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Hong Kong classic film-themed NFT collection curated by Wing Shya to launch in June

By Charlotte Ip 7 June 2022

Header image courtesy of Beam+ Lab

Iconic Hong Kong films are coming back strong in the shape of NFT collectibles this June. Curated by renowned photographer and director Wing Shya, “Cryptyques” reanimates scenes from over 600 notable Hong Kong film titles in collaboration with motion picture giant Mei Ah Entertainment Group and local start-up Beam+ Lab.

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“Cryptyques” breaks technological ground in the metaverse to reinvent selected works from the “Hollywood of the Far East,” inviting audiences on a tour of time across three phases of the exhibition—past, present, and future. Kickstarting the cinematic rewind is the “past” series, where archetypical moments depicting the seven emotions—desire, fury, fear, joy, bitterness, loathe, and love—are revived before our eyes as 3D video clips.

“Desire,” the debut show, features “a collection of 1,320 NFTs of classic Hong Kong movie scenes from the 1980s” that puts into perspective the yearning emotion. Shya worked with a Hollywood production team to recreate hallmark shots, including Tony Leung pining for love in My Heart Is That Eternal Rose (殺手蝴蝶夢) and Leslie Cheung in Nomad (烈火青春).

In honour of this cinematic milestone, the creative team behind “Cryptyques” is hosting a three-week offline event at Haus of Contemporary in Central, with live performances and workshops to showcase behind-the-scenes footage of “Desire” and reconnect visitors with Hong Kong’s film legacy. On the virtual stage, an exciting round of minting for “Desire” will soon be available on the official “Cryptyques” website, with prices to be announced ahead of time. An exclusive one-of-one NFT will also be up for grabs for avid collectors. Stay tuned to InstagramTwitter, and Discord for the latest updates and mint date.

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