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5 holistic ways to improve your pet’s health

By Pet Pet Belly Sponsored | 13 January 2021

Header image courtesy of @humonia (via iStock)

If there is one thing that unites all pet owners, it’s the wish for their beloved animal companions to live long and healthy lives. Our furry family members faithfully stick by our side through thick and thin, and we want to give them the quality care that they deserve. For starters, we try to protect them from the winding list of potential everyday hazards and schedule regular check-ups to make sure that there are no major health issues that need to be treated, but beyond these standard precautionary measures, there are also a number of holistic ways to actively boost your pet’s well-being.

We have consulted with local fresh pet food specialist Pet Pet Belly on their expertise and rounded up five holistic methods to improve the health of your four-legged friends so that they can stay spry and limber for many years to come!

Photo credit: LightFieldStudios (via iStock)

Get your pets moving

Although it may seem like your fur babies would love nothing more than to lounge around and nap the afternoon away on the couch, the truth is that cats and dogs are naturally energetic critters and have an innate need to play. It is essential to initiate physical activity with your pets on a daily basis and engage their inner hunter instinct. Otherwise, their unspent energy may be channelled into mischievous directions and cause aggressive behavioural problems.

Of course, exercise also helps your pets maintain a healthy weight and lean figure, which greatly reduces their likelihood of developing conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, musculoskeletal deformities, amongst other troubling health issues. So take them out on plenty of walks or get them pouncing and bouncing around at home with engaging toys!

Photo credit: Lenti Hill (via iStock)

Challenge their minds

No, pets don’t read newspapers or solve crossword puzzles, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a good dose of mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. Our fluffy companions love a challenge, so while you are getting them physically active, don’t forget to train their brain as well.

Simply teaching your pets new tricks or incorporating cognitive-boosting games pet puzzles and treasure hunts during play sessions can do wonders to sharpening their mental acuity, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as warding off unwanted behaviours. Alternatively, change up your walking route regularly to give your pets new places to explore and sights to see!

Photo credit: Anel Rossouw (via Pexels)

Give them a massage

It’s no far-fetched notion that pets crave the touch of their loving owners. Just as stroking our pets and giving them affectionate scratches have a comforting and pleasurable effect on us, the same goes for the reverse. More than just tactile pleasure though, did you know that giving your pets a good ol’ massage can provide a host of other health-related benefits? From alleviating muscle stiffness and aches to promoting blood circulation, increasing flexibility, and even strengthening the immune system, this hand-on treatment has incredible powers to improve your pet’s wellness in a plethora of ways—not to mention, it’s an incredible opportunity for bonding!

Photo credit: Anatoliy Sizov (via iStock)

Try aromatherapy

If you are looking for an easy way to enhance your pet’s physical and psychological well-being—and perhaps indulge in some soothing scents yourself—then why not give aromatherapy a try? Using essential oils extracted from various botanical sources like flowers, barks, and leaves, aromatherapy is a great way of naturally healing the mind and body of humans and animals alike.

There are many different essential oils with their unique benefits, but lavender is by far the most well-known, prized for its calming and relaxing properties. Frankincense is another popular option for treating cats and dogs, as it is known for reducing inflammation, eliminating cold and flu germs, and even fighting cancer! One thing to be mindful of is that not all essential oils are safe for pets, so make sure to do your research first before diffusing just any scent in your home.

Feed them a fresh food diet

We all know that eating processed foods loaded with preservatives and weird additives is not the way to go when it comes to keeping our health in tip-top condition, and it’s no different for our animal counterparts! Feeding your pets a high-quality diet filled with fresh, natural foods is arguably your best insurance for keeping them in optimal health. You can effectively do so by putting them on a fresh, wholesome diet—and no, we’re not just talking about giving them the occasional table leftovers that you don’t want to go to waste.

A fresh food diet eschews all the nasty chemicals and unwanted meat scraps so often added into low-grade commercial products, and instead allows your fur babies to absorb vital nutrients from foods in their original form and prime quality. Positive changes you may notice in your pets from switching to fresh meals are numerous and remarkable, ranging from lighter body odour and a shinier coat to having fewer allergic reactions, higher energy levels, and a toned body with stronger muscles.

With that said, our busy Hong Kong work and play schedules do not always allow us to cook fresh meals for our pets. Plus, it takes a fair bit of planning to prepare meals that meet our pets’ nutritional needs, making it all too tempting to fall back on the convenience of processed commercial pet food. Does that sound like the case for you? If so, fret not, because local fresh pet food supplier Pet Pet Belly has your perfect solution.

Delivering premium, handmade fresh meals and treats for dogs and cats of Hong Kong to your doorstep, Pet Pet Belly makes maintaining a fresh food diet for your pet easy and accessible. These guys spent an entire year working with a veterinarian and nutritionist team in the US to create fresh pet food formulas that are not only 100 percent natural and human-grade, but also carefully tailored to enhance your pets’ health, incorporating the use of natural food therapy inspired by the five elements of Chinese medicine. 

Resolved to look out for your furry loved ones in the most holistic way possible, Pet Pet Belly also places a strong emphasis on keeping all products—from their fresh meal patties to their extensive menu of dog and cat treats—grain-free and hypoallergenic. This ensures that your beloved pets will not develop subtle allergic reactions to their food that could cause chronic inflammation and jeopardise their long-term health. Instead of using grains—one of the most common allergens for dogs—they pack their recipes with nutrient-rich seeds, root vegetables, and beans.

Having just stepped into the new year, there is no better time than now to kickstart your pet’s good health by feeding them a fresh food diet. And as luck would have it, Pet Pet Belly is offering a 20 percent discount on their products for our Localiiz reader! Simply apply the discount code LOCALIIZ20 at the checkout to enjoy 20 percent off your first order. Take advantage of this opportunity and treat your furry friends to an array of tasty and healthy bites!

Pet Pet Belly

Pet Pet Belly (PPB) is a fresh pet food specialist that offers premium, grain-free, and hypoallergic handmade fresh meal and treat products for dogs and cats in Hong Kong. Dedicated to assisting pet parents in enhancing the lifestyle and wellness of their fur babies, all of Pet Pet Belly’s formulas are not only designed and approved by a veterinarian and nutritionist team in the US, but also tailored to improve pets’ well-being with a touch of natural food therapy inspired by the five elements of Chinese medicine.