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Your guide to Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2022

By Mina Chan 27 July 2022

Header image courtesy of Beryl_snw (via Wikimedia Commons)

Anime, comic, and game enthusiasts are no doubt excited for the return of Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2022. For those who are not familiar, ACGHK is an annual convention that is filled to the brim with all things related to anime, comics, and games. But that’s not all—the venue also welcomes cosplayers and visitors who wish to take pictures with them, as well as shows, guests, and even an e-sports tournament.

In order to accommodate its largest demographic, most activities and shows hosted at ACGHK is conducted in Chinese. However, we believe that a language barrier should not deter you from celebrating anime, manga, and games to your heart’s content. With this in mind, we have curated an English-language guide to Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2022, with tips on how to navigate the venue to get the most out of the experience.

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Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong will be held from 29 July to 2 August at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in Wan Chai. You can purchase a ticket for $40, available at the venue on convention days. You can also purchase e-tickets on the 01 Space and In Express Expo apps before heading to the venue. If you sign up to be a member of the In Express Expo app, you can get $5 off on your first ticket.

Your tickets can also act as a collectable! For $150, you can get a limited Elefunpop x UCollex x Winson Ma NFT ticket, with five different versions to choose from, available on the In Express Expo app. The NFT tickets are displayed in 3D, meaning you can view them from all angles, and are one-of-a-kind with a unique code. The amount is capped at 2,000 per version, so get one quickly before they run out. NFT collectable ticket holders will also be granted access to the Hall 1B entrance, so you can avoid the crowds.

Head to Hall 1 and feast your eyes upon the games, merchandise, action figures, and toys that ACGHK has to offer! Click here for the full floor plan and list of exhibitors. All visitors must comply with the Vaccine Pass requirements and wear a mask at all times.

Photo: @animcomhk (via Facebook)

Anime and comics

Celebrate your favourite anime and manga with merchandise! ACGHK hosts numerous booths featuring official merch, figurines, and toys from the popular works you know and love. A popular booth every year, Medialink (F03) offers one of the venue’s largest selections of merch and collectables. Get your hands on exclusive items from the critically acclaimed manga Chainsaw Man, as well as limited-edition Jujutsu Kaisen, Boku no Hīrō Academia, and Haikyuu!! grab bags with goodies like posters, keychains, and stationery. Keep an eye out for the Neon Genesis Evangelion Octopus card holders!

Alongside retailers, ACGHK also has its share of exhibitors. Three Zero (D47) will be displaying cool action figures under the theme of “Mecha Souls,” such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Ultraman, and more. Kids are also welcome at ACGHK; this year, Toys“R”Us (B15) will have a booth to entertain younger children who are along for the ride.

Aside from merchandise and figurines, stalls also sell books—specifically, Japanese manga and light novels in Chinese. If you like reading, look for publishers like Tong Li Publishing (D15–D16, D20–D21) and Rightman Publishing (B04–B07) for a volume or two (or three). Be sure to allocate some time for these larger booths, as there can be long queues.

E-Sports Carnival 2021. Photo: @anicomhk (via Facebook)


Gamers will want to head to Hall 1F for the E-sports Carnival, where you can watch live e-sports matches like the League of Legends tournament, hosted by Mercedes-Benz, and Apex Legends! Click here for the ACGHK 2022 programme list.

If you would like to test out a game yourself, ACGHK has booths for a plethora of games, including Yu-Gi-Oh! (B03), Genshin Impact (F02), and the renowned game company Bandai Namco (D01, E01), where they will exhibit their latest releases. But games are nothing without the equipment—take a look at booths like Republic of Gamers (F19), Predator (F20), and Logitech (F12) to see the newest e-sports gear on offer.

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ACGHK 2021. Photo: @anicomhk (via Facebook)

Doujin Zone

You can’t go to an anime convention without taking a look at the Doujin Zone! Doujinshi (同人誌; self-made artworks, novels, and manga) are an integral part of the otaku (おたく) culture. In Hall 1G, you’ll find independent groups selling everything from fan-made artwork to self-made anime merchandise. Revel in the creativity and dedication these people put into their work, and bask in an atmosphere where vendors and visitors alike congregate for the exact same reason: their love of anime, comics, and games!

If you can’t find any merchandise of an older or lesser-known anime at the larger booths, the Doujin Zone might have some. It’s not official merch, but they are still of good quality.

Participants of the Cosplay Competition 2021. Photo: @anicomhk (via Facebook)

Cosplay and performances

Another major highlight of ACGHK is the many cosplayers that will be attending, dressed up as their favourite anime and game characters. Head to Hall 5C for CosParadise starting from 11 am, where you can take pictures with (and of) cosplayers. Most cosplayers are usually friendly and happy to take pictures with you, but please be aware of the common courtesies when taking someone’s picture:

  1. Get the cosplayers’ consent before taking any pictures.
  2. Please respect their personal boundaries. Don’t touch them, including their outfits.
  3. Tripods and other large photography equipment are not permitted.

But cosplayers not just idling away in Hall 5C for pictures; a lot of them are here for the Cosplay Competition, where contestants will be singing and dancing in Hall 1F. If you have the In Express Expo app, you can even vote for the “King of Popularity” (人氣王), an additional title to be won in the cosplay competition.

ACGHK 2022 also hosts a plethora of shows during these five days, including a meet and greet with VTubers Folger Ovid and Uki Violeta, the Cosplay Carnival, live music shows, and more. Click here for the full programme list.

Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show, 2021. Photo: Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show (via Facebook)

Exhibition: Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show 2022

Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show will be returning to ACGHK 2022. The exhibition will feature 50 artists from all over the world, with creators hailing from countries such as France, Japan, China, and Korea. Here, you will also find the B.Duck x World Artist exhibition, where different designs of the popular B.Duck will be displayed (and be for sale) for visitors.

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ACGHK 2021. Photo: @anicomhk (via Facebook)

NFTs and the metaverse

ACGHK 2022 is showing how animation and games fit into the metaverse. On top of the NFT collectable tickets, LIMITs and UCollex will collaborate to host the NFT Digital Art Contest (NFT數碼藝術創作比賽), where VTubers and cosplayers will compete under the watchful eyes of a panel and the audience. If you are interested in trying out the metaverse for yourself, head to Booths C14–20 for Pangu by Kenal, where the company will be introducing Pangu Ecoland, an all-new metaverse game on Sandbox.

For the latest news and information, check out ACGHK’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Getting there

Getting to the Hong Kong Book Fair is easy, and the new Exhibition Centre MTR station on the East Rail line is your best bet. Exit at B3 and walk for four minutes to get to HKCEC.

For Hong Kong Island dwellers or those who want to avoid the larger crowds, you can get to HKCEC via Wan Chai Station (Exit A2) and walk for 12 minutes. There will be clear directional signs, so you will know where to go. If you ever get lost, just follow the crowd!

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