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What we’re watching on Netflix Hong Kong this January 2023

By Celia Lee 3 January 2023

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New year, new you, and also, new stuff coming in hot on Netflix for you to binge to your heart’s content! From wholesome films to thrilling mysteries, and chilling documentaries to mythological fantasies, here’s what we’re watching on Netflix Hong Kong this January.

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Kaleidoscope promises to be Netflix’s biggest heist series in 2023, and with good reason, too. Originally titled Jigsaw, the series is unique in its non-linear plot, which means viewers can watch its episodes in any order they like, and the episodes will still relate to the finale. True to any heist drama, expect thrilling action and suspenseful moments filled with ruthless betrayals and chilling vengeance. Kickstart your year with the (fictional) heist of the century!

The Archies 

Based on the popular American comic book series, The Archies is a musical re-enactment of the iconic story with a full Indian cast. Set in the fictional town of Riverdale amongst the Anglo-Indian community, expect the unlikeliest of crossovers between Heathers, Riverdale, and the original 90210. Filled with nostalgia and the essence of the comics, this movie is sure to bring you drama and a bundle of laughs in classic Bollywood style.

Copenhagen Cowboy

A brand-new Danish noir-thriller, Copenhagen Cowboy follows a young dissident in her quest for vengeance and justice. After devoting years of her life to an unknown organisation, she must seek out her nemesis whilst navigating the dangerous waters of Copenhagen’s criminal world. Expect a supernatural journey filled with nostalgia, bittersweet memories, and tangled connections that reveal themselves to be more than meets the eye.

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Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street

Many of you might already be familiar with the name Bernie Madoff, making this the perfect true crime docuseries to binge for the new year. But for those who are a little confused, the episodes in this series will fill you in on everything that went down during Madoff’s multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme that shocked the financial world in the early 2000s.


Directed by the mastermind behind Train to Busan, Jung_E is a sci-fi flick set in a post-apocalyptic world in the twenty-second century. Rendered uninhabitable by climate change, the world of Jung_E is ruled by chaos and unrest, and in the final shelter constructed to keep what’s left of humanity alive, an internal war breaks out that could spell extinction if left unchecked. Victory is now in the hands of scientists fighting to clone a legendary mercenary into a scalable robot that might just turn the tides of the war around.

The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House

Follow the story of two childhood friends as they move from Aomori to Kyoto to become maiko (舞妓; apprentice geisha). While one of the girls is more skilled at being a maiko, the other finds her place making meals and caring for the various girls at the house. As the story progresses, not only do the young girls find a way to make a living in bustling Kyoto, but they also remain close to each other despite the different paths they take in their careers.

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Named after the mythical creature of the same name, Shahmaran the film diverges from the traditional myth. Originally a half-snake and half-woman, Shahmaran lives in a cave and eventually falls in love with a man in an epic love story. In this series, the human Sahsu embarks on a journey to confront her grandfather and comes across a strange community descended from Shahmaran, where the people await the fulfilment of the mythical prophecy.

Dog Gone

Based on a true incident, Dog Gone follows the story of the Marshall family as they embark on a journey to find their lost dog. Father and son must put their differences aside and work together by hiking the Appalachian Trail. Without saying too much, there are dogs, there are touching moments, and these make up the perfect formula for a feel-good film.

Call Me Chihiro

Based on the manga series Chihirosan by Hiroyuki Yasuda, Call Me Chihiro is a touching film about Chihiro, who used to work as a prostitute. As she is travelling through a seaside town, she stops for a bento meal and falls in love with the food. She decides to settle down in the town and take up work at the bento shop. Unapologetic and proud, Chihiro shares her personal experiences with her new customers, and many become comforted by her kind words and understanding attitude as they stop for a bento in the middle of a busy day.

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Celia Lee

Staff writer

Born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, Celia is passionate about culture, food, and different happenings in the city. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her scouting for new and trendy restaurants, getting lost in a bookstore, or baking up a storm at home.