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How To: Pick the Right Sunglasses

By Contributed content 27 June 2016
The sun is shining, the weather is sweet - it's time to reach for those sunglasses. But before you hit the shops, check out these top tips on how to pick the perfect pair from Eve Roth Lindsay, international fashion designer and founder of image consultancy Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful. When it comes to picking out the most flattering pair of sunglasses to wear, there are a few things to consider, which all depend on the shape of your face and your colouring. With a little know how, you can choose the best shades for you, so you don’t make a spectacle of yourself.

Selecting the Shape

Choosing the right shape of your glasses is based on the shape of your face. Look in the mirror and trace an outline of your face. You will be an oval, square, rectangular, heart, or round shape.
  • If your face is oval shaped, you are in luck as any shape will work, but if it is square shaped, you will want to look for lightweight oval or rounded styles. Avoid square or rectangular shapes which will only emphasise the angles of your face
  • A rectangular or long face will need a wider frame to balance the narrowness of the face. Avoid angular or square shapes and go for a softened rectangle
  • The heart shaped face is wider at the temple with a pointier chin. This face looks great in glasses that do not extend past the temples
  • Round faces should look for frameless styles which are slightly wider than the face as it will make the face appear narrower, but it's best to avoid round shapes
The rules for men’s sunglasses are similar. Men need to identify their face shape and colouring when choosing their best styles.
  • A chiselled face with lots of angles should avoid sharp angled glasses while a long face will do better with glasses that extend beyond the face to widen it at the temple.
  • A round face needs rectangular frames to give definition, and a square face will look great in oval glasses

Picking a Colour

Getting the colour right is just as important as the shape for men and women. Here are some pointers:
  • If you have light colouring with light eyes and hair you will look good in pewter, taupe, cream or rimless. People with dark hair and eyes can pull off black shades as well as other deeper colours
  • Warmer colouring of red or golden hair will find that tortoiseshell is perfect for them as is chocolate, bronze, olive, or gold
  • People with cooler colouring such as black or grey hair will look great in silver, navy, purple, pewter, and charcoal frames
  • Those with softer colouring such as light brown or dirty blonde will love coffee brown, taupe, beige, soft greens, or mauves to complement their blended colouring
  • If you have clear colouring such as dark hair with light skin or eyes, then you should opt for sharper, stronger colours which contrast your skin tone
  • Don’t forget to choose a lens colour that also works for you. Go for the greys if you have a cooler feeling, or the browns if you are warmer
Don't Forget: Sunglasses aren't just for summer. You should be wearing them year round as their main function is to protect your eyes from ultra-violet rays, as well as protecting your skin from wrinkles. Did you know? In the 1300s, judges wore smoke-coloured quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court! Need advice? If you want to find out more about which colours and styles are most suitable for you, contact Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful to book your own personal consultation.

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