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Coca-Cola’s signature mixers are now available in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 16 September 2019
Photo courtesy of Coca-Cola
In this week’s round-up of “I didn’t know I needed that, but now I want it”, behold the genius (or excessiveness?) that is Coca-Cola’s first-ever refined signature mixers, available now in select shops across Hong Kong. This one’s for the weekend indulger who insists on adding Coke as a mixer to every single spirit—vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, you name it. We’re already adding this ubiquitous soft drink into our cocktails, so why not spice it up with next-level, infused Coke flavours?

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coca cola signature mixer (1) Back in June of this year, Coca-Cola released a collection of its signature soft drink specifically tailored as cocktail mixers. Four flavours are available, including smoky, woody, spicy, and herbal. Made to pair with premium dark spirits, like brandy and aged tequila, this range of Coke is designed to bring out even more depth of flavour. If you’ve been hankering to try what spicy Coke tastes like, now’s your chance—three of Coca-Cola’s signature mixers are available at BestMart360 chain stores across Hong Kong! This marks the first time that Coca-Cola has ventured into the world of mixology in the company’s 130-year history, inviting a team of leading mixologists to experiment with over 200 traditional and contemporary ingredients and co-create these four sophisticated flavours. Curated by some of the world’s best bartenders and mixologists, including Max Venning, Adriana Chía, and England’s most famous barmaid Pippa Guy, the collection of Coca-Cola signature mixers is not only uniquely designed but also affordable, going as cheap as $12 for a bottle!
smoky flavour coke


Smoky-flavoured Coke is perfect when paired with dark rums or bourbons. Offering a mature and refined aroma, it brings out bold profiles and woody, smooth sweetness. Using Ylang-Ylang and ambrette seed, it creates an oaky base flavour cushioned with warm brown spices like Peruvian balsam and amber.
spicy flavoured coke


Spicy-flavoured Coke sounds like the most intriguing flavour by far. It matched perfectly with older, gold tequilas for lively layers of flavour, or scotch whiskies to match the malt with spicy notes, resulting in a light and bright serve. Ingredients of this sophisticated blend include citrusy lime, ginger, spicy jalapeño, fragrant rosemary, and jasmine, creating a perfect balance of zesty and earthy aromas.
woody flavoured coke


Woody-flavoured Coke is an idea that might take some getting used to, but the flavour pairs well with light or spiced golden rums. Accentuating the oaky notes of aged spirits, this particular Coca-Cola mixer brings a sweetness to the fore of smoky bourbons, allowing the complexity of the warm spices to sing. A blend of patchouli, citrusy yuzu, and aromatic basil form a refreshing profile and bring out true earthy notes for any wood-based liqueur.

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