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5 Easy Ways to Care for Your Hair this Summer

By Sophie Pettit 5 June 2018
The high levels of humidity during a Hong Kong summer can be a nightmare for your hair, with dryness, frizz, and volume all threatening to ruin your good hair day. So to help you keep your tresses healthy and tame this season, we get some expert advice from the city's one and only Hair Doctor, Steve Mather, from Indulgence salon.
We all love to get outside in the sun during the summer time, but the hot weather can wreak havoc on your hair if you don't take the right precautions to keep it nurtured and protected. So here are some super simple tips to help you keep your hair beautiful and healthy all summer long.

1. Use a Keratin Treatment

To get you through the hot and humid summer months in Hong Kong, it's an excellent idea to have a Keratin anti-frizz treatment. An authentic Keratin (as there are a number of fake ones out there) will gently de-frizz your hair while maintaining natural volume, movement, and curl. This will give you silky, frizz-free hair which will make styling easy during the high humidity.

2. Get the Japanese Touch

To protect your hair, especially if it's been chemically treated and richly coloured, I recommend a luxury Japanese hair treatment. This will restore all the moisture back into the hair and seal the cuticles to protect colour fade. Our Japanese treatment comes with a home care set that you can use to extend the life of the treatment and give you added value.

3. Protect Against the Sun and Sea

While you're at the beach, enjoying the summer sun and splashing about in the ocean, your hair needs added protection from the sun and sea water. By applying the home care treatment - mentioned above - through your hair while it's wet, and putting it up into a bun, you can keep your hair out of your face and give it full protection in the sun and sea. At the end of the day, rinse your hair and use a light shampoo and your hair will have retained its condition and color, and will still look fabulous.

4. Apply Face Cream (Seriously)

Here's a secret tip for styling your hair for a summer evening. After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry your hair until it's 75 percent dry and apply a little Nivea Soft face cream through it. This will act as a subtle "texturizer" which will define curl and movement in your hair and make for easy summer styling.

5. Add Some Balayage

To give yourself that perfect summer look, especially on the beach or for an elegant night out, add some Balayage. It will give your hair wonderful texture, movement, and elegance, making both evening looks and natural beach self styling look fabulous. Check out the Hair Doctor photo galleries for inspiration. Find out more about the Hair Doctor and Indulgence salon.
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