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5 Tips When Bundling Up in Cashmere this Season…and the Next

By Brian Adams 21 January 2015
We took a break from huddling around our office heater this week to speak with Anja Jones, co-founder of Feine Cashmere, to find out if cashmere can last more than one season and what even our poor staff could afford to bundle up in this chilly winter. CAP26 silver melangeAffordable Staples Exist: “You can buy a pair of gloves and a cap that won’t cost you a lot of money and can help you going through the winter,” Jones told Localiiz. “A short jumper is also a good option because it keeps you warm in winter and cool in spring. If treated properly cashmere is long lasting and becomes softer with age!” Shop Smart: “You have to feel the garment with your whole hand and the texture should be very soft,” Jones advises. “Not the itchy feeling that wool gives you. Also be sure to know where the brand sources their cashmere and produces their garments. A specialised cashmere brand can guarantee the origin and the quality. Brands that sell the whole wardrobe generally care more about the price. Once you find your supplier you can be sure to have good quality cashmere for many years!” Remove Furry Friends: “Cashmere yarn contains both long and short hair fibres. These short fibres can shift out of the yarn strand over time and build up in to pill balls on the surface of the garment. This is especially the case in areas that rub during wearing. Pilling is totally natural and does not mean there is a problem with the garment. The pill balls can be easily removed with a wool comb or by hand. A dry-clean now and then also helps to reduce the number of pill balls.” GLO1 merlotTreat it Right: “Cashmere is a fine, natural fibre and requires gentle handling and loving care. Treating your garment in the right way will ensure enjoyment for many years. Here's what we recommend: Hand wash in luke warm water with wool detergent or machine wash on a wool program on a short, cold cycle only in front loading machines or dry-clean once in a while. To dry, lay flat on a towel, roll it up and press gently, then open, change the towel, and leave it drying flat it in the shade. Then press with a warm steam iron into shape. Never wash in hot water or use bleach. Avoid rubbing, wring or tumble dry. Do not hang dry because the weight of the water will affect the shape and don't expose to sunlight whilst drying so the color remains the same.” Avoid Storage Nightmares: “Even though summer arrives in Hong Kong, you have to keep some scarves and sweaters out of storage to survive in the freezing aircon environments,” Jones points out. “But before you put away your cashmere garments, the drawer needs to be cleaned, and ensured it's damp-free. Also add some fragranced anti-moth paper, cedar balls, or lavender sachets. Fold your garments properly and be sure to turn on your dehumidifier!”  

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