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9 purr-fect cat cafés to visit in Hong Kong

By Corrine Cheung 27 July 2023

Header image courtesy of Eric Han (via Unsplash)

Calling all cat-lovers! If you would like to take a break from busy city life, why not drop by a local cat café? A concept that originated in Taiwan and gained massive popularity in Japan, you can find cat cafés in bustling cities around the world. If you have never been to a cat café or are looking for a place to unwind, we have compiled a list of purr-fect cat cafés to visit in Hong Kong where you can enjoy some feline company as you dine.

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True to its name, cats at Meowcastle are treated like royalty. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Meowcastle is home to five permanent feline residents as well as strays that are well-taken care of when they decide to make a visit. For humans who are hungry during their visit, try out the Meowcastle’s various offerings, including tamagoyaki with cheese and crab sticks and chocolate-flavoured Bear Bear toast as dessert.

Even though the strays have been taken in by the café, some of them are looking for forever homes! If you would like to know more about these strays, ask the staff, who can tell you about their personalities and traits! Make sure to bring a pair of socks and reserve a spot in advance through WhatsApp or phone call before your visit.

Meowcastle, 2/F, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 6251 2147


Cats Tea Room

With at least 20 cats at each branch, you definitely would not be feline bored at Cats Tea Room. While some furry friends have been adopted by the café, others are available for adoption. For details of adoptable cats at the Tea Room, click here.

Petting and playing with these cats aside, you can feed them treats provided by the store! For humans who are feeling hungry, we recommend the blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Cats Tea Room also has board games on offer for you to pass the time.

Having helped nearly 50 cats to find their forever homes, Cats Tea Room also donates to local NGOs that help strays in Hong Kong. If you would like to hang out with cats and support a good cause, make a reservation through Instagram or WhatsApp.

Cats Tea Room, locations across Hong Kong


Urban Café

Priding itself as the largest cat café in Hong Kong, each Urban Café location is spacious, offering at least 3,000 square feet. Housing over 40 cats per store, this café is the cat’s meow for feline fans. For hungry humans, Urban Café has a myriad of food choices, including the smoked salmon linguine carbonara with hot spring egg, Parma ham pizza, and cloud smoothies for drinks. The café group has also recently opened a pet-friendly café where owners can bring their pets along to hang out with the cats in-store. To visit this cat haven, you can make a reservation online or simply walk-in.

Urban Café, locations across Hong Kong

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Scaredy Cat

While not a cat café in a conventional way, Scaredy Cat has as many as 10 “cat store managers.” Serving Taiwanese drinks and ice cream, you can try their chocolate lava cake, yoghurt parfait with granola, and catccinos with ice cream. Scaredy Cat also serves homemade frozen yoghurt that comes in a variety of flavours, including blue vanilla sea salt and fresh durian for daring souls.

For an hour, you can order a dessert of your choice along with a cat treat provided by the store for in-store felines. For more information, you can contact the café through WhatsApp or call to reserve a seat.

Scaredy Cat, Shop 13, G/F, Block 2, Crystal Park, 50 Ma Tin Road, Yuen Long | (+852) 9765 5670


Cat Garden

Hop on a ferry to Peng Chau and stop by Cat Garden! Run by a family who adores cats, Cat Garden has residential and adopted strays you can pet and play with all day! If you feel thirsty, grab some drinks at the café while enjoying the company of these felines. Commemorate your visit by bringing home some cat-themed stationary and homemade trinkets on sale at Cat Garden! To visit this homey café, simply walk-in to enjoy the soothing environment and its friendly residents around the neighbourhood—sounds like the purr-fect getaway. Just remember to bring a pair of socks before stepping in.

Cat Garden, 17 Peng Chau Wing Hing Street, Peng Chau | (+852) 6111 4553


Café de Kitten

Home to seven cats, guests can enjoy the company of these adorable felines at Café de Kitten alongside some delicious food, including mozzarella cheese pizza, chocolate fondant, and tiramisu layered cake for dessert. Drinks are also included in the package. While chilling amongst the furry occupants of the café, pick up a title from the bookshelf or one of the many board games on offer to maximise your relaxation.

Make sure to look out for Dumpling (蝦餃) during your visit, who especially adores pets so make sure to show them—and their friends—some love! For hygiene purposes, make sure to disinfect your hands before petting the cats in store and bring your own socks. But it’s not the end of the world if you forget, as socks will also be provided during your visit. Do note that payment options are limited so make sure to bring cash.

Café de Kitten, Shop 1401, 14/F, Pakpolee Commercial Centre, 1A Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok | (+852) 6221 1779

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Photo: 喵界 cat sky (via Facebook)


Hidden in the bustling neighbourhood of Mong Kok, Catsky has eight cats in residence, including Mong Mong the ragdoll and Min Min the playful sphynx (as pictured). Offering two-hour and three-hour packages, patrons can feed resident cats treats as well as enjoy a drink during their visit, with choices including soda and smoothies! If you dig a good ambience while lounging around with the cats, reserve a spot online or give them a call for a booking. Look forward to a claw-some, homey experience!

Catsky, 1/F, Sun Fai Building, 50 Argyle Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 4611 3585


Cat Jungle

Cat Jungle is one of the largest cat cafés located in Mong Kok. Housing over 30 strays, visitors are welcomed to adopt these cats only if they meet specific requirements—you can read more about that here. For food options, visitors can enjoy snacks such as deep-fried shrimp cakes, creamy crab croquette, and Cat Jungle’s signature Catfe salad bowl carbonara with onsen tamago linguine. To give back to the community that serves stray cats, proceeds from Cat Jungle will be donated to NGOs. If you would like to stop by and support a good cause, you can walk-in or reserve a seat online.

Cat Jungle, Shop A, 3/F, Ko’s House, 577 Nathan Road, Mong Kok | (+852) 9664 6361

Photo: Catio Cat Cafe (via Facebook)


For folks living on Hong Kong Island who wants some feline company, check out Catio. Located only two minutes away from the Causeway Bay MTR station, a number of adopted strays as well as its 12 resident cats eagerly await your visit. Humans can enjoy the honey chicken brochette and chicken spaghetti in tom yum sauce during their visit. For those with a sweet tooth, try the waffle and gelato.

If you would like to get to know these furballs on a personal level, you can walk-in and speak to the staff. Alternatively, there are booklets containing information about their personality and traits in the store!

Catio, Room 1501–1502, United Success Commercial Centre, 506–508 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay | (+852) 6413 4929

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