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CNY 2023: Do’s and don’ts for the Year of the Rabbit

By Celia Lee 6 January 2023

Header image courtesy of Kevin Kong (via Pexels)

Now that 2023 is here, we hope you are well-rested from your New Year’s Eve parties because another big festive season is nearing. At the end of January is the last day of the Chinese calendar, and with it, Chinese New Year! As you are probably aware by now, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac. Stick around for a comprehensive look at do’s and don’ts based on your Chinese zodiac sign for the Year of the Rabbit.

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Photo: Kevin Kong (via Pexels)

Fortune telling at the start of the year

It is customary for people in Hong Kong to have their fortunes told at the start of Chinese New Year. From the plethora of fortune-telling methods available in Hong Kong culture, two common practices for Chinese New Year are reading zodiac animals and reading kau cim (求籤; kau4 cim1; “asking for sticks”). A feng shui sifu (風水師父; fortune teller) typically reads your zodiac animal or the stick you have shaken from the pot and offers interpretations that tell you how your year will fare.

A popular example of reading zodiac animals in the new year can be found on TVB, the city’s major broadcasting station, where the festive season calls forth special programmes to celebrate the occasion, including zodiac animal readings by a renowned feng shui sifu. For reading kau cim, a member of the Hong Kong government usually represents the city and draws a fortune stick at Che Kung Temple in Sha Tin. The fortune of the city is then determined after a feng shui sifu interprets the drawn stick.

Do’s and don’ts for the Year of the Rabbit

As opposed to a comprehensive fortune guide that predicts the fates of everyone, the zodiac fortune-telling system allows the fortunes of people to be determined by their animal signs. Zodiac fortunes commonly tell you something about your career, relationships, and money status for the coming year. If you are unsure which of the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs you are, simply Google your birth year to find out.

Photo: Jerry Wang (via Unsplash)


Unfortunately, those born in the Year of the Rabbit are going to fan tai shui (犯太歳; faan6 taai3 seui3; offending one’s spiritual planetary body) this year. It means you will easily be hurt by things and people and be prone to changes in your life, including relationships, your career, living, and money changes. To counter the effects of fan tai shui, people are recommended to try a few tricks to cheat their fortune.

As rabbits are prone to injuries this year, they are encouraged to donate blood to symbolically release the blood that will be lost when they are hurt, thus avoiding the injury or opting for a less severe aftermath. You can also counter the effects of fan tai shui with “happy events” (喜事; hei2 si6) like marriage, childbirth, and securing a property, which is called chung hei (沖喜; chung1 hei2; “washing with happiness”).

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Those born in the Year of the Dragon are close to their tai sui year and should be careful as well. Although not conflicting with tai sui directly, they have the chance to be hurt in minor ways. This could be rumours and gossip that renders your relationships complicated. Romantic luck is scarce but Lunar April (19 May–18 June) and October (13 November–12 December) are perfect months for those who want to take things to the next level. You will have more luck with money and career this year, with the potential to earn more money or be promoted, granted you keep rumours and gossipers away.


Those born in the Year of the Snake have an average fortune this year, which means they are not affected by much and will get back as much as they put into their work, relationships, and money status. You should try new things, especially if you want to travel to a new place. Travelling will yield more opportunities and open pathways to earning more money and advancing your career, but can also potentially be risky.


Those born in the Year of the Horse will have a relatively happy year with their relationships in full bloom. This means they will have an easy time interacting with others, whether romantically or not. A lot of happy stuff will happen to them! As money status and career are closely linked to relationships, their luck in these two aspects will also improve.

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Those born in the Year of the Sheep will have plenty of room for improvement this year. Their career, relationships, and money status are all heading for the sky. But they shouldn’t let their guard down so easily, as they will also be prone to minor legal problems like forgetting to pay a parking ticket and prone to be the centre of gossip and rumours.


Those born in the Year of the Monkey will be lent a helping hand from a hidden figure this year. With this added help, they are headed towards improvement. They should also keep an eye on money and situations where money and friends are involved, as they are predicted to lose money through or because of their friends. However, they can try tricking this fortune by “losing” that money first. Treat yourself to something you want but didn’t want to spend the money on this year!


Those born in the Year of the Rooster will go through many changes this year. They might also find that their money seems to go a little easier than usual and they are prone to heavy accidents. To counter this, they can “lose” this money by treating themselves or “lose” that blood by donating it. To avoid drastic career changes, they should also be on guard about their work relationships.

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Those born in the Year of the Dog will have a relatively smooth year. Their existing relationships will flourish and they will find ease in their work. Someone in a position of power will be able to aid them in their career and possibly lead to significant advancement, thus improving their money status. Changes to their home environment are predicted to come, but they can counter this by renovating their home or changing some furniture.


Those born in the Year of the Pig do not have a lot of luck in terms of their relationships this year. Although some will be socialising more, it usually means that this comes at the cost of their health. You should also be aware of rumours and gossip in relationships, too, whether those are familial, romantic, or professional.


Those born in the Year of the Mouse will have luck in their relationships this year, whether romantic or not. But they should be aware of conflicts and arguments within relationships as well. Those that are ready will have opportunities for marriage and parenthood.

Careerwise, they might be settling down in their job after some changes last year. It’s best to use your luck in relationships to your advantage and built some connections in the workplace this year, which might lead to future advancements.

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Those born in the Year of the Cow have a mundane year ahead, although their money status has a chance of increasing. However, as this is only a slight chance and they should avoid making risky investments and keep building foundations for making money in the future. If you’re looking for a relationship, Lunar January (22 January–19 February) and July (16 August–14 September) will be the best months for you to try.


Those born in the Year of the Tiger might be aware that 2022 was their year of fan tai shui. It generally spelt bad luck for them, and unfortunately, this will continue a little into 2023, as the Lunar New Year begins at the end of January. If you want to avoid this last spell of bad luck, try going on holiday or simply taking a break from work. Places where nature is plentiful will also aid your passing into the new year. Although your luck will improve compared to last year, the Year of the Rabbit is predicted to be average for you. This is a good time to take a break from the ill fate you had in the past year.

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Celia Lee

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