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Festival Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress for this Year's Clockenflap

By Sarah Moran 7 November 2018
Clockenflap returns this weekend, which means you're either going to the festival or spending the weekend green-eyed with envy while tapping through all the Clockenflap Instagram stories. Whether you live for festival fashion or cringe just at the sound of those words, everyone knows that music festivals are the the latest al-fresco fashion shows around. So with a music line-up hotter than our November weather, it's only fair that you show up in an outfit that will do the three-day jamboree justice. Here's our guide on how you really need to be dressing for Clockenflap. You can thank us later.

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1. Comfy Footwear

While you may be tempted to rock your favourite pair of branded trainers, heels, or sandals, don't be fooled. Swarms of people will be dancing – or at least jumping up and down, in a tightly packed crowd, so you can expect continuous foot-on-foot stepping — which is never cute. Do yourself a favour and kick it back in a pair of comfy boots or trainers that will protect your feet as well as keep you comfy while dancing away. Make sure your shoes are well broken in for the hours of dancing and walkling ahead, and unless you want them to get ruined from shoe and beer stains, don't wear white.

2. Artist Merch.

You're at a music and arts festival, so what better place to show everyone your taste in music and style than through your outfit? While vintage band tees of The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and such, are timeless classics, you'll score extra brownie points for wearing merch from artists that will be performing at Clockenflap. Get that Vaccines shirt out now!

3. A Light Jacket

We know we sound like your mum, but trust us on this one. Early November in Hong Kong brings heat in the daytime, but by night you'll probably wish you were wearing something warmer. So make your mum proud and bring a lightweight jacket that will go with literally anything – we all have one of those. You can wear it if you're feeling chilly, or tie it around your waist if your dancing is bringing the heat on.

4. Fancy Headwear

We all know that no festival outfit is complete without the right accessories, so embrace your inner basic-ness and don one of the handcrafted flower crowns that artist Jipola will be making at the festival. Better yet, pick petals that match your outfit for the full floral ensemble, or go for a light-up crown and stand out from the crowd (literally).

5. Hong Kong Represent

C'mon, is it really a Hong Kong music festival if nobody reps the Hong Kong flag someway? You know there will always be at least that one guy with a Hong Kong flag tied around his shoulders like a Superman cape. You might as well be that guy. Go on – be a hero!
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Sarah Moran

Staff writer

Born and raised in Hong Kong to expat parents, Sarah grew up as your typical third-culture kid, caught between two worlds. As someone who is nosy (or just curious) and loves the written word, there was never any other career that appealed to her as much as journalism. When she’s not busy on her mission to find the line between not enough coffee and too much coffee, you can find her exploring the city or getting stuck in a good book.

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