as being “proudly local,” has a history of giving its beers Hong Kong-specific names, including the now-discontinued Times Square Lager. Following a large-scale rebranding earlier this year, Yau renamed the three beers in its lineup, giving them slangy Cantonese names like Bor Yau (football friend) and Chu Pang Gau Yau (an indulgent, gluttonous friend) and refreshing the labels with designs from local artists.

Recommended beer

Fat Siu Yau Pale Ale. This pale ale is a great “intro” to craft beer—it’s got notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and malt. For something with a bit more Hong Kong flavour, try the Chu Pang Gau Yau Wheat Beer, which is brewed with Curaçao orange peel and Chinese tangerine peel (陳皮; can4 pei4)

Photo credit: Black Kite Brewery (via Facebook)

Black Kite

As one of the OG Hong Kong breweries, Black Kite may already be familiar to you—but what you might not know is that they recently revamped their entire line after expanding the team and listening to community feedback. So while the Hong Kong origins and years of expertise remain, it’s basically a whole new brewery to discover. We’re not kidding about the Hong Kong connection, by the way—founders Daniel and David Gallie are Hong Kong born-and-bred, and even made a limited-edition Hefeweizen called Squeeze the Day that they brewed to go with Cantonese sweet and sour pork (咕嚕肉; gu1 lou1 juk6).

Recommended beer

Birds of Prey IPA. This reworked version of the brand’s flagship Birds of Prey IPA has retained its DNA—the rich coppery colour and citrus notes—while boosting its flavour and introducing light floral notes. While it is not exactly low, the 5.7-percent ABV means you can easily have a few bottles in one night—and trust us, you’ll want to.

Photo credit: Seven Brews (via Facebook)

Seven Brews

Another one of Hong Kong’s OG craft beer brands is Seven Brews, the inception of which we have Tinder to thank—really! Founded by a real-life couple who met on the dating app, Seven Brews is named after the seventh batch of homebrew they made, which was the first recipe they were both happy with.

In the four years they’ve been around, Seven Brews has been quietly putting out hit after hit, with their permanent range including favourites such as the Too Easy IPA (which, as the name suggests, goes down a treat) and the stone fruit-tinged 7 Seas Pilsner. Look out for their special seasonal ales, like this year’s Summer Squeeze Passionfruit Summer Ale, which is bursting with tart tropical flavour.

Recommended beer

Punch Drunk NEIPA. For those who enjoy hazy, juicy IPAs, this is a must-try—brewed with citrusy, tropical hops, this is joy in liquid form.

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