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5 tips to increase breast milk production

By Restoring Mums Sponsored | 26 January 2021

Header image courtesy of Jonathan Borba (via Unsplash)

Babies can’t talk. Babies can’t tell you if they aren’t getting enough milk when drinking breast milk, and you can’t tell how much they’re drinking either, unlike in bottle-feeding. At the same time, it’s critical that babies get a steady and healthy supply of breast milk in order to grow well. So if you suspect that you have a low breast milk supply, try out these all-natural methods recommended by the experts over at Restoring Mums to stimulate lactation and solve the problem early on.

Photo credit: Bon Vivant (via Unsplash)

Drink a bowl of fish & papaya soup

Chinese grannies and confinement nannies alike swear on this traditional recipe of fish and papaya soup. Papaya is a well-known galactagogue (food that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk), but when paired with fish and ginger, the simple soup proves to be impressively potent in increasing breast milk supply. If the shining testimonials from Chinese moms around the world aren’t enough to persuade you, it doesn’t hurt to load up on the soup’s abundance of vitamins A, C, and E.

Photo credit: Drew Jemmett (via Unsplash)

Sip on fenugreek & fennel tea

Whereas the Chinese have soup, Westerners have tea. Nursing teas are caffeine-free and involve a mix of herbs that stimulate breast milk production and induce relaxation, with recipes passed down from generation to generation. Don’t know which one to pick from the plethora of recommended nursing teas? Go for the classic fenugreek and fennel tea, both trusty galactagogues in their own right. Simply purchase the pre-made blend online for a hassle-free remedy.

Photo credit: Alan Caishan (via Unsplash)

Indulge in a back massage

Now this recommended tip is good for lactation and relaxation. Studies have shown that back massages increase oxycontin and prolactin, two primary hormones needed for lactation. They also help the mother relax, loosening the milk ducts in the breast for a better supply. Here you have the perfect reason to indulge in regular massage sessions like you’ve always wanted.

Photo credit: Kyle Nieber (via Unsplash)

Eat well, hydrate & rest

Naturally, you have to take care of yourself before taking care of others—and don’t forget that this saying applies to motherhood, too. Breastfeeding actually requires a good deal of energy; it is recommended to eat well not just to make the breast milk more nutritious, but for your own fuel, too. Around 90 percent of breast milk is made of water, so be sure to hydrate regularly. Lastly, carve out a routine for rest every day. Whether it’s a short nap every day, a set bedtime, or just sleeping whenever the baby sleeps, one needs to be well-rested to produce good milk.


Sign up for a breast lymphatic wellness treatment

For a more personalised experience, get the full breast lymphatic wellness treatment. Using a mix of feet reflexology, warm compress, and upper body massage, this pain-free treatment clears any lymphatic blockages or lumpy nodes for the best breastfeeding experience.

Sipping on teas and soups is a good start to stimulate lactation and increase breast milk production, but a breast lymphatic wellness treatment pulls double duty as both a relaxing and productive approach. 

Sign up for this thorough and relaxing treatment now at Restoring Mums, where post-partum wellness experts tailor the massage programme to boost your breast lymphatic health. Whether it’s low milk supply, problems with breast engorgement, or so on, the breast lymphatic wellness treatment will tackle them all. Each session lasts 45 minutes and comes in packages of three. For the best deal, buy five sessions to get one free—the friendly folks at Restoring Mums are able to advise on the most suitable programmes and tailored packages for you.

Whether you are a new mother who has just begun breastfeeding or a seasoned mom who is weaning off their baby, get in touch with Restoring Mums to find out more about how to avoid any blocked ducts or milk residue problems. Secure the best breastfeeding for both yourself and your baby!

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